Guide to Island Sanctuaries Pastures in FFXIV

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This page contains everything related to hunting animals and raising them in your pasture in FFXIV's island sanctuary mode. It includes information such as the best pasture setups for animal leavings and animal capturing information such as rare critter spawn times, weather requirements and locations.


Animals and Your Pasture On The Island

Animals play a vital role in your island, capturing them is a source of experience but more importantly these animals can be captured and placed inside a pasture where they can be harvested every day for useful workshop materials.

The animals in the pasture can be fed food to increase their mood and provide extra materials, pasture can later be upgraded to provide more space.

The best part is that the animals can also be petted.

FFXIV Island Sanctuary Petting Animals.

Petting provides no benefit but is regardless a fan favourite feature.

There are also rare animals such as the aligator shown above and rare variants such as the yellow coblyn in the image. These have strict time and weather requirements like big fishing and these animals can more easily get away while trying to capture them.


Hunting Animals Around The Island

Animals come in three sizes. Small, medium and large. To catch these animals you need the correct restraint and to also be on the "capture" mode using your index (new hud icon). These restraints also have rank requirements to unlock.

Island Rank Cabin Rank Seafarer's Cowries Required Features Unlocked
Tutorial 1 0 Initial pasture Unlock
4 2 1000 +5 pasture animals
7 3 1500 +10 pasture animals, mammet Pastureworkers tools(automation)

These restraints are a one-time use so have a small handful at the very least before attempting to capture anything especially rare animals. Some rare animals can end up requiring 10-20+ restraints in one window and can still get away after!

Different animals give different rewards while in your pasture so plan your catches accordingly. If you have no more pasture space the game will allow you to chose which animal to keep so do not worry.

You can have a maximum of 5/10/20 animals depending on your upgrade level.

Listed below are a lists of animals sorted by their requirements. Any animals that have time/weather requirements can be obtained multiple times and will respawn in their next window unless it is a unique animal where the respawn is not always guaranteed.

Using Lalachievements can be useful to check the weather and time based animals much like you would use a timer site for big fishing.

Normal animals are always available:

Animal Size Location Material 1 Material 2
Lost Lamb S 20,23 Fleece Milk
Opo-Opo S 20,26 Claw Fur
Apkallu S 19,11 Fleece Egg
Ground Squirrel S 15,19 Claw Fur
Coblyn S 20,13 Fang Carapace
Wild Dodo M 16,12 Egg Feather
Island Doe M 21,19 Fur Milk
Chocobo M 20,21 Fur Feather
Glyptodom Pup M 30,11 Carapace Claw
Aurochs L 12,17 Milk Horn
Island Nanny L 26,24 Milk Horn
Blue Back L 28,28 Egg Feather

Rare animals that are exclusively time bound:

Animal Size Location Time Material 1 Material 2
Glyptodon M 31,11 12am-3am Claw Carapace
Island Billy (Island Nanny Variant) L 26,22 3am-6am Horn Fleece
Lemur (Opo-Opo Variant) S 20,26 6am-9am Fur Claw
Star Marmot (Ground Squirrel Variant) S 15,19 9am-12pm Fur Claw
Apkallu of Paradise S 19,11 12pm-3pm Egg Fleece
Dodo of Paradise M 16,12 3pm-6pm Feather Egg
Stag (Doe Variant) M 20,19 6pm-9pm Fur Horn

Rare animals that are exclusively weather bound and will always appear during that weather:

Animal Size Location Weather Material 1 Material 2
Oreny Karakul (Lost Lamb Variant) S 20,23 Fair Milk Fleece
Yellow Coblyn S 27,19 Fog Carapace Fang
Black Chocobo M 13,11 Clear Feather Fur
Grand Buffalo (Aurochs Variant) L 12,17 Clouds Horn Milk
Gold Back L 31,28 Rain Feather Egg

Unique animals: These have no normal variant and have both a weather and time requirement. They then are not always guaranteed to spawn during those requirements making them even harder:

Animal Size Location Weather Time Material 1 Material 2
Beachcomb S 18,13 Rain 12am-3am Carapace Claw
Aligator L 17,24 Showers 6am-9am Claw Fang
Gobbue L 33,16 Clouds 9am-12pm Fang Claw
Paissa M 24,28 Fair 12pm-3pm Claw Fleece
Twinklefleece S 21,21 Fog 6pm-9pm Fleece Fur

As you may notice, the materials on the rare animals are often the same as normal, but the order has been switched. This has been listed this way due to being listed that way in the game files, however, you can obtain both materials at a fairly similar chance regardless of rarity when at max mood.


