Moogle Treasure Trove Event Guide for FFXIV

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This page contains information about the Moogle Treasure Trove, a reoccuring event in Final Fantasy XIV that rewards players with rare and unique items for doing specific duties.


The Moogle Treasure Trove

The Moogle Treasure Trove is a reoccuring event in Final Fantasy XIV with no set schedule, meaning it appears randomly with a fixed duration. In this event, players can run duties to receive Irregular Tomestones, which they can trade in for rare and/or unique items.


Event Overview

When the Moogle Treasure Trove event is active, completing certain duties will reward the player with Irregular Tomestones. By trading in these Tomestones, players can receive cosmetics unique to this event, as well as other rare items that can be acquired in-game through other means.


Current Moogle Treasure Trove: The First Hunt for Genesis

The current Moogle Treasure Trove event is the First Hunt for Genesis. This event started on January 30, 2024 and will end on March 11, 2024 at 7:59 a.m. (PDT). Players can complete duties to earn Irregular Tomestone of Genesis I which can be traded in for materials.



Location of moogle NPCs

You can exchange your Irregular Tomestones by talking to an Itinerant Moogle, one of which is in each beginner city-state.

  • Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks - (x9.4, y11.6)
  • New Gridania - (x12.4, y12.1)
  • Ul'dah, Steps of Nald - (x9.6, y9.1)



Upon speaking with the Itinerant Moogle for the first time, players will receive a Mogpendium, accessible through the Collections menu in the Duty tab. The Mogpendium contains all the information players need about the event, including duties, rewards, and a link to the official site.


Event Objectives

Moogle icon on duties

By completing certain duties, players will receive Irregular Tomestones, the amount of which depends on the duty itself. However, Irregular Tomestones will not be awarded when using adventurer squadrons or Duty Support, and are only available to unrestricted parties if the "Level Sync" option is applied.

There are four differennt types of objectives to complete.

  1. Standard objectives can be completed as many times as you want. These are usually duties that are queued into.
  2. Weekly objectives pick one standard objective unique to each player and can be completed once per weekly reset. Players can receive the reward through the Mogpendium.
  3. Minimog objectives are special objectives available for every player. These are generally non-duties such as FATEs or Gold Saucer events.
  4. Ultimog objectives are special one-time objectives that reward a large amount of Irregular Tomestones. The current Ultimog objective is to score at least 8000 points during a single Ocean Fishing voyage.

Standard PvE Objectives

Objective Tomestones Rewarded
The Sunken Temple of Qarn 3
Cutter's Cry 3
Dzemael Darkhold 3
Castrum Meridianum 4
The Praetorium 7
The Stone Vigil (Hard) 4
Sastasha (Hard) 4
The Porta Decumana 3
Containment Bay S1T7 2
Containment Bay P1T6 2
Containment Bay Z1T9 2
Any Crystal Tower Alliance Raid 3
Any Eden Normal Raid 2

Standard PvP Objectives

All maps in both the Frontline PvP mode will reward Irregular Tomestones during the event. However, in PvP you will receive five tomestones for a win and three tomestones otherwise. As with any other PvP mode, you must be at least level 30 to participate.

Objective Tomestones Rewarded
The Borderland Ruins (Secure) 3 or 5
Seal Rock (Seize) 3 or 5
The Fields of Glory (Shatter) 3 or 5
Onsal Hakair (Danshig Nadaam) 3 or 5
Hidden Gorge 3 or 5

To learn more about the PvP rework, visit our PvP hub!


The First Hunt for Genesis Event Rewards

There are many cosmetic rewards you can get from running content!



There are a few mounts exchangeable for tomestones. These mounts are either uncommon drops from Extreme Trials, bought from a Beast Tribe after increasing your reputation, or from Ishgardian Restoration.

