How to Make Gil Using Free Companies in FFXIV Dawntrail

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Player Housing and Free Companies can be sources of profit and Gil making. This guide explains a range of potential methods to help improve your income and profits.


Making Gil Using Housing and Free Companies

While not generally a players main way of making Gil, personal housing and Free Companies can offer a range of passive income methods using systems such as Gardening, Free Company Credits and even the Free Company Workshop.


Gil Advice for Free Companies and Housing

Listed are a few ways you can make gil, the majority of them are locked behind free company access due to the systems in place. That being said, it is possible to make a solo FC by paying players to join.

Gardening Free Company Workshop Submarines / Airships Free Company Credits


There are a wide range of items you can grow in your gardens to profit off of that are used in furnishings, minions and even your chocobos. The most profitable ones worth looking at the most are:

For further information on gardening, check out our overview below.


Free Company Workshop

Your Free Company Workshop allows you to create a wide range of items worth millions of gil each. The main items being submarine parts such as Coelacanth-class Bow Icon Coelacanth-class Bow and housing exteriors such as Large Cafe Walls Icon Large Cafe Walls.

These items often do not have many listings at any time making it easy to manage undercuts. But does have the downside of also not selling very often to the point where it can be better to sell to players directly instead of using the market board.


Submarines and Airships

Using your Free Company workshop you have the ability to gear and level 4 Submarines and 4 Airships, which can then be sent out on voyages. Upon route completion, you will obtain a large range of rewards, such as expensive materials used in crafting, fashion items and rare minions.

Airships receive little support nowadays, so they should not be your focus. Submarines periodically have level cap increases and new zones added. New zones means new, rare items that can be profitable.

Submarines also have a well known secret people refer to as "Fight Club", where you build your submarine around specific routes that give items such as Extravagant Salvaged Earring Icon Extravagant Salvaged Earring that sell for 30,000 gil each. Once setup, this easily gives you millions of Gil just for checking and updating. For further information check out the Submarine Discord.


Free Company Credits

Free Company credits are obtained, for the most part, passively as you and any other players in your Free Company play the game. They have three main potential uses for profit.

The uses of the seeds were mentioned with regards to gardening, but they can also simply be sold on the market board if your garden is being used in other ways.

Ceruleum Tank Icon Ceruleum Tank needs to be sold to other players directly and can not be listed on the market board. Sale prices will vary between players.


What If I Don't Have a Free Company?

There are plenty of other ways to make Gil, so don't be discouraged! It is also very easy to create a personal Free Company for just yourself or a small group of people. You need 4 players, including yourself, to register for a Free Company, but this does not stop you from using shout chat or Party Finder to ask for help and paying them a small amount for their time.

Once the setup is complete any players that have helped you can be removed with no restrictions.



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