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Saviors of Uldum: Two New Rogue Cards

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Polish YouTuber MKRR has revealed two new Rogue cards designed around the Combo mechanic: Hooked Scimitar and Whirlkick Master.


The latest card reveals from Saviors of Uldum have been posted by Polish YouTuber MKRR: Hooked Scimitar and Whirlkick Master!

Hooked ScimitarWhirlkick Master

Hooked Scimitar looks like a powerful weapon in any Rogue deck - finding activators for the Combo effect has never been problematic, and a 4/2 Weapon for 3 Mana is a very good deal. It will be interesting to see whether decks built around Raiding Party will favour this card over Waggle Pick, which is more expensive but has a potential upside through its Deathrattle.

Whirlkick Master is a little harder to evaluate. It's potentially a good little value factory, and it can start a chain of generated cards much the same way Lyra the Sunshard and Underbelly Angler can. 2 Mana 1/2s aren't great, but this might be one to keep an eye on.

Watch the full Polish reveal video below:

Check out our Saviors of Uldum hub for more info on the new expansion, plus every card revealed so far.

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The weapon is completely useless since requires combo and its effect is really weak to justify a combo.

Deadly Poison doesn't require any combo and can be used on a hero power casted the turn before to become a combo activator for powerful combo cards like EVIL Miscreant ... and if you really want a 4 atk weapon Waggle Pick is infinitely better and has the same cost since this will very likely cost 1+3 and doesn't require any other card to reach the 4 atk plus has another ability added

The is also Necrium Blade that for 3 mana has an added effect ... this card is just overcosted and will never see play in rogue that has much better weapons.

The other card instead is really good to be played as a combo activator you play it then the combo card and you get back another combo card to roll on... 

They really need to understand that the Combo is a big downside over Battlecry so the ability of the card has to be strong or there is no point on use those cards over more consistent options... 

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The weapon... Not really sold on it.

Whirlkick Master on the other hand looks really good, nice late-game value generator.

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