Ishgard Restoration Guides and Rewards

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The Ishgardian Restoration is both leveling and endgame content that allows you to exchange items to help build up and maintain a future housing ward released in Endwalker. This is the hub that explains all of the mechanics present, along with guides for each specific section.


What is the Ishgardian Restoration?

The Ishgardian Restoration is content that expands on both leveling and endgame content, providing new things to craft and new systems to explore with a unique zone exclusively for gathering classes and a type of crafting called expert crafting, which is mostly only used inside the Restoration zone called the Firmament.

To first unlock the Restoration, you must complete the Level 60 main story quest called "Litany Of Peace." The content itself only requires a level 20 crafting class or a level 10 gathering class, but the MSQ-progression requirement is simply for story reasons.

There originally used to be a ranking system where players would craft and gather while the Firmament was being built up and obtain exclusive rewards. However, the Firmament is now fully built on all servers and all efforts are instead just for general upkeep to the region instead.

The gameplay of the Ishgardian Restoration involves crafting items known as collectables to then exchange for experience points and a currency called Skybuilders' Scrips. Gathering classes instead use a unique gathering only zone called The Diadem to earn these Scrips and to obtain materials for crafting.

You can gain access to the Firmament after the initial quest by either using the Aetheryte or by speaking to Thomelin at (x14.2, y12.5).

The teleport from Foundation.

Fetes Inside the Restoration

Since the Restoration of the Firmament, the residents celebrate in what is known as the Skyrise Celebration or Fetes. It is hosted every two days and repeats ever two hours after the first celebration.

Much like its name, fetes are essentially crafting/gathering fates which reward exclusive furnishings, glamour, minions, a mount, and special tokens to trade in for rewards.


Kupo of Fortune

Kupo of Fortune is a minigame added to the Restoration, where the player is awarded stamps for handing in items, giving various rewards such as mounts, minions, and glamour.

By playing this game of chance, you can potentially win valuable items worth a good chunk of gil on the market board.


Gathering and The Diadem

One of the activities you can complete within the Restoration is gathering inside the Diadem, which is a special instanced gathering zone, where you can earn Skybuilders' Scrips and materials to sell or craft with.

Starting from level 10, you can enter the Diadem as a gathering class and begin earning experience points. This is a great method to level your classes without spending leves, without needing to focus on gearing, and also to support leveling your crafting through the materials provided.


Crafting For The Restoration

Starting from level 20, you can also craft inside Ishgard as a form of leveling content, which involves handing in collectables to exchange for Skybuilders' Scrips and experience points, allowing you to level in rapid succession.

For those unaware, collectables are like regular crafts, but instead of your quality becoming a chance to give HQ items, it instead turns into a rating which determines what rewards you will obtain, with each tier giving better rewards.


Expert Crafting

Expert crafts are significantly harder crafts that have no poor/excellent condition, but instead gain several new conditions that change different aspects of the craft. Making the most out of these is how you will succeed with expert crafting.

Expert crafting mostly just takes time and practice to learn how best to tackle them. Their main purpose in the Restoration was for the ranking season and, at this point, they have little use outside of specific achievements.

At this point, once you hit level 90, the expert crafts for the Restoration will be possible to simply macro or manually craft without RNG skills, making the grind for the achievements much easier. Trained Eye Icon Trained Eye, however, will not work on these crafts.


Farming Skybuilders' Scrips

There are a wide variety of crafts that you can attempt at level 80 and many items to also gather to farm Skybuilders' Scrips. These Scrips can be very useful for making great gil, to purchase materials for the relics, and to purchase minions, mounts, and other cosmetics for your character.

For further information on what items are worth crafting and what items are worth buying, check out the Skybuilders' Scrips farming guide linked down below.



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