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Does Tyrion have a place outside Nzgoth control

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I was very excited to open Tyrion a few weeks ago and thought I'd finally be able to give paladin a good try especially since I've also open ragnaros light lord. But once I did I noticed the only legendary build he is in on this site is the Nzgoth control which requires a ton of other legendaries and other high end cards  I don't have.  I do have Sylvanas and ysera but in missing a few key epic and rare cards that seem to be staples for just about every class except priest and shaman. Can anyone suggest any builds around Tyrion that don't require every strong legendary in the book?

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I'm looking for something good to ladder with. I tried the in game shields up recipe which was fun to play with but I couldn't get very far with. Would love to try a mid-range paladin since that seems to fit my play style. I don't have the mysterious stranger or whatever it is that pulls all secrets so that counts me out there. I tried making a dragon paladin deck with Tyrion and my other control legendaries but it didn't seem to work out very well for me either. I always seem to run up against some super controlling decks with every top end legendary or occasionally just get overwhelmed by some aggressive hunters or shamans. Can't break out of the 12-15 ladder rankings except for the rate couple of seasons I've gone on winning streaks and gotten up to ranks 8-10. Then of course I get beat back to my typical range. 

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So you say you have Tirion Fordring and Ragnaros, Lightlord but your deck is not N'zoth Paladin?

Then there is only one answer - Murloc Paladin! This is actually a fairly good deck, utilizing a very little amount of other supportive legendaries and only 6 epics - Doomsayers - that's an actual format staple , Forbidden Healings - an incredibly potent card, also featured in N'zoth Paladin, and then Murloc Warleader who is literally deck's engine. It looks like a big investment, but you'll hardly regret it in the long run.

The payoff with it is that you have some very lopsided matchups - either they will never beat you, or you'll never beat them, and winning takes 15 minutes or so, but it's pretty fun in the end and can actually give you a positive winrate. Like, you're going to play less games than yours truly SMOrc affecionado, but make the same progress during the same time.

I believe the version in the guide should be slightly updated to include The Curator and other goodies but that's not really important.

Secret Paladin is fine Midrange deck but a bit lackluster in Standard, and has a lot of cards to craft in Wild. Pick your poison.

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