How to Make Gil in Patch 6.5 of FFXIV

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This guide focuses on Gil making for the newest Patch, 6.5, to help give you inspiration as well as some really good methods on how to make Gil while taking advantage of new content demand.


Best Gil Making for Patch 6.5

Taking advantage of newly released content is a great way to make Gil. More players are currently playing and trying to experience this content, which can impact markets in a range of ways. This provides you opportunities to make an easy profit.

This guide will list a few of the biggest ways you can make money with incredibly in-demand items for the current patch.

Please note that every server is different, and what works on one server may be less effective on another server. It is always worth checking your sale history to gauge the demand for an item or series of items. For other advice that is less focused on the newest patch, check out our general guide.


Allagan Tomestones of Causality

With the release of patch 6.4, new materials were released that can be used to craft materials used in making Diadochos Gear and potions for combat classes. These items are:

With patch 6.5's release comes the ability to upgrade and augment Diadochos gear. This requires players to exchange their Tomestones for augmentation equipment causing prices of materials to increase due to players spending Tomestones elsewhere.

As a secret bit of gil making advice, shields such as Diadochos Shield Icon Diadochos Shield are often the best way to augment your Diadochos gear. This both can save you gil knowing what you should use on your own gear as well as selling the materials used for shields which may spike higher in price.

Additionally, in 6.55 the Manderville Weapons will have their final update. The prices of these materials increased due to players using their Causality to upgrade their weapons instead of Tome materials.


Splendorous Tool Materials and Scrips

Patch 6.51 brings further upgrades to the Splendorous Tools series of Crafting and Gathering tools. This has created massive demand for an assortment of materials, such as the 600 Manganese Ore Icon Manganese Ore needed for the fourth stage.

While Manganese Ore Icon Manganese Ore will likely not be needed in the firth and sixth stages, there will be materials you need hundreds of. You can stockpile a range of materials easily in preparation. What is more guaranteed to be useful however is Scrips. White Scrips specifically are often used in large quantities which can be beneficial for you to stock up on to exchange for crafting materials or materia for players adjusting melds to their gear.


New and Rare Submarine Items

Patch 6.5 comes with new adjustments to Subaquatic Voyages:

  • New Areas
  • New Items
  • Submersible Rank increased to 115

With new areas and items, there will be items which may be worth a small fortune to the first players obtaining them. These can be a range of cosmetics, materials or minions which may be initially hard to find while players discover the correct areas. Historically some of these have sold for upwards of 50 million gil!

Rare items aside, an increased rank can come with changes to the Submersible metas. Players may want different gear and stats to reach these new stats or change their stats to more efficiently farm the "fight club" route which easily gives players gil.


New Furnishings

6.5 released a range of furnishings both created by the developers and also from a design contest back in 2019 as well as 2022. Being from a contest that came out such a long time ago, some players may have been waiting on these furnishings for a long time.

Design Contest furnishing from the patch notes of 6.5.

Furniture can also be a good source of Gil generally speaking anyway, simply due to the materials often being quite accessible and not all new furnishings are locked behind level 90. These can be quite cheap while still having value on the market. Demand for these items can depend on how active the next Housing Lottery is though.


Rare Aquarium Fish

New aquarium fish have been added with Taniwha Icon Taniwha , a Fabled Fish from ocean fishing, being confirmed via the patch notes.

Taniwah Revealed to be in the Aquarium in patch 6.5.

Rare fish that are added to the aquarium and have a good model start to go for quite a high price. Some historic examples include Aquamaton Icon Aquamaton which often sells for around 500k and Warden of the Seven Hues Icon Warden of the Seven Hues which sells for 2 million gil.



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