Pasture Basics

During the tutorial you will unlock the pasture as a means to obtain animals to care for and feed to raise their mood. Every day at the daily reset you will obtain one or two materials per animal based on the drop tables above. Animals can also be nicknamed inside of the animal management menu by right clicking or pressing square on an individual animal.

You can confirm your daily reset via the workshop, each animal is guaranteed to drop one of the two available materials in the drop tables and then has a chance based on their mood to drop the other material.

Like gardening, animals only need to be tended to and fed once a day but can be available to feed after around six hours. If not fed daily their mood will begin to drop therefore decreasing your yields. When using the automate feature they will be fed at your reset time.

FFXIV Animal hunger.

Feeding the animals the non-premium mood will also ensure that the animals mood decreases shortly after. They need to be fed premium food once a day to stay at their highest mood.

When looking in the pasture management menu an animals mood may seem confusing, please see below what each mood means:

FFXIV Animal mood.

There are three different types of animal feed available. Different food can raise an animals mood by different levels and also have different caps.

Food Mood increase Max Amount Obtained Per craft
Island Sweetfeed +1 Content (Cloud) 3
Island Greenfeed +2 Chipper (Cloudy Sun) 3
Premium Island Greenfeed +2 Gleeful (Sun) 3

When an animal is first caught you will need both an Island Greenfeed and then later a Premium Island Greenfeed to raise it to gleeful. You can alternatively feed them 2 sweetfeed and one premium instead which is cheaper but takes longer.

After that you only need to feed each animal one a day using premium Greenfeed.


How To Upgrade Your Pasture, Requirements and Costs

Your pasture needs two things to upgrade, Seafarer's Cowries and cabin rank. Seafarer's Cowries come from mainly your workshop and you can increase the cabin rank over time as you rank up your island.

Island Rank Cabin Rank Seafarer's Cowries Required Upgrade Time Max Animal Limit Features Unlocked
Tutorial 1 0 0 5 Initial Pasture Unlock
4 2 1000 2 Hours 10 First limit increase
7 3 1500 4 Hours 20 Second limit increase, Mammet-sized Pastureworkers Tools (automation)

As shown above, the final upgrade gives you access to automation making it easier to manage your animals and automatically feeding them.

To craft the tools you need the following:

  • Island Log x 6
  • Island Copper Ore x 6
  • Island Tin Sand x 6
  • Island Hemp x 6

At rank 7 you should have an abundance of these materials easily.


Automating Your Animals At Max Rank

Once these tools have been crafted you can right click or press square inside the pasture management menu to select any animal you want to automate. This will then cause the mammets to take care of the animals instead, collecting materials and feeding when needed.

This costs 10 Seafarer's Cowries a day(200 a total per day) to automate feed and collection. This will stop if you run out of cowries or reach a limit of 20 items per animal. The animals will be fed once a day with the feed you choose and have available.

I would not recommend this until you are at the stage of automating your crops and everything else is upgraded. The Seafarer's Cowries are more useful in the farm where not harvesting the crops instantly results in you slowly drifting out of sync. As long as an animal is fed before reset you will get your items.


There are two recommended animal combinations for an end game pasture. With 17 possible rare animals you can collect all rare animals + three extra normal or duplicate rares to balance out your material yield. Alternatively you can specialise in specific animals that more suit your crafts.


All Rare Animal Pasture

This is personally the pasture I would recommend and what many players will be aiming for to simply have all of the rare/unique animals for collection purposes.

For the three flex animals i recommend ones that align with your goals. Animals such as the Lost Sheep are good for it being used in many popular crafts but aside from that try to balance your materials.


Specialised Pasture

Because it only takes a day to change out your animals you can use your rest days at the end of the week to rotate out your farm animals so that your animals focus on the items with good popularity for the upcomming week.

There is no right answer for what animals to obtain here and is entirely personal preference / based on the next weeks popularity if you want to specialise your pasture for certain items. Please refer to the drop tables earlier on the page to see what animals give what items.



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