The Tenth Circle Normal Raid Guide

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Welcome to our guide to The Tenth Circle, the second encounter in the final raid tier of Pandaemonium, Abnabaseois. This guide aims to prepare players for the raid so they will know what to expect, with simple mechanic instructions and notes on what to watch out for.


The Tenth Circle

The Daemoniac Dungeon, Pandaemonium is the second raid boss fought in Pandaemonium: Anabaseois, the final raid tier of Endwalker.


Unlock Requirements

To unlock The Tenth Circle, players must complete the quest "Eater of Souls." That quest can be received from Ruissenaud in Old Sharlayan (x8.6, y27.5). There is a minimum item level restriction of 615 to enter through the duty finder in a matched party.



You steel yourself to brave Pandæmonium once again, but your advance is blocked by a familiar face: Themis, who has been molded by Athena from memories of the past and souls of the present. Although his voice is friendly, he says that the strings of his creator force him to face you as foe. Before he departs, the massive stones and impregnable gates of Pandæmonium arrange into a twisted form. This verboten being serves a singular purpose─to crush any who would oppose its mother's plans.


Pandaemonium Raid Guide


Pandaemonium Phase One

The arena is very unique: it has one main platform where Pandaemonium stands in front, and there are two platforms off to the side which can be accessed if a bridge is created using a spiderweb. The poison between the two platforms will inflict a 30-second poison DoT if players stand inside it. Additionally, there are small posts around the arena that interact with abilities. The boss itself has no positional indicators, and players can fall off the arena.



  • Silkspit: Marks three players with a silk AoE. Any player in close proximity to these players receive a proximity tether which must be broken by distance. These AoEs do damage and if they hit a post, the player is tethered to it, taking stacks of Binding Soul Snare. If it reaches 5 stacks, the player is killed. This tether can be broken by another player running between it.
  • Pandaemonium Pillars: Towers spawn on the arena which must be soaked by at least one player. They will spawn small objects that will either tether into the ground or raise a spinning pillar. If it tethers to the ground, the object will do a point-blank AoE. If it starts spinning, the object will do a donut AoE. If a player if hit by an object, they will become Fettered and receive a cleansable Doom debuff.
  • Pandaemoniac Meltdown: A line AoE stack marker which must be shared by the party.
  • Soul Grasp: A multi-hit tank buster which must be shared by both tanks.
  • Entangling Web: Large silken AoEs on the ground which deal massive damage. The centre of these will tether to each other, creating a line that inflicts the Heavy debuff. These will interact with the posts, creating a bridge to the side platforms.
  • Pandaemoniac Ray: Extends the boss's head and lights up its eyes, facing one side of the arena. That side will take an AoE.
  • Parted Plumes: Spawns a large puddle in the middle that inflicts a bleed DoT if players stand inside. The puddle will emit rotating conal AoEs, which inflict a vuln stack and a paralysis debuff.
  • Touchdown: A massive lethal expanding AoE from the centre of the main platform. Players will need to move to a side platform to avoid this.
  • Ultima: Moderate raidwide damage that inflicts a bleed DoT.


  • The fight begins with Silkspit - spread out and avoid other players as well as the posts. If a player is tethered, run across the tether to break it before the player reaches five stacks.
  • As players are already spread out, it will be easy to find a pillar to stand on. After the pillar, stand inside if it's a donut, and move away if it's a point-blank. You can also move away if it's a donut.
  • Stack together to heal up for the stack marker. Tanks should move forwards after, mitigate, and stack for the tank buster.
  • Dodge the AoEs created by Entangling Web, then spread out for Silkspit. Don't go too far, as you will need to dodge Pandaemoniac Ray afterwards.
  • Stand in the opposite direction of the first set of conal AoEs and move into it for Parted Plumes. Make sure not to stand in the middle of the arena. Huddle together for Pandaemonium Meltdown afterwards, and tanks move away for Soul Grasp as well.
  • The boss casts another Entangling Web and Pandaemoniac Ray. This time, only one bridge will become active. After dodging the half-room cleave, go onto the side platform to avoid Touchdown.

Pandaemonium Phase Two



The boss begins to repeat previously seen mechanics after this in different combinations, as well as introducing a few new mechanics.

  • Harrowing Hell: The boss starts bashing the arena with its head, dealing multiple instances of moderate physical damage to the raid. This finishes with a knockback from the front of the arena.
  • Wicked Step: Two tank buster towers which must be soaked by a tank.


  • After returning to the main platform, the boss will cast another Pandaemonium Pillars, followed by Meltdown and Soul Grasp.
  • Mitigate heavily for Harrowing Hell, and make sure to stand at the very front of the arena to ensure you are not knocked off the platform.
  • Tanks will need to stand in one tower each and mitigate Wicked Step. The second hit is delayed, so don't walk out early!
  • The boss will cast Pandaemonium Pillars again. Entangling Web is cast, and then Touchdown. Head to the safe platform on the bridge that was created.
  • Return to the centre platform to stack for Pandaemoniac Meltdown, then spread for Silkspit.
  • At this point, the boss will begin repeating mechanics done previously. Perform the mechanics correctly and defeat the boss!


Coffers that appear after completing the duty will yield tokens that can be traded in for gear.



  • 19 May 2023: Guide added.
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