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Savjz Reveals Two New Echo Cards For Rogue

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The new Rogue cards revealed by Savjz support an echo-themed deck, and imply that more Echo cards might be coming to Rogue in the near future.


Fan-favorite Savjz just revealed two new Rogue cards on his Youtube channel. Both of the new cards support an Echo theme, which may be a focus for Rogue in the new expansion:



Card images courtesy of Hearthpwn


Mistwraith has respectable stats on its own as a 4 Mana 3/5, but threatens to grow quickly out of control with a cheap Echo card (such as Pick Pocket or Cheap Shot). If you can Mistrwaith on turn 5, then follow it up with 3 copies of either of the aforementioned 2 Mana Echo spells, you'll have yourself a juicy 6/8 to lay down beats with on turn 6. The fact that Mistwraith doesn't ask a lot to be powerful makes it quite enticing, and it will surely be a 2-of in every Echo themed Rogue deck. If Echo Rogue is a strong deck in The Witchwood metagame, I expect Mistwraith to be a big part of the reason why.

Whereas Mistwraith is obviously unplayable in a non-Echo deck, Pick Pocket might have some value in off-class Rogue decks along with the new Spectral Cutlass. Though I doubt a theme which is so heavily random in its nature will be strong without a few more significant cards from The Witchwood to support it, there may be a case for Pick Pocket as a late-game finisher in decks which care about casting lots of spells. Much like Cheap Shot, Pick Pocket is excellent with the likes of Violet Teacher and Gadgetzan Auctioneer. I doubt it'll do enough on its own to earn a spot in a midrangey deck, but the sheer number of potential synergies which exist for Pick Pocket lead me to believe that it might eventually find a deck to call home.

What do you think about these 2 new Rogue cards? Will they be players in the new metagame or total busts? Let us know in the comments, and as always, be sure to check out our Witchwood Hub for more spoilers from the upcoming expansion.

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Pick Pocket is not worth it imo. Swashburglar saw play because it's a 1 drop as well as a pirate and we saw an occasional appearance of Undercity Huckster being a minion as well. This new card offers nothing than wasting your mana and turn to get a card you don't want. Maybe a desperate miracle rogue wants it, no idea.

Mistwrath, looks pretty much like Unbound Elemental, same mechanic just with overload and it saw no play even in overload decks you have better alternatives.

I keep loling (is that a word? it should be) about WW card.

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Pickpocket is so bad it is offensive tbh.  Cast it once and hallucination is obviously better.  At two casts we have to ask ourselves what is better discovering 1 card or two random ones?  Probably two random ones but only by a little bit, and definitely no where close to 3 Mana worth of better.  Drawing from your deck is better then a random card in your opponents, so drawing from your deck is way better then a random card from your opponents class, which makes this compare unfavorably to thistle tea at 3 casts, which was a card significantly below the power curve.  I would go so far to argue that 4 random cards from your opponents class would be worse, on average, then 3 copies of a card from your deck.  Then finally at a full 5 casts, it compares very unfavorably to Sprint, a card that does not see play.  This is also bad in miracle, you don't want a bunch of random crap gumming up your hand when you are finding them deals.


Mistwraith would be good if a value echo rogue deck ever existed.  But rogue has bad aoe, bad taunts, and bad healing, so that seems highly unlikely.  Good card, class just won't be able to utilize it.

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