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Necrium Blade Card Reveal

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Necrium Blade is a 3 Mana 3/2 Weapon stapled to a Play Dead. Deathrattle Rogue, anyone?


We have a new Rogue Weapon for you from The Boomsday Project!




Before we talk about the text on this card we should mention that this is the second 3 Mana 3/2 Weapon for Rogue in Standard. Seeing as Shadowblade has seen virtually no play outside of the Arena, we will be unlikely to see Necrium Blade in Rogue decks on the back of its stats alone. This means that the Deathrattle trigger on Necrium Blade needs to be a potent one, which I believe it is.

Bad Play Dead stapled to a Fiery War Axe seems like a great card for Deathrattle decks. Ignoring the 3/2 weapon aspect of the card, Necrium Blade has a key advantage over Play Dead despite the fact that it costs 2 more Mana. You can pay the Mana in advance of a powerful Deathrattle minion, which means you can set up a trigger for a Carnivorous Cube the same turn it is played (so long as it is your only Deathrattle on the board). I don't think that Necruim Blade will be the reason that Myra Rotspring sees play, but I do expect it to be an important card in Deathrattle Rogue when The Boomsday Project is released.

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Seems strong.  Lots of shenanigans can be had, can assemble some huge burst combos with maly or cube.  Obvious inclusion in death rattle rogue or really any value rogue deck, if any of those decks are strong enough to see play, this card will see play in them, but I don't think it is strong enough to push any of the archtypes but maybe maly rogue by itself, and I still think miracle rogue will just be better.  Definitely has potential though, there is science to be done.

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