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Updated Version of Everything We Know About Diablo 4 So Far

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As 2020 approaches and we're set to receive the next big D4 update in February, we thought we'd update our massive post with all the info from after the BlizzCon announcement with everything that's recently been said about the game, from the official systems blogs, new interviews and more. The new additions are marked with (Updated) and each has a source attached if you want to read more on the subject, or just head to the bottom of the article for a list of the most relevant full posts on the game.

 Table of contents

It's also very important to note that a lot of the things listed below are just the way things are now and the developers want as much feedback on them as possible so they can adjust them to better fit the community. But before we start, we can't waste an opportunity to re-post the impressive opening cinematic.


  • Affixes (full list from the demo, including legendary ones)
    • (Updated) There will be more affixes on each individual item, including magic items and rares (source)
    • (Updated) 3 new affixes (source?
      • Angelic Power, which increases the duration of all beneficial effects (like self-buffs or healing)
      • Demonic Power, which increases the duration of all negative effects (like debuffs or damage over time)
      • Ancestral Power, which increases the chance of on-hit effects (aka increased proc chance)
      • The three Affixes above are also prerequisites for certain affixes, ie you'll need x Angelic/Demonic/Ancestral power for a specific affix on an item to "turn on":
      • Each affix is linked to a set of other affixes so you'll be able to choose which type you want to unlock by focusing on either Angelic/Demonic/Ancestral power
  • Only 2 base stats: Attack and Defense (instead of Str, Dex, Int Vit etc.)
    • (Updated) Attack will only be on weapons, Defense on armor and neither will be on jewelry (source)
    • + to skill and talent affixes will be very important
    • Many returning and new ones
    • Gold/item find and similar utility affixes won't compete with combat-affecting ones
    • We might be able to customize affixes, they're not really sure how yet, presumably through crafting
  • Legendaries
    • (Updated) Ancient items have been removed (source)
    • (Updated) There will be a special new item, similar to Ramaladni's Gift from D3 that will be able to imbue a rare quality item with a legendary power (source)
      • This will make rares much more important in the endgame, as any of them can be turned into a legendary
    • They are the focal point of gearing
    • More legendaries than ever before (hundreds)
    • Not going the huge 300-40,000% buff route
    • 5 types of legendaries so far- skill specific, skill category specific, +x to multiple skills or talents, talent specific, non-class specific,
    • You can stack several legendary powers that affect 1 skill
    • They won't drop as much as in D3
    • Drop rates will not be modified as you get farther into endgame (possibly one drop rate while leveling and another at max, but that's it)
  • Sets
    • Won't be as powerful as in D3
    • They will be more introductory items
      • They will be more easily acquirable than a full suite of legendaries (perhaps given through a series of quests?)
    • Heavily class themed, to get you a better feel for the class before you move on to specific builds through legendaries
    • Can be ancient, as in D3
  • Mythic items are the best in the game
    • You can only equip 1
    • They have 4 legendary affixes
    • Unclear whether they have existing legendary powers or unique mythic only ones


  • Runewords
      • Only 2 word combinations
      • Condition and effect runes
        • Conditions we saw: drinking a potion, stunning an enemy, critting, freezing an enemy, when a pet dies, if you stand still for 3 seconds, when you are stunned or frozen
        • Effects we saw: 50% extra crit damage for 7 seconds, 15% reduced cooldown to random skill, random shrine effect for 7 seconds, next thorns hit deals 30% more damage, gain a 500 damage barrier
      • Might have a progression system, probably similar to the one D3 had before release (you can see all the numbers in the rune UI are highlighted yellow, indicating they might change if the rune is leveled or upgraded or similar, just like it was in D3)
    • Gems
      • Only have utility stats (gold/item find and similar)
    • Trading
      • No Auction House
      • The primary source of items should be killing monsters
      • 3 types of items
        • Tradable all the time (consumables, crafting mats), tradable once and then bound, and non tradable.
      • The most powerful items will not be tradable
      • If an item drops for you only you will see it
        • If you drop an item only those in your party will see it
    • Crafting
      • Will mostly focus around item modification and enhancement
      • A lot of the endgame will be item modification
    • You can get more powerful versions of all items even when you're in the endgame (not quite sure what this means, possibly alluding to the ancient legendary system coming back - hopefully it isn't an item level type system)
    • Gambling for gold is back
      • You can get some of the most powerful items in the game through it
    • Shoulder slot item is gone for now
    • All the best items will be available to everyone, regardless if playing solo or group
    • Transmogrification will probably return

