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Security Rover Reveal: The Boomsday Project

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It looks like Mech Warrior is starting to flesh out as an archetype for The Boomsday Project, as the class receives a powerful Mech minion.

Security Rover was revealed by Thijs on YouTube:


This card reminded me of Obsidian Destroyer for some reason, but it can potentially be even more annoying! Warrior has multiple ways to deal damage to its own minions. Security Rover also works greatly with the Warrior Legendary spell, The Boomship, and the new Warrior hero card, Dr. Boom, Mad Genius. If only there was a way to give the 2/3 tokens Charge, then we might be talking for Patron Warrior 2.0!

Week 2 of the card reveals is in full swing. Check out the schedule for the upcoming reveals, as well as our Boomsday Project hub for all the cards from Hearthstone's newest expansion.

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Actually doesn't seem that bad.  Assuming this doesn't need to actually survive, you are almost guaranteed a 4/8 with partial taunts (and the other case is they use something like a mean bitey plant, and that is also fine), which isn't terrible for 6.  Appealing magnetic target.  Getting a second proc off of it makes it a 6/11 with partial taunt for 6 which is really strong.  Seems like a strong card in a deck that is designed to abuse that sort of thing, but I don't think it is strong enough to force the archtype, just a very strong role player card in it.  Crazy synergy with the hero card as well.  Has enough going for it, that it should see play somewhere at sometime in its life in standard, but it might end up without an actual home for a while, or relegated to a tier 3 or 4 deck.  Still I like it.

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