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This is the main hub for Endwalker's Patch 6.2, Buried Memory. Here, we will present information on the patch, as well as links to our guides and overviews of new features and changes. Note that this page contains spoilers for the story of Endwalker.


Patch 6.2 Release Date

Endwalker's second major post-MSQ release, Patch 6.2 Buried Memory, is set to release on August 23, 2022. All the information about the latest patch can be found on this hub, as well as all Endwalker-related pages and guides Icy Veins has to offer.


Changes to FFXIV in Patch 6.2

Sweeping system changes are coming with Patch 6.2 in Endwalker, including reworks to several ARR duties, the introduction of Island Sanctuary, and new content down the line in 6.25.


ARR Updates in Patch 6.2

There will be large-scale changes to certain duties in the base game of FFXIV, A Realm Reborn, as well as the first expansion, Heavensward. Included are additions to the Duty Support system to include Heavensward duties and reworks to certain ARR trials such as Thornmarch and The Steps of Faith - the former will receive a revamp, while the latter will become a solo duty.


Adventurer Plates

The official release of Adventurer Plates will occur in Patch 6.2. Adventurer Plates are customizable player cards which can be displayed to other players. These offer a high degree of flexibility and even includes a portrait of your character that can be displayed during PvP matches.


Patch 6.2 Job Changes

Patch 6.2 will bring a balance update to various jobs in FFXIV. Take a look at all the changes on our Patch 6.2 job changes page.

Patch 6.2 Job Changes COMING SOON!

Patch 6.2 Content

Several new duties will be released in Endwalker with Patch 6.2. One dungeon and one Normal Raid are set to be released immediately, and the Savage Raid is to come in Patch 6.21 one week after.


New Main Scenario Quests in Patch 6.2

Patch 6.2 will continue the first steps of the second story arc in FFXIV after the Hydaelyn and Zodiark arc that concluded in Endwalker.


New Sidequests in Patch 6.2

There are a multitude of new sidequests that will be released in the 6.2 patch cycle. Included are new quests in the Tataru's Grand Endeavor questline and Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures to come in Patch 6.25.


New Weapon Enhancement Quests - Manderville Weapons

In Patch 6.25, the new Relic Weapon questline will be introduced with Manderville weapons. The events of the latest Hildibrand quests will drop you headfirst into the story surrounding these historically significant and astronomically magnificent armaments!


New Dungeons in Patch 6.2

One new endgame dungeon will be released in Patch 6.2, The Fell Court of Troia. The details of the dungeon are still unknown. In addition, Criterion Dungeons and Variant Dungeons, a new type of dungeon, will be released in Patch 6.2 To learn more about Endwalker dungeons as well as the newest dungeon after the patch releases, visit our Endwalker dungeon hub.


New Trials in Patch 6.2

One new Extreme Trial, the name of which is unknown, will be released in Patch 6.2. The enemy being fought is the one of the Four Fiends, which has been kept secret to prevent spoilers to the story. In addition, one new Unreal Trial will be introduced: Containment Bay S1T7 (Unreal), where players do battle against Sephirot of the Warring Triad. Written tips and guides on the trials will be released on our Trials hub after the patch is live, so take a look if you are interested in defeating these duties!


New Raids in Patch 6.2

The second tier of the Pandaemonium Raid will be released in Patch 6.2. The Normal difficulty of Pandaemonium: Abyssos will be released with the patch, and the Savage difficulty will be released one week later. To learn more about Endwalker raiding, please visit our Endwalker raids hub!


New Tribal Quests in Patch 6.2

Omicron Tribal Quests are set to be released in Patch 6.25. These quests will be geared towards Disciples of the Land.


Gearing in Patch 6.2

As FFXIV is a vertical progression MMO, new and improved gear can be acquired in the patch. Patch 6.2 will feature an increased item level, with item level cap being raised to 630 (635 for weapons) with the new raid tier and new tomestones. Learn more about how to gear up from our Endwalker gearing guide! You can also find best-in-slot gear lists on each of our job guides!


PvP Updates in Patch 6.2

In Patch 6.2, Crystalline Conflict will receive updates. Adjustments to PvP actions will be made, and PvP Series Two will begin, with new and updated rewards. In addition, Rival Wings: Hidden Gorge will become playable again.



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