The Eleventh Circle Normal Raid Guide

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Welcome to our guide to The Eleventh Circle, the third encounter in the final raid tier of Pandaemonium, Abnabaseois. This guide aims to prepare players for the raid so they will know what to expect, with simple mechanic instructions and notes on what to watch out for.


The Eleventh Circle

Ephemeral Justice, Themis is the third raid boss fought in Pandaemonium: Anabaseois, the final raid tier of Endwalker.


Unlock Requirements

To unlock The Eleventh Circle, players must complete the quest "Pandaemonium Awakens." This is the third quest in the quest chain starting from "Eater of Souls," which can be received from Ruissenaud in Old Sharlayan (x8.6, y27.5). There is a minimum item level restriction of 615 to enter through the duty finder in a matched party.



Given form so that he may serve as a tool to unlock the secret of your strength, Themis is unable to defy Athena's whims and now stands against you in battle. However, you know that his heart wishes to stand by your side as he did in ages past, so you resolve to break Athena's hold by any means necessary. Then you might join forces once again to walk through Pandæmonium's gates and fell the evil which lays beyond.


Themis Raid Guide


Themis Phase One

In the fight, Themis will gather light or darkness in his staff. This will change the effect of attacks depending on what element it is attuned with.



  • Eunomia: A moderate raidwide that inflicts a bleed DoT.
  • Divisive Ruling: A line AoE that goes vertically through the boss's hitbox. Themis will gather an element in his staff.
    • Darkness will have the AoE pulse out, so move inside the AoE immediately after it explodes.
    • Light will expand the AoE, so move out of his hitbox to the left and right to dodge.
  • Dark and Light: Creates two circles on the east and west of the arena. One is light-aspected and one is dark-aspected. Players all receive a light or dark debuff and will need to stand in the opposite-coloured circle. If a player is on the wrong circle or outside of a circle, they will take continuous damage and vuln stacks.
  • Sigils of Discord: Inflicts Light's Discord and Dark's Discord, the debuffs for the puddles.
  • Dineis: Targeted ground AoEs on players. Stack and dodge together.
  • Emissary's Will: Instantly kills players if they are not standing in the correct circle. The circles are removed afterwards.


  • The boss begins by casting Eunomia, so mitigate and heal through it.
  • He then casts three sets of Divisive Ruling. One will be light-aspected and one will be dark-aspected, so dodge accordingly. This is followed by another Eunomia.
  • Themis will then cast Dark and Light into Sigils of Discord. One role will gain light debuffs and the other will gain dark debuffs. Stand in the opposite circle of your debuff and dodge Dineis together.
  • If players are in the correct circle, they will dodge the instant death from Emissary's Will.

Themis Phase Two

Themis adds the following new mechanics:



  • Dismissal Ruling: A knockback from the centre of the arena. Themis will gather an element in his staff.
    • Darkness will create a donut AoE afterwards, so move in immediately or use a knockback immunity.
    • Light will create a point-blank AoE afterwards, so stay out.
  • Dike: Tank busters on both tanks.
  • Upheld Ruling: An AoE on a player. Themis will gather an element in his staff.
    • Darkness create a gigantic AoE tank buster on a tank, then a donut AoE afterwards..
    • Light will create a stack marker on a player, then a point-blank AoE after.
  • Styx: A multi-hit stack marker that deals moderate damage each hit.
  • Shadowed Messenger: The boss summons two clones at the edge of the arena. Both will cast one element of Divisive Ruling.
  • Blinding Light: Marked AoEs on all players.


  • Themis will cast two sets of Dismissal Ruling. One will be light-aspeted and one will be dark-aspected, so dodge accordingly.
  • Tanks need to mitigate Dike.
  • Themis will cast Dark and Light again. Head to the correct circle after Sigils of Discord.
  • He will then cast Dismissal Ruling. Stay inside the circle during the knockback, and move in or stay out depending on the element.
  • Upheld Ruling, a new mechanic, is next. If it is darkness, the tank needs to not hit anyone with the AoE and mitigate. The party needs to then run in for the donut AoE. If it is light, the party needs to stack, then move out of the boss's hitbox.
  • This is followed by Styx, so mitigate and heal through the heavy damage.
  • Themis casts Dark and Light again, so head to the correct circle.
  • He will cast Divisive Ruling. Make sure to stay inside your circle while dodging the line AoE.
  • Afterwards is Divisive Ruling. Again, stay inside the circle during the knockback, then move in or out to dodge the AoE.
  • Dike will be cast after the circles disappear. This is followed by Dineis, so bait and move out of the AoEs. Divisive Ruling is cast, so finish dropping the AoEs before dodging the line AoE.
  • This is followed by Upheld Ruling, and then Eunomia.
  • Shadowed Messenger, the final difficult of the fight, is next. Dodge the light line AoE and then move into the dark line AoE, making sure to stay close to the edge of the arena.
  • All players get a marked AoE from Blinding Light, so spread. This is followed by Dismissal Ruling, and then Styx. Heal up all the damage in between and mitigate accordingly.
  • At this point, the boss will repeat mechanics done previously. Do the mechanics and defeat the boss!


Coffers that appear after completing the duty will yield tokens that can be traded in for gear.



  • 19 May 2023: Guide added.
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