How to Make Gil Using Crafting in FFXIV Dawntrail

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Crafting in FFXIV is an incredibly effective way to make Gil, with methods such as making endgame gear, farming various currencies and even furnishings. This guide will cover the best ways to make Gil using your crafting classes.


Making Gil Through Crafting

One of the most popular uses for crafting is to make Gil. This might be to buy a house and furnishings, a few cosmetics, gear your classes or to simply stockpile hundreds of millions to use in the future or even just for the sake of it.

Crafting is one of the best methods for this, with a large range of Gil making methods across all level ranges. Often, crafters can be seen easily producing millions of Gil per day, if not tens or hundreds of millions during the first few days of a new patch.

To do that does require you to be up-to-date on your endgame gear so that you can be ready and easily mass produce new items using the current BiS gear.

Having a diverse portfolio of items is incredibly important, selling 20 different items is going to give you more gil than 20 listings of the same for example. Ultimately, every server is different when it comes to which items provide the most profit.


When Is It Worth Gathering My Materials?

As a general rule, it is rarely worth gathering your materials to craft with. In terms of opportunity cost, it becomes a net loss the majority of the time to spend time gathering when you could instead spend that time crafting.

Some exceptions would be:

  • You have ran out of retainer sale slots and have a supply of materials ready to list when retainers are empty. I would advise harsher undercutting if needed.
  • If you do not have the starting capital to buy the materials outright. You have to spend money to make money, after all.
  • A new patch dropped or there has been a change in the market and some gatherable materials are expensive.

Gil Making Advice for Crafters

Below is a range of gil making methods that are commonly used by players as well as an explanation on each as well as advice.

Endgame Combat, DoH and DoL Gear Intermediate Materials Furnishings Skybuilder's Scrips Purple and White Scrips Glamours Raid Food and Pots Making Leve Items

Crafting Endgame Gear

Endgame Combat gear, as well as Crafting and Gathering gear, can be incredibly profitable due to how high in demand it is, especially with content updates. With Dawntrail, there is plenty of time to stockpile materials from endgame nodes and ensure you have 2,000 Allagan Tomestones before savage releases so you can go in with a plan. Additionally, there is no raid delay with the first savage tier which can increase the prices of items.

There are a few additional things to be aware of. DoH/DoL gear receives a spike in sales when new combat gear is released, while Combat gear increases in sales in the patch after when you can upgrade the gear.

With DT specifically, there can be equivalent gear releasing from the 2 EX trials meaning that weapons and accessories may have less demand in 7.05.


Intermediate Crafting Materials

While endgame gear is important, the materials used to make them are just as important. Intermediate materials, both related to the current endgame and materials used while leveling, can all have value.

Generally speaking, the materials related to the current endgame will be more profitable, but some leveling materials are used for a wide range of items, as well as content such as the Free Company workshop and Submarines.

While they do not necessarily sell for as much money, they will often sell fast for items that players want to make. During a new patch, these can end up more profitable than gear. A good example of this is listing an ingot at 300k that is selling fast compared to a crafted chest worth 2mil that wont sell until the price is lower.



Furnishings can be incredibly accessible, allowing you to make vast amounts of Gil with lower level crafting classes due to most furnishings having low level requirements.

The demand for furnishings often ebbs and flows with the housing lotto, as new houses being obtained increases the demand for furnishings. Many items at lower levels sell for small amounts, but with large profit margins. There are many items at higher levels that sell for a lot more, such as furnishings using Extreme drops or items that have been recently released.

The downsides here is furnishings do not stack, so you can quickly run out of retainer sale space. If you plan to make a lot of items, you will need storage to hold them until you can list them. It may also be better to have a few high value furnishings on the side, while you mostly focus on items that sell faster. Always check the sale history on items before you commit to them.


Skybuilder's Scrips

Skybuilder's Scrips are obtained exclusively through the Ishgardian Restoration and can be exchanged for a large variety of cosmetic items including minions, mounts, music rolls and more!

The crafts themselves are incredibly easy when at level 90, allowing you to skip everything using Trained Eye Icon Trained Eye, making it so each craft takes less than 10 seconds.

The mounts are generally some of the least profitable, due to how many scrips they cost. Dyes are often valuable, but minions and other cosmetic items vary massively depending on how popular the item itself is and if it can be obtained elsewhere.

As you craft, you will accumulate stamps used in Kupo of Fortune. This is a minigame allowing you to obtain additional items you can also sell.


Farming Orange and Purple Scrips

Scrip farming is an integral part of the DoH/DoL endgame loop, and therefore the items you can purchase with your Scrips can be heavily in demand. Crafting scrips have almost always been significantly more valuable and in demand compared to their gathering counterpart. Crafting Scrips can offer you a range of materials, as well as Materia used in endgame crafting. Gathering classes instead tend to spiritbond for Materia.

Materia prices are often at their peak before a new update. This is due to players trying to catch up at the last minute, and panic buyers concerned of a price spike, usually caused by the very same people. This makes it very easy to take advantage of and have thousands of Materia prepared ahead of a new update.


Glamour Items

Treasure Hunts often reward a large range of crafting materials, the most valuable of which are used in cosmetic glamours.

You can either farm these yourself or, by server hopping, you can find cheap materials to quickly craft and make a sale off of. This can come with a bit of risk if the item is new, as the price of both materials and the glamour itself is always changing.


Raid Food and Pots

While not the best method, it is still worth mentioning given its popularity. Raid food and Pots are incredibly accessible only requiring either Alchemist or Culinarian to be able to craft these items. They have low profit margins, but incredibly fast sale time when raids are new.

The issue being due to their accessibility, they often have a large amount of bots also listing on the market that undercut much faster than other markets.


Making Leve Items

With the release of Dawntrail, many crafters will be using Leves to level to the new cap of 100. This means that there is a great gil making opportunity right here.

While making your own leve items to level, make a few extra to list on the market. Some crafters will be buying their way through and you can therefore take advantage of this. If you find certain leve items sell faster on your server you could even focus on these as a gil making method once you hit 100 if they are profitable.



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