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The Boomsday Project Card Reveal: Luna's Pocket Galaxy

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Here we have a new Mage Legendary called Luna's Pocket Galaxy. It costs 7 mana and changes the cost of minions in your deck to (1).

1 mana Archmage Antonidas and Malygos sound really scary, but only If you don't have them in your hand yet. Redditor great_white_chrizard suggests the card's great for Archivist/Elemental decks:

Imagine you could use Raven Familiar and Grand Archivist to tutor this spell relatively early in the game and spam massive minions using Aluneth(Source)

Hearthstone Game Designer Peter Whalen confirmed that it's discoverable from glyphs.

Placeholder for tweet 1024196504263610368


(Image courtesy of Hearthpwn)

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At first, I thought something like "woooow!" but then I came to realize some problems:

The turn you play the Pocket Galaxy (cool name btw!) it is basically a 7-mana-"do nothing", which can be quite problematic against aggressive decks. And together with Aluneth you would have two cards in your deck that do nothing the turn they are played.

Of course, the card gets worse and worse the later you draw it.

The deck you play this in would require a lot of high-costed minions, a lot of carddraw to get the Pocket Galaxy and some more carddraw to get value out of it.

Bottom line: I have a really hard time imagining a deck that can survive long enough to get this thing going and provides enough value.

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