All Endwalker Raids for FFXIV

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The first tier of the newest raid - Pandaemonium: Asphodelos - is set to arrive in Patch 6.01. This page will contain information on the raid, including unlocks, rewards, and links to guides.


Endwalker Raid Hub

Endwalker will contain one high-end raid series, Pandaemonium, as well as one alliance raid, Myths of the Realm.

To learn more about the Endwalker expansion, visit our Endwalker hub.



Far beneath the ground upon which mortals tread, steeped in darkness deep as starless night, ancient power lies dormant. Too hungry, too brutal, too monstrous─what cannot be controlled must be contained, here, in Pandæmonium. Dare you make the descent?


Pandaemonium is the high-end raid of Endwalker. It will be split into three tiers. The Normal difficulty of the raid's first tier, Pandaemonium: Asphodelos, was released in Patch 6.01, two weeks after the official release of Endwalker, and the Savage difficulty was released two weeks after that in Patch 6.05.

The Normal difficulty of the raid's second tier, Pandaemonium: Abyssos, was released in Patch 6.2, and the Savage difficulty released one week later in 6.21.

The Normal difficulty of the raid's third and final tier, Pandaemonium: Anabaseios, is is scheduled to be released in Patch 6.4, and the Savage difficulty will release one week later in 6.41.


Myths of the Realm

Since time immemorial, a pantheon of gods known as the Twelve has presided over the land of Eorzea. Faith in these divine beings permeates all facets of life, and its influence is present in the practice of every craft, the heritage of each clan, and the customs of villages and nations across the realm. Now, the quest begins to discover how their tale began─and perhaps how it shall end.

Myths of the Realm

Myths of the Realm is the Alliance raid of Endwalker. It will be split into three tiers, and the first tier is scheduled to be released in Patch 6.1.


Dragonsong's Reprise (Ultimate)

"There are no ifs in history, yet man is wont to cast his mind towards the path not walked." Thus spoke the wandering minstrel, and at his urging, you reflect upon bygone trials with newfound perspective. Your imagination stirred by the man's masterfully woven verse, you dream of an alternate conclusion to the Dragonsong War..."

Knights of the Round

Dragonsong's Reprise (Ultimate) was released in Patch 6.11, two weeks after the release of Patch 6.1. It is the first Ultimate encounter of Endwalker and the fourth Ultimate difficulty raid to be released. Players will do battle with King Thordan and the Knights of the Round in an epic retelling of the Heavensward main scenario.


The Omega Protocol (Ultimate)

"We never question that we all possess such heart, and I have witnessed myself how unyielding hope can manifest with palpable effect. The underlying concept, however, is nebulous at best. If we lacked the terms to describe it, would we even recognize its existence within ourselves? Put another way, should we lack the means to be aware of such indefinable strength, could it still potentially exist? Pray excuse my philosophical musings. I am merely entertaining the possibilities. Yet what is a minstrel for, if not to entertain the idea of that which might be? If Omega's experiment had continued a while longer, would it have arrived at the answer it sought? Let us imagine the tableau..."

The Omega Protocol

The Omega Protocol (Ultimate) is slated to release in Patch 6.31, two weeks after the release of Patch 6.3. It is the second Ultimate encounter of Endwalker and the fifth Ultimate difficulty raid to be release. Players will battle against the Omega Weapon and its various forms in a retelling of the tale of the Omicron machine.



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