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Malygos Druid

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A word of warning for those who would want to play this deck: don't waste dust crafting Twig of the World Tree or Malygos or Faceless Manipulator and only play it if you already have all these costly cards. You'll regret it otherwise. This deck is fun when you pull the combo off, but horribly inconsistent.

In a dream setup you play the twig on turn four and then burst your opponent down on turn nine, but what will actually happen is one of the following:

  • You get pushed into using your direct damage to survive and don't have enough burst left.
  • You play against a Control Warrior or Taunt Druid who laughs at you from behind 60+ armor. 
  • Malygos is too busy napping at the bottom of your deck and you'll get (censored) by any half-experienced player knowing how to play around Spreading Plague.
  • Your Twig is AWOL and you're left YOLO'ing Malygos on the board and hope he survives for one turn. The biggest chances are he won't.
  • Your Twig gets oozed, which will happen *a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot* (because people ar fed up with seeing Skull of the Man'ari). Sure you've got 10 mana now, but see above as far as the combo goes.

Just like DisguisedToast's OTK Rogue deck, it's fun to try out as an alternative when you have all the cards but put simply, the lack of alternative win condition, lack of mid-game board presence or ways to contest it, almost inexistant damage out of the combo and unreliable win condition based on Twig of the World Tree  drag this deck down.

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I have a golden Twig that I haven't the chance to use even once.... I don't know if dust it or try something like this deck... I have almost every card, I miss only 2 epics, maybe I could play a little budget version, and doing it in wild where I don't own the Aviana-Kun package, but I surely can play more card then standard (for example, one single Jade Idol can add a win condition against fatigue deck or everything was able to survive my combo).

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