Guide to Leveling Gear for Gatherers (DoL) in FFXIV Patch 6.5

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This guide explains the various methods of gearing for Miner, Botanist, and Fisher. The various methods include gearing for the Diadem, ocean fishing, leves, and collectables.


Gearing as You Level

As you level your gathering classes, you will start to require better stats to be able to gather from nodes consistently, hit bonuses on those nodes, gain further benefits from new skills, and gain increased yield on more items.

There are multiple ways to level your classes, and because of this, there are multiple ways to gear. The gear required to progress through the diadem, for example, will be different from doing leves, collectables, or ocean fishing.

This guide will provide different options accordingly so that you can keep up-to-date with your stats for your chosen leveling methods.

If you are looking for advice on how to level up your gatherers, be sure to consult our leveling guide linked below.


Levels 1-50

If you are focusing on leveling via the Diadem or ocean fishing, you can completely ignore gear at this point because you are only farming level 10 nodes or fish with no level requirement, which require basically no gear.

If you have crafting leveled and are using other leveling methods than the Diadem, make an HQ set of gear at levels 20, 30, and 40. If some items are difficult or expensive to obtain, you can always craft an easier piece. As long as your gathering chance stays above around 70%, you should not have many issues.

If you are leveling without crafting your gear, then you want to be looking for deals and cheap items to buy from vendors or the Market Board. Every five levels, check for cheap items you can buy, especially ones that give more Gathering because this stat is needed more for leves. Do not forget that you can server travel to find cheap items.


Levels 50-60

Beyond level 50, a set of 51-53 gear with some cheap Gathering melds should be good enough to keep your chance to gather at a sufficient amount. I would not advise doing collectables at this stage. Wait until you reach above level 60 and gearing becomes easier.


Levels 60-70

At level 60, custom deliveries and collectables become available as options. You can use scrips to purchase a set of yellow scrip gear, which will then last you to level 70.

If you do not have any remaining allowances for custom deliveries this week, the other options are to craft a set of gear, purchase gear on the market board, or farm scrips using timed/untimed collectables. The best choice for your gil is farming scrips, however, the best for your time would be utilizing vendors and the Market Board. Choose accordingly based on if you want to spend gil or not.


Levels 70-80

Just like level 60, try to use custom deliveries or scrips if available. Otherwise, you will have to buy/craft the gear or farm collectables for yellow scrips.

I would recommend aiming for the scrip set because it sets you up easily and guarantees a solid set of gear that will work to farm scrips at level 80.


Level 80-90

Gearing is again exactly the same here because scrip gear is the recommended set to use as a new player. Use collectables and custom deliveries to both gain experience and farm scrips to use for getting gear.


Level 90

At this point, you have now reached endgame and will be wanting to get the best gear to help out with gathering at endgame nodes, catching big fish, and gathering items for folklore books. You can find the best gear sets in our endgame gearing guide linked below.

Alternatively, you may want to check out our gear progression guide helping you explain how best to gear both crafting and gathering in tandem for endgame.



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