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Power Word: Replicate Card Reveal

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This new 5 Mana spell for Priest draws a lot of comparisons to Faceless Manipulator.


Hearthstone streamer RDU has revealed a new Epic Priest spell from The Boomsday Project:




The obvious comparison for Power Word: Replicate is Faceless Manipulator, who also summons a copy of a minion for the same amount of Mana. The downsides to Power Word: Replicate when compared to Faceless is that it cannot summon a copy of an enemy minion, and that the minion will only be a 5/5 if you are attempting to copy something larger than a 5/5. The upside to Power Word: Replicate is that as a spell, it does not interfere with cards like Shadow Essence or the newly spoiled Zerek's Cloning Gallery, and it can be dug for with Shadow Visions.

As a combo tool, I can't help but feel like Power Word: Replicate draws poor comparisons to Vivid Nightmare, which is 2 Mana cheaper and copies the minion's full Attack value. For this reason, I don't expect Power Word: Replicate to see a lot of play.

What do you think about this new Priest spell? Let us know in the comments, and check out our Boomsday Hub for more spoilers from the upcoming expansion.

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