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Patch 8.2 Official Content Preview

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Jeremy Feasel talked about World of Warcraft's forthcoming Patch 8.2 and all the features make it look like a new expansion.

The official blog post highlighting Heart of Azeroth changes is now up. We also posted an article about customizable trinketsmount equipment, and the Mechanical Parrot mount rewarded from Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part Two.

Many content creators had the chance to talk to Blizzard about 8.2 a week ahead and below you'll find links to their individual content previews.


  • Consequences of the new raid (Crucible of Storms) will lead to the story of Patch 8.2.
  • Sylvanas learns something and sends some of her best champions to the open seas. The Alliance sees this and chases her. The sea opens up and the fleet crashes landing in Nazjatar.
  • Ashran returns as an Epic Battleground.
  • New Profession content is coming in Rise of Azshara.
  • Brewfest will be revamped.
  • New "Combat Allies" are coming. You will be able to level up an ally via questing. There are 30 levels to earn. 
  • The World Quest system will be revamped. 
  • The main questline leads to us obtaining Javelins of Suramar to gain access to Azshara's Eternal Palace raid, which will have 8 bosses, including an underwater boss.
  • Pascal is a bot that allows you to craft various stuff from items collected across Mechagon.
  • Operation: Mechagon is a new dungeon with 8 bosses.
  • Customizable trinkets are coming, you will be able to add different effects through punch cards.
  • Giant wounds are opening up in all Azeroth. Titanic essences are starting to coalesce across all the place. Magni and MOTHER will rebuild the Chamber of Heart. You will be able to unlock a Heart Forge to store these essences to unlock
  • Depending on slotted essence, you'll gain a new active Artifact-like ability, the minor ones are going to include passives.
  • Essences will come from raiding and questing. You can upgrade them to increase charges up to Legendary, when a visual will remind everyone that you have achieved Legendary rank with an Essence.
  • All story so far has led to Baine chained up below Orgrimmar. We will learn Baine's faith and that of his followers in the 8.2 War Campaign.
  • Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part Two will reward the Mechanical Parrot mount.
  • Hunters will be able to tame a new pet family.
  • Stratholme Pet Battle dungeon is coming.
  • Mount equipment is coming, allowing you to customize your mount in various ways. It will be able to walk across water, you can prevent it from becoming dazed, and more.
  • Patch 8.2 is coming to the PTR next week. They waited a lot, because the new Essences system took a while to implement.
  • At the bottom of this post, you will find an image with everything that's coming in Rise of Azshara.

jeremy.JPG2.JPGeternal pal.JPGazshara.JPGpascale.JPGnew dungeon.JPGpunchcards.JPGtus.JPGcustom.JPGessences.JPGcampaign.JPGflying.JPGmount equipment.JPGnew loot.JPGall.JPGptr.JPG


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Wait, the patch is coming next week?  I'm guessing that was supposed to be next month, since Crucible isn't even out yet?  Or was it supposed to say "coming to the PTR next week"?


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the guys over at news.otakukart.com  say release date is May 28, 2019, and mmo-champion.com says May as well.

Plus I thought I read somewhere that blizzard hid the release date in the game? something about 2 npc talking about an amount of moons passing and I guess someone figured it out to meaning the release would be in May? like I said not sure of the details of that story lol!

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2 hours ago, multiboxing said:

the guys over at news.otakukart.com  say release date is May 28, 2019, and mmo-champion.com says May as well.

Plus I thought I read somewhere that blizzard hid the release date in the game? something about 2 npc talking about an amount of moons passing and I guess someone figured it out to meaning the release would be in May? like I said not sure of the details of that story lol!

You're probably referring to the Speaker's Resolve questline involving MOTHER within the Chamber of Heart. There's NO WAY we're going to see the patch go live by the end of May. It's too big and will need a long testing cycle. The 77 cycles are a reference to Legion patches that were exactly 77 days apart I think.

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      Speak to Gilnean Greymage for a teleport. Quest Description
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      We saw Calia Menethil beside other Horde leaders in the Shadowlands intro experience. Will Calia Menethil lead the Forsaken in Patch 9.2.5?

      The Forsaken story remains a mystery because Blizzard uses more sophisticated encryption techniques in Patch 9.2.5 that hide entire stories, maybe even an Allied Race.
      Source: Wowhead Quest Database
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      Blizzard made some changes to the new Season 4 affix in the latest Patch 9.2.5 build. In this post, we are recapping all the information available about Shrouded so far.
      The new Season 4 affix is no longer called Disguised. It was renamed to Shrouded and the placeholder description was updated to the following:
      Shrouded - Nathrezim infiltrators have disguised themselves among enemies throughout the dungeon. Cartel Ta will reward you handsomely for assisting in their capture. How Does the Season 4 Affix Work?
      At the beginning of each Mythic+ Dungeon, there is a bounty hunter NPC who offers you Critical Strike/Haste/Mastery/Versatility buffs for each dreadlords you help capture, stacking up to 20 times.
      Bounty: Critical Strike - Critical Strike increased by 2% for each dreadlord captured. This effect stacks. Bounty: Haste - Haste increased by 2% for each dreadlord captured. This effect stacks. Bounty: Mastery - Mastery increased by 2% for each dreadlord captured. This effect stacks. Bounty: Versatility - Versatility increased by 2% for each dreadlord captured. This effect stacks. After you make your choice, you will be granted a 2% buff to the secondary stat of your choice.
      Nathrezim Infiltrators
      Throughout the dungeons, some NPCs will have a purple aura and the Disguised debuff. These will transform into Nathrezim Infiltrators when you enter combat. Nathrezim Infiltrators replace regular trash mobs in dungeons, so this might directly affect Mythic routes.

      When the dreadlord is captured you will receive another +2% secondary stat increase (on top of what you had at the beginning, as this buff stacks up to 20. Shortly after the dreadlord is captured, you'll receive another buff which restores 6% health and mana every second for 3 seconds.
      Restoration - Restoring 6% health and mana every 1 sec. What Abilities do Nathrezim Infiltrators Use?
      Nathrezim Infiltrators will use 3 abilities. The first one is a frontal cone which reduces healing received for a short duration, the second one heals the dreadlord for a portion of the damage inflicted and the third one puts the player into a statis.
      Vampiric Claws - Strikes the target inflicting 50 Shadow damage and healing for [ 10,000% of E1 ]% of the damage dealt. (20 yd range, 3 sec cooldown, 1.5 sec cast)
      Carrion Swarm - Inflicts 35 Shadow damage to enemies in front of the dreadlord and reduces healing received by 25% for 10 sec. (100 yd range, 3 sec cooldown, 2.5 sec cast)
      Nightmare Cloud - Creates a wandering Nightmare Cloud for until cancelled. Coming into contact with a Nightmare Cloud afflicts players with [email protected] (3 sec cooldown, 2 sec cast)
      Nathrezim Infiltrators cannot be stunned or death-gripped. The spells are not interruptible.
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