The Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate) Twintania Guide

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This page contains detailed information and strategy about the high-end Duty "The Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate)", commonly abbreviated as UCoB, specifically for the portion of the fight dealing with Twintania.


Phase 1: Twintania

Throughout the first phase of the fight, Twintania will drop three Neurolinks after reaching certain percentage points (74%, 44%, 0%). Standing inside of a Neurolink will inflict players with a Neurolink status, heavily reducing their damage dealt and heavily reducing damage from hatches. Twintania will drop a Neurolink under her hitbox, so the position can be manipulated by players. In order to facilitate mechanics later in the fight, the generally accepted strategy involves placing Neurolinks in a triangle, roughly shown below:


This is just one of many possible configurations. As long as Neurolinks are somewhat close and equidistant to the middle, in a triangle, any configuration should be fine. I will divide Phase 1 into three separate parts, depending on when Twintania drops her Neurolinks.


Pull (100%-74%)

Twintania's Abilities:

  • Plummet: Cleave, dealing significant physical damage to its target.
  • Twister: At the end of its cast, Twintania will place small tornadoes under players. You must move away at the end of the cast, as running into any of the small tornadoes results in instant death and knock back any nearby players into the death wall.
  • Fireball: Twintania will mark a player with a red triangle and throw a fireball dealing significant magic damage at them that can be shared amongst the party. Death Sentence: Tankbuster dealing heavy physical damage to its target, and inflicting a Physical Vulnerability up. A tank swap is virtually required during the cast.
  • Twintania begins the pull with a Plummet on the tank before doing a Twister + Fireball combo. All players must move away to place their twisters and then collapse into the middle to soak fireball. I would recommend assigning a spot to each player to move out to. After soaking the Fireball, Twintania will use Death Sentence on the tank. A tank swap is required. Twintania will repeat this rotation until she is pushed to 74%. NOTE: Keep in mind that Shirk may not be available for every Death Sentence, as she casts it fairly frequently.

Some groups can opt to generate more Limit Break gauge by having only six players stack in the fireball, which will aid in ensuring Tank Limit Break 3 when needed later in the fight.

Twintania repeats the following until she is pushed to 74%:

  • Plummet
  • Twister + Fireball
  • Death Sentence

Twintania gains the following abilities:

  • Generate: A hatch (purple sphere) will appear under Twintania, and a random DPS will be marked. The hatch will slowly move toward said player. If a player is not standing in a Neurolink when the Hatch hits them, the Hatch will explode on the whole raid, dealing lethal damage and inflicting damage down. If in a Neurolink, the hatch will explode in a large AoE (about the size of a twister), dealing menial damage to players inside a Neurolink, and lethal damage to other players caught in the blast. Getting hit by a Hatch will inflict Mana Hypersensitivity, which will cause a second Hatch to always deal lethal damage.
  • Liquid Hell (Distance): Targeted AoE on a player, placing a fire puddle under them. Standing in the puddle will inflict a lethal burn dot, dealing 90k damage. Twintania will always target players who are further than a certain range away from her, so make sure an assigned baiter is always the only person far away from Twintania.

After dropping her first Neurolink, make sure to move her to the second location as soon as possible, as she will begin casting Liquid Hell.

Assign one players in your raid to be in charge of baiting Liquid Hells, preferably a ranged DPS. Liquid Hell will always target a random player that is past a certain distance from Twintania. In order to bait Liquid Hells, make sure your assigned baiter is the only player past this range, and all other party members are somewhat closer to Twintania. If done correctly, they should be targeted by all five Liquid Hells. Make sure to not bait a Liquid Hell on Neurolinks.

Liquid Hell Baits

Generate can target any DPS, so in the event your baiter is marked, it is recommended having a second DPS serve as a backup baiter. As soon as the main baiter is marked, the backup baiter should be ready to take their place and bait the same way.

After the second set of Liquid Hells, Twintania will cast Death Sentence, forcing a tank swap. She will then use Generate once more, immediately followed by a Twister. Because of the delay of the Hatch spawning, players will have to bait Twisters outside the their Neurolink and move in after the cast is finished. Twintania will then use Plummet and repeat her rotation until she is pushed past 44%.

Twintania repeats the following until she is pushed to 44%:

  • Liquid Hell (Distance)
  • Generate
  • Liquid Hell (Distance)
  • Death Sentence
  • Generate
  • Twister
  • Plummet

A few changes are made to some of Twintania's abilities:

  • Generate: Generate will now create two hatches, and target two players. Because Mana Hypersensitivity will cause damage from two hatches to be lethal, regardless of in a Neurolink or not, hatches must be taken in separate Neurolinks.
  • Liquid Hell (Target): Twintania will gain a second variant of Liquid Hell. She will target a completely random player and shoot five Liquid Hells at them, regardless of their distance. This cannot be baited.

After dropping her first Neurolink, make sure to move her to the next location as soon as possible, as she will quickly begin casting Liquid Hell immediately followed by a Generate. This is fairly similar to her previous rotation, except for the fact that she will mark two players. Right after markers disappear, Twintania will mark a random player with Fireball, as well as begin casting a targeted Liquid Hell on one player five times. After hatches are resolved, have all players (except for the liquid hell target) stack right behind Twintania to soak fireball. The player targeted for liquid hell should circle around the arena, and run into the stack after the fifth hit.

Liquid Hell Into Fireball

A correctly mitigated Fireball should not deal lethal damage to seven people, so some groups opt to forego the Liquid Hell target stacking and just take the fireball without them. The main problem with this comes with when Twintania targets the same player with both Fireball and Liquid Hells, wherein this will obviously not work.

Twintania will then cast Death Sentence on her target, followed by another double Generate into Twisters, similar to the pattern done in the earlier phase. She will follow up with a Plummet, and then repeat her rotation until she is pushed to 0% or enrages.

Twintania repeats the following until she is killed.

  • Liquid Hell (Distance)
  • Generate x2
  • Liquid Hell (Target)
  • Fireball
  • Death Sentence
  • Double Generate
  • Twister
  • Plummet


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