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League of Explorers Fourth Wing Is Live

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The fourth and last wing of League of Explorers is here, along with our guides.


The League of Explorers adventure is bringing down the curtains with its fourth and final wing going live in all regions. Here is our overview for the Hall of Explorers.



In the end of the previous wing, the elusive Arch-Thief Rafaam stole the Staff of Origination right from the grasp of Brann Bronzebeard & co. It is time to venture in the Hall of Explorers (which is actually a museum) and take back what rightfully belongs to the League of Explorers.


For the last time for this adventure, we are pleased to present you with our guides for the four boss encounters of this wing. Without further ado, here are the links to:


12 New Cards

Rewards from Skelesaurus Hex Normal


Rewards from The Steel Sentinel Normal


Rewards from Arch-Thief Rafaam Normal


Rewards from Rafaam Unleashed Normal



Check out this cool video from Blizzcon 2015 (uploaded by Youtube user Table) showing how Elise Starseeker works.
Rewards from the Mage and Rogue Class Challenges respectively



Card back

You will get the card back below as a reward for defeating all bosses in the League of Explorers in Heroic mode.





Along with the Grand Tournament, League of Explorers is an example of somewhat unpopular content in World of Warcraft finding its way into Hearthstone. This third Hearthstone adventure was quite fun and definitely more successful than Blackrock Mountain. The new cards and the Discover mechanic introduced with the League of Explorers are going to see a lot of action in all games modes; you can read Sottle’s analysis on the meta shake-up that League of Explorers has already caused.
Lastly, we would like to thank you for sticking with our guides. See you in the next Hearthstone adventure!
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