Obtaining Bonus Experience for Leveling in FFXIV

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This page highlights all sources of bonus experience within Final Fantasy XIV. Stuck having to level up before the next MSQ step or want to level alternate jobs? This page has you covered.


Bonus Experience in Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV offers many methods to gain bonus experience beyond what is earned by completing the MSQ and during the regular leveling process. You can earn bonus experience through use of items or consumables, by participating in instanced content and FATEs, and by completing quests. Here are the best sources of bonus experience for all classes in Eorzea.


One-Off Sources of Experience


Hunting Log

The Hunting Log is an additional source of experience centered around finding and killing the targets marked on your log. The targets are specific mobs found in a region. Killing the required number of targets for a given entry clears it and rewards a large amount of experience.

Any targets included in the Hunting Log are marked with a sonar-like icon above their nameplate when seen in the overworld. As you travel through Eorzea, this UI feature allows you to very quickly determine whether you should stop by and slay these enemies for completion, without having to look at your Hunting Log.

Completing all hunts in a level bracket yields additional bonus experience, the magnitude of which depends on the difficulty. As such, it may often make sense to quickly teleport to the zones with remaining targets in order to clear a bracket.

This feature is available up to Level 50, and each job has its own Hunting Log, complete with a unique set of targets. Refer to our Hunting Log Guide for a full list of which mobs can be slain for bonus experience on each job!

Hunting Log Guide COMING SOON!

Daily/Weekly Activities



As you unlock more instanced content, including Light Party and Full Party duties, you will be granted the opportunity to sign up to re-clear a duty chosen at random from those you have unlocked. These random duty queues are called roulettes and there are a whopping fifteen different types. Each one rewards a very handsome amount of bonus experience for the job you queue as, once per day, with an additional bonus if your role is in demand.

These roulettes reset daily and grant a varying amount of experience, with some roulettes, such as the 50/60/70 Dungeons roulette, giving a much lower level of XP upon completion than the Leveling roulette, for example. Depending on your current level and the other activities available to you, it can end up not being worth it to run the 50/60/70 Dungeons roulette, due to the lack of experience gained as a completion bonus.

Some duties may take longer to complete than others, but it is normally advised to prioritize completing roulettes while levelling. The MSQ Story roulette in particular is very easy and grants a ludicrous amount of experience, even considering the drawback of not being able to skip cutscenes during the run.

The Alliance (24-man raid) roulette and the Levelling roulette are also quite generous when it comes to experience rewards, making them particularly appealing.

It is also worth noting that if you end up Level Synced, you can equip bonus XP items up to that level and have these bonuses apply even if your actual level is higher. Even if you are way above the dungeon's required level, when Level Synced, and with the right gear, you can equip a whopping +80% to bonus experience gains! This boost applies to the end of run bonus experience reward, too!

You need to have unlocked three unique duties within a specific roulette in order for the roulette to become available.


Challenge Log

The Challenge Log is a series of weekly challenges, rewarding bonus experience and gil upon completion. These challenges span virtually every type of content in the game and may even reward various currencies alongside or in place of experience.

While levelling, you should focus primarily on completing the following Challenge Log entries:

Challenge Requirements Reward Level limit
Feeling Lucky Complete 3 dungeons via the Duty Roulette 15% of current level 60
Dungeon Master Complete 5 dungeons 10% of current level 60
You're the Hest Around I Complete 3 guildhests 5% of current level 60
You're the Hest Around II Complete 10 guildhests 10% of current level 60
Fated to Wander Highest possible rewards in FATEs across 5 regions 15% of current level 60
Embrace Your Fate Complete 10 FATEs 15% of current level 60
Just Leve It to Me Complete 5 different Levequests 15% of current level 60
Making Like a Tree Complete 20 Levequests 15% of current level 60

The level limit refers to the level at which the %-based experience gained from completing the log entry will no longer increase, though you will still gain experience from the entry at a higher level. Many other Challenge Log entries exist, rewarding different items or currencies. Check out our comprehensive guide on the Challenge Log below:


The Hunt

The Hunt functions very similar to the Hunting Log. However, instead of being limited to a one-time clear of the Hunting Log, you can take on new hunts daily! You can pick up new Hunt bills from your Grand Company each day and hunt the designated mobs in the overworld for rich experience rewards. Visit our Hunt hub for more information!


Repeatable Quests



Levequests are repeatable, zone-specific quests that you can pick up from NPCs with the Levemete title (and accompanying Levequest icon above their heads), who can be found in sanctuary areas. Levequests provide a significant amount of experience upon completion.

The catch with these is that you are limited by your Levequest allowances, a shared counter of Levequests you can undertake. This caps at 100, and allowances are replenished by 3 every 12 hours. You can think of allowance as a sort of currency, with which you are "spending" the required amount of allowance for each Levequest you take on.

There are Levequests for both Disciple of War jobs (Battlecraft Leves), Disciple of the Land jobs (Fieldcraft Leves), and Disciple of the Hand jobs (Tradecraft Leves). These all share the same allowance.

As Hand/Land jobs are much more difficult to level than War jobs, and considering that you can earn significantly higher experience rewards from Levequests by handing in High Quality items, we strongly recommend prioritizing spending Leve allowances for your crafting and gathering needs.



Full Active Time Events, or FATEs, are temporary kill or gathering quests that can spawn in most regions and reward any player who participates with experience and currencies based on to their contribution. They are a great source of experience if you happen to be passing by, and can generally be completed in minutes.

Some FATEs in Stormblood and Shadowbringers regions may even show up with a Bonus icon, granting even more experience than usual. Sometimes, while completing FATEs, a special, crystal-like enemy called Twist of Fate can also show up; defeating it and completing the associated FATE grants all players in the FATE a buff that massively increases experience received from subsequent FATEs.

It is also worth noting that FATEs are not all about the experience. There are important achievements, resources and rewards which are tied to the completion of FATEs. Some FATEs can spawn other FATEs upon completion, leading into rare boss kills. Additionally, some glamour rewards are only accessible through FATEs and, in a few notable cases, you can even earn rare mounts such as Ixion!

If you are in a zone with FATEs significantly below your current level, the option to Level Sync will become available, so you will be able to complete the FATE and reap the rewards. As mentioned before, syncing your level like this also allows the use of all the bonus XP gear, so do not forget to check your items before you start!



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