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    • (Updated) We will get 1 OR MORE skill points per level
    • Cannot be respecced
    • Skill tomes will drop/"be acquired in the world"
    • Skills have 15 ranks
      • There are skill rank thresholds that will add new functionality or buff the skill in some way (adding unstoppable (immune to crowd control) to it, increasing shout radius etc.)
    • There are 25-26 individual skills for each character
    • Skills are split into 6 categories for each class
      • Generally they are: Generators, Spenders, Defensive, class specific (Wrath for druid, Conjuration for sorc, Brawling for Barb), Mastery (which is Companion for druid) and Ultimate
    • "Elective Mode" from D3 is on by default, aka you can bind any skill to any hotkey

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    • A talent tree with either 2 or 3 branches
    • Can be respecced for free or a low cost
    • Each class has something special about it (sorc has 3 branches, druid can hop from one branch to another)
    • Relatively small % buffs per point
    • Can only pick one of two talents at the bottom of each tree
    • Buffs to talent points from items will add to your progress in a particular branch and can go beyond the maximum ranks listed


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     The Endgame

    • Key dungeons are the primary endgame activity
      • You will get random keys dropped in various activities
      • The keys will be to a specific dungeon in the world
      • Keys will upgrade the dungeon to a much harder endgame one, which will scale up even in the endgame
      • Keys also have specific affixes that change how the dungeon works
        • Affixes can affect the player, enemies or environment
          • A giant indestructible stone pillar spawns, shooting lightning all around it, following the player throughout the dungeon
          • All enemies are invisible unless they're in combat
          • Double bosses in the dungeon
      • They offer a better chance of setup than Greater Rifts, as you'll probably know what type of enemies are in the dungeon you got your key for, as well as the affixes on the key and how the dungeon will change
      • Many keys will drop, you can dismantle them as well for crafting mats

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     World and Campaign

    • Campaign
      • (Updated) The story of Diablo 4 is just like "the first chapter in a book, meaning there are very big plans for the larger narrative after the game's story ends (source)
      • (Updated) Rathma is in fact, the bald summoner of Lillith from the intro cinematic (source)
      • Non-linear
      • Each part of the world will become shared with other players after you finish a specific part of the campaign. So presumably when you finish act 1 which takes you beyond the Scosglen area, that's when Scosglen will become a shared world
    • Open shared world
      • The world is preset, will not be randomized
      • You'll only run into a few players here and there in the overworld
        • Most of the time you will be alone
      • Towns will be trading hubs, you'll see more players there
      • World boss areas will be where you'll see the most players
      • 5 contiguous connected zones
        • Scosglen (savage untamed foggy forests)
        • Dry Steppes (war ravaged terrain, grasslands, canyons, salt flats)
        • Fractured peaks (snowy mountainous region, dark ruins, ancient cathedrals, Victorian gothic horror themes)
        • Hawezar (poisonous swamplands, disease, despair, swamp witches who worship massive snakes)
        • Kehjistan (last bastion of Zakarum faith, a lot of buried history from the Sin War, Lilith's agents are among the people)
      • Over 100 settlements of various sizes
      • Mounts
        • There will be mount equipment that grants stats as well as cosmetics
        • Special dismount abilities for each class (Sorceress dismounts by turning into an ice ball and rolling off)

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      • Hundreds of unique dungeons
      • Always private for you and your party
      • Randomized interior and exterior environments
      • Seamless exploration - no loading screens between floors
      • Actions in one part of the dungeon can affect another part
      • Dungeon objectives
        • Progressing the objective increases difficulty and rewards
        • Enemy responds to your progress

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       Classes (All 3 class skills and talents from the demo)

      • There will be 5 classes at launch
      • (Updated) Some credible leaks that had correctly predicted BlizzCon announcements also predict that the final 2 classes will be Amazon and Paladin, making it a full D2 cast (source)
      • There will be a lot of character customization
        • Gender, tattoos, hair color etc.
      • Barbarian
        • The Arsenal system allows them to wield 4 weapons
          • Two 1 handers and two separate 2 handers
          • You switch between them based on the skill you're using
      • Druid
        • Caster (human), werebear and werewolf forms
        • Shapeshifting is seamless - you can transform mid-abilitiy
          • Similar to barbarian arsenal system, you shapeshift when you use an ability from that form
        • Specific mechanics tied to the moment you transform (damage reduction when you change to werebear etc.)
        • Can pick talents from either of two branches as he moves down them
      • Sorceress
        • The main caster class
        • 3 branches in talent tree based on elements
      • All classes have a default dodge ability
        • At the moment it has no cooldown and is spammble