Item Name Tomestones Required Originally Rewarded From
Antelope Doe Horn Icon Antelope Doe Horn 50 Skybuilders' Scrips
Dhalmel Whistle Icon Dhalmel Whistle 30 Kupo of Fortune
Bomb Palanquin Horn Icon Bomb Palanquin Horn 30 Kobold Tribal Reputation
Boreas Whistle Icon Boreas Whistle 30 The Akh Afah Amphitheatre (Extreme)
Rose Lanner Whistle Icon Rose Lanner Whistle 30 Thok Ast Thok (Extreme)
Legendary Kamuy Fife Icon Legendary Kamuy Fife 30 The Minstrel's Ballad: Shinryu's Domain


The Mameshiba Neckerchief can only be acquired from this event, while the other pieces of glamour are acquired through the Proto-Ultima FATE in a Heavensward zone.

Item Name Tomestones Required Originally Rewarded From
Mameshiba Neckerchief Icon Mameshiba Neckerchief 100 Unique item!!!
Ultima Horns Icon Ultima Horns 30 Proto-Ultima FATE
Late Allagan Armor of Fending Icon Late Allagan Armor of Fending 15 Wolf Marks
Late Allagan Armor of Striking Icon Late Allagan Armor of Striking 15 Wolf Marks
Late Allagan Armor of Maiming Icon Late Allagan Armor of Maiming 15 Wolf Marks


All of these items are craftable with sufficiently leveled crafters.

Item Name Tomestones Required Originally Rewarded From
Back Bar Icon Back Bar 20 Lv80 Carpenter Craft
Pixie Apple Basket Icon Pixie Apple Basket 20 Lv80 Culinarian Craft
Bar Rack Icon Bar Rack 15 Lv80 Carpenter Craft

Orchestrion Rolls

You need an Orchestrion housing item to play these in a house or apartment.

Item Name Tomestones Required Originally Rewarded From
Decisions (Omega) Orchestrion Roll Icon Decisions (Omega) Orchestrion Roll 30 Deltascape V4.0
Twilight over Thanalan Orchestrion Roll Icon Twilight over Thanalan Orchestrion Roll 30 The Aquapolis
Indomitable Orchestrion Roll Icon Indomitable Orchestrion Roll 7 Kojin Tribal Reputation

Triple Triad Card

Some of these become exchangeable once you have completed a certain quest in the Main Scenario Quest.

Item Name Tomestones Required Originally Rewarded From
Deepeye Card Icon Deepeye Card 10 Dominiac
Archaeornis Card Icon Archaeornis Card 10 Elaisse
Stormblood Gilgamesh Card Icon Stormblood Gilgamesh Card 7 Kugane Ohashi
Titania Card Icon Titania Card 7 The Dancing Plague or The Dancing Plague (Extreme)

Cosmetics and Miscellany

The Ostensibly Special Timeworn Map is a unique item that guarantees a portal.

Item Name Type Tomestones Required Originally Rewarded From
Modern Aesthetics - Modern Legend Icon Modern Aesthetics - Modern Legend Hairstyle 50 1800 Skybuilders' Scrips or Fete Present
Titania Barding Icon Titania Barding Barding 50 Lv80 Armorer Craft
Yukinko Snowflake Icon Yukinko Snowflake Minion 50 Eureka - Hydatos Lockbox
Ostensibly Special Timeworn Map x 2 Treasure Map 30 Unique item!
MGP Platinum Card Icon MGP Platinum Card Gold Saucer 30 Gold Saucer Events
Little Leannan Icon Little Leannan Minion 7 The Grand Cosmos
Griffin Hatchling Icon Griffin Hatchling Minion 7 400 Centurio Seals (Hunts)
Magicked Prism (Job Mastery) x 10 Miscellaneous 1 Unique item!

What Items Should I Aim For?

As this event lasts for quite a while and there are plenty of opportunity to get tomestones, try aiming for unique items or items that you would have to spend an enormous amount of time otherwise to acquire. You can also efficiently get other items here while farming tomestones. For example, PvP modes reward Wolf Marks, which you can use to purchase glamour.


How Do I Farm Tomestones the Fastest?

In Duty Finder, as encounter length is variable, it really depends on what you need to run. If you can guarantee PvP wins then it is the fastest way to farm tomestones, although that is not feasible. Usually, the best way to farm tomes is to run an encounter repeatedly with Blue Mages that can kill bosses fast, though there are time-efficient ways to farm tomes now with PvP or Ocean Fishing.



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