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Blizzard's Live Stream with Day9 and Matt Place took place earlier on 28 July.

Matt Place was the Lead Designer on Knights of the Frozen Throne. He explained that converting The Lich King to Hearthstone was a big challenge because it is a very dark storyline, and Hearthstone prefers to be a light-hearted setting. Despite this, he feels that they have got the character conversion just about right, and that all will be revealed in the free Missions that will be available with the new expansion.

Watch live video from PlayHearthstone on www.twitch.tv

As always, Day9 was engaging, and asked pertinent questions. Anyone interested in the new set would do well to give the VoD a look.

Below are listed the cards that were revealed and their Mana costs. The images for the cards are available in the video.

Snowflipper: 0 Mana Minion. 1/1 Beast

Shadowblade: 3 Mana Rogue 3/2 Weapon. Battlecry: Your Hero is Immune this turn.

Defile: 2 Mana Warlock Spell. Deal 1 damage to all minions, if any die cast this again. 

 - Defile is a very interesting card in that with the correct set up, it can clear your opponent's board. It also damages your own minions, which means that you can fill in the missing numbers and create a domino effect of removal. Due to this card, Dreadsteed will be changed so that it comes back at the end of turn.

Cryostasis: 2 Mana Shaman Spell. Give +3 +3 to a minion, and freeze it.

Moorabi: 6 Mana Shaman Legendary Minion: Whenever another minion is Frozen, add a copy of it to your hand.

Eternal Servitude: 4 Mana Priest Spell. Discover a friendly minion that died this game. Summon it.

Doomed Apprentice: 3 Mana Mage Minion. 3/2. Your opponent's spells cost (1) more.

Dead Man's Hand: 2 Mana Warrior Spell. Shuffle a copy of your hand into your deck.

- Dead Man's Hand welcomes back Fatigue Warrior!

Spreading Plague: 5 Mana Druid Spell. Summon a 1/5 Scarab with Taunt. If your opponent has more minions, cast this again.

- Spreading Plague seems to be good with Gadgetzan Auctioneer and Yogg-Saron, Hope's End.

Prince Valanar: 4 Mana 4/4. If your deck has no 4-cost cards, gain Lifesteal and Taunt.

Frost Lich Jaina: 9 Mana, 5 Armor, Battlecry: Summon a 3/6 Water Elemental. Your Elementals have Lifesteal this game. Hero Power becomes Icy Touch: 1 damage, if it kills a minion, summon a Water Elemental.

- Frost Lich Jaina also comes armed with a new package of emotes, which are shown in the video.


For a full list of previously revealed cards, as well as all of the information about the new expansion, check out our Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion hub.

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Fatigue warrior with dead mans hand will be interesting because that card balances in the middle ground between RNG and calculated risk/reward strategy. Its interesting as fatigue warrior before original LoE version of Elise was really highly skillful deck but after Elise it was complete RNG in lategame. As dead mans hand will definitely be less RNG than Elise, im really hyped for this as fatigue warrior would be a breath of fresh air into this really dull and uninspiring meta.

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Play Dead Man's Hand while another is in your hand and keep it rolling. I'm also looking a Valanar since Warrior doesn't have, at the current time at least, a solid card for the 4 slot outside of Pirates. I'm actually really excited for the new set now just because of this. Well that and the fact that it looks like they are trying to slow things down and as a control player that makes me real happy. :) 

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Mill warrior? Dead man's hand + Coldlight Oracle + warrior draw engines look like a way to have enough resources for clearing wave after wave and quickly milling your opponent to death (unless you play against jade druid or another warrior with two pairs of Dead man's hand,)

Also, few hours long control warrior mirrors!


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15 hours ago, Strongpoint said:

Also, few hours long control warrior mirrors!

These are the best type of matches by far - I like having a nap half way through and then continuing to hero power and pass.

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Just a couple notes, dead mans hand, while neat, is going to be a dead card in so many match ups that it probably will never see play.  Like it is really really cool, dead draws are not good though.  Defile and eternal servitude are amazing.  Defile will definitely see play and eternal servitude has a strong chance of seeing play.  Getting extra triggers of high value death rattles are very strong, or that + barnes.  Going to be cool.  Shadowblade is mildly disappointing.  Would have been so much better as a 4 mana 4/2.  The main problem with this is that rogues really like to hero power on turn 2, it is such a strong play, but this makes that so much weaker since you want to curve out on 3 with this weapon.  Seems like a strong inclusion in a tempo rogue deck where you generally drop a minion on turn 2, but then this is really just a vanilla 3/2 weapon for 3 since life tends to matter so much less then board in this sort of match up, and it will rarely be decided by the 2-4 life you will save.  

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