The Twelfth Circle Normal Raid Guide

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Welcome to our guide to The Twelfth Circle, the final encounter in the final raid tier of Pandaemonium, Abnabaseois. This guide aims to prepare players for the raid so they will know what to expect, with simple mechanic instructions and notes on what to watch out for.


The Twelfth Circle

Athena, the Theos, is the final boss of Pandaemonium.


Unlock Requirements

To unlock The Twelfth Circle, players must complete the quest "The Emissary's Judgment." This is the fourth quest in the quest chain starting from "Eater of Souls," which can be received from Ruissenaud in Old Sharlayan (x8.6, y27.5). There is a minimum item level restriction of 615 to enter through the duty finder in a matched party.



The chief keyward of Pandæmonium's appetite for godhood has been made only more keen by twelve millennia of slumber, and even her own flesh and blood are naught but tools with which to feed her hunger. No sacrifice too great, no price too high, Athena would see all life extinguished if it brought her even one ilm closer to her ultimate goal. Her wicked ambitions can be suffered no longer, so you must journey into Pandæmonium's heart and cut out their source.


Athena Raid Guide


Athena Phase One

The arena is a raised platform consisting of eight sections. Players can fall off the arena, and these sections can break during certain parts of the fight.



  • On the Soul: Moderate raidwide magic damage.
  • Trinity of Souls: Athena's wings will glow in succession, indicating a half-room cleave on that side of her in the order they began to glow.
  • Paradeigma: Athena spawns two yellow and two red orbs which fly out to the outside of the arena, summoning valkyries. The red orb adds will do a line AoE across the arena, while the yellow orb adds will tether to a player, doing a line AoE in their direction. Point the tether away from the party and each other.
  • Glaukopis: A line AoE tank buster on the main tank.


  • The fight begins with On the Soul into Trinity of Souls. Heal the AoE, then dodge left or right depending on the order the wings glow.
  • Dodge the line AoEs from the north of the arena, and tethered DPS should point their tether away from the party and each other.
  • This is followed by another Trinity of Souls, then On the Soul.
  • The main tank will take the tank buster afterwards - make sure to mitigate and face the boss away from the party.

Athena Phase Two



Athena introduces the following new mechanics:

  • Superchain Theory: Athena summons orbs that are tethered to a small orb or a donut. The small orbs and donuts will move towards the large orb. When they collide, the small orb will do a large point-blank AoE and the donut will do a donut AoE.
  • Parthenos: A vertical line AoE on her hitbox that knocks back slightly. Move to the sides to dodge.
  • Unnatural Enchainment: Athena tethers to sections of the floor. These sections will crumble and break as the castbar finishes. Players are unable to jump while sections are destroyed.
  • Ultima Blade: One of Athena's ultimate attacks, which does heavy raidwide damage.


  • Athena will introduce a new mechanic, Superchain Theory. In the first instance, four orbs will spawn tethered to three small orbs and a donut. Move to the orb tethered to the donut, as that is the safe spot.
  • The next instance of Superchain Theory happens right after. Athena summons two orbs tethered to two donuts, one with a short tether and one with a long tether. Move to the orb with the short tether first as that one will resolve first, then move to the orb with the longer tether.
  • Dodge Parthenos by moving to the side of her hitbox, and heal up for On the Soul.
  • Athena will remove three platforms with Unnatural Enchainment. Stand on the platforms not affected. Next, she casts Paradeigma. Players will have to perform the mechanic with the limited space they have.
  • Athena destroys three more platforms with Unnatural Enchainment. She will then cast Trinity of Souls on the platform. The tank needs to face the boss north to ensure there is ample space on both sides.
  • On the Soul is cast, which restores the missing platforms. Heal up and mitigate as Athena will cast Ultima Blade next.

Athena Phase Three

Phase 3 is an adds phase. Athena will spawn four Anthropos adds and reduce the size of the arena to a smaller octagon.



  • Anthropos adds will cast Ray of Light, a line AoE towards the tank. They will also cast Clear Cut, a 270 degree frontal AoE.
  • Athena becomes untargetable and casts Palladion, marked AoEs on random players.
  • Theos's Ultima: One of Athena's ultimate attacks, which deals massive raidwide damage.


  • Athena will become untargetable, invincible, and spawn four Anthropos adds. The main tank should pick these adds up and stack them together for the party to AoE down.
  • Players targeted with Palladion need to move out to the edge to not clip other players with the AoE. Dodge Ray of Light and Clear Cut from the adds.
  • Once all adds are dead, Athena will destroy the middle two rows of the platform. All players need to move to a safe platform and mitigate Theos's Ultima.

Athena Phase Four



Athena introduces a few new mechanics in this phase.

  • Dialogos: A stack marker that must be shared followed by marked AoEs on all players.


  • Athena begins the phase with Superchain Theory. This is accompanied with Parthenos. Players need to dodge the line AoE while inside the orb tethered to the donut.
  • Immediately after the donut explodes, she will cast Trinity of Souls. Look at the wings and dodge accordingly.
  • She will then cast a combination of Paradeigma, Superchain Theory, and Unnatural Enchainment. Players will need to avoid the small orbs while dodging the line AoE and spreading tethers out - a small orb only does a small AoE. Stand on a safe platform to ensure you do not fall off.
  • She will cast Parthenos. Players need to dodge the line AoE in the limited space. If players are hit, they will likely be knocked off.
  • Athena casts On the Soul, dealing raidwide damage and restoring the platforms.
  • She then casts a combination of Paradeigma, Dialogos, and Glaukopis. Players need to stack together dodging the line AoE. They then need to spread. The players with the tether needs to spread afterwards as usual, and the tank buster happens last.
  • At this point, Athena repeats mechanics she has done previously. Do the mechanics and defeat Athena!


Coffers that appear after completing the duty will yield tokens that can be traded in for gear.



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