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      • (Updated) The Paragon-like system might be infinite or finite, they haven't decided yet (source)
      • Maximum level is 40
      • There will be level scaling
        • They still want you to feel that you're getting more powerful as you level
        • In a party, the game will scale to the party leader's level
      • There will be something that fills the paragon level role, but they haven't decided on what exactly

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      • Dedicated PvP zones, similar to the World Boss zones
        • You have to opt in to PvP in those zones
      • The game and classes were designed with PvP in mind from the ground up
      • There won't be separate PvP balance for items and skills
        • But they expect the builds to be very different from PvE
      • Specific PvP modes are being explored, as well as PvPvE modes

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      • No crowd control diminishing returns
        • Makes the "unstoppable" buff very important, as it ignores CC
      • Death penalty
        • You have to corpse run and you drop a pile of gold you have to reclaim
      • The stagger system for bosses
        • Crowd control effects don't affect bosses directly but deal damage to their stagger bar. When it's depleted the boss goes into a unique state for each of them - the world boss Ashava has one of her blade arms destroyed and is less dangerous after that, and can lose both.

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      • Leaderboards
        • Will go more in the direction of activity-specific ones, similar to the current Diablo 3 seasonal conquest leaderboards
        • Will also focus more on leaderboards between friends and not more broad ones
      • Group play vs. solo play should be completely balanced in terms of rewards
        • If they can't quite achieve that balance, they will choose group play to be more rewarding
      • Couch co-op on consoles (2 players only)

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      • New Enhancing affix
        • Improves a skill a specific monster type has (skeletal ballista now fires 3 shots instead of one, Fallen shaman resurrects multiple allies etc.)
      • Monster families have synergies
        • They work together to provide a bigger challenge
        • The Fallen
        • The Drowned - undead from the oceans, created by maritime curses and similar
        • Skeletons

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      • (Updated) There will be microtransactions (source)
      • Base game + expansions
      • There was a mention of cosmetics only in an interview but was not mentioned again when the question was asked elsewhere
      • You will not be able to buy power

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       Post-launch content

      • Seasons
        • Seasons might not require you to roll a new character
        • They will shake up the meta and perhaps focus some less used builds or items
        • New legendaries

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      • (Updated) Cross-play between platforms is one of the big goals for the game (source)
      • PC, PS4, Xbox One and probably next gen consoles as well
      • They're looking into cross-play

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       Progress updates

      • We will be getting quarterly progress updates starting in 2020

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      • There's an auto-walk toggle, so you just have to move your mouse and not click it for movement
      • Contextual interaction with the world (you can climb or drop by clicking on a prompt in the environment)
      • Animation-cancelling (you can instantly back out of a skill you're in the middle of)
      • Controller support for PC
      • The game is full 3d for the first time in the franchise (D3 had some 2.5d trees and other assets)
      • Hardcore mode will return
      • No offline mode

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       Release date

      • Not even "Blizzard soon"

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      That's about every significant piece of info we gathered from all sources we could find. The story details and constant mentions of "darkness", "gothic" and "gritty" we decided to skip and focused on the game part. If you've run across anything we missed, do let us know in the comments!





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      i like the updated parts very much, just not sure what to feel about the angelic and demonic thing, with requirements on items. I hope that they cant appear mixed, like on one item one affix needs angelic, and one demonic. So that an item is completely, either for the angelics, or demonics.

      But in general i like the "generic" stats, that are good for all classes. angelic for buff builds, demonic for DoTers and the general attack and defense values, instead of main stats. Looking forward to hell. 🙂

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      I am skeptical on a lot of the itemization changes occurring, and culling of runes/gems seen from previous games.

      I am hyped for more character customization though.

      And I am hopeful they stay somewhat respectably true to treating solo players with the same care as group players.

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      On 1/1/2020 at 11:21 AM, MZLICH said:

      If there gonna be controller support for PC,why there won't be couch co-op for PC?

      It's because of the inventory char screen etc, it's radically different for consoles, which would mean they'd need 2 whole UIs on PC and to be able to switch between them seamlessly which is a problem. Maybe they can pull it off though who knows, but I wouldn't bet on it.

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      9 hours ago, Starym said:

      It's because of the inventory char screen etc, it's radically different for consoles, which would mean they'd need 2 whole UIs on PC and to be able to switch between them seamlessly which is a problem. Maybe they can pull it off though who knows, but I wouldn't bet on it.

      I'm not professional about details but I just know PCs these days have better specs than consoles and if they did it on console, they can do it on PC too. I'm playing many couch multiplayer games on PC from all genres(even like diablo ) whether they're split screen or not, online or offline etc but I'm sure if they did it on console it shouldn't be a big challenge for them. 

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      7 hours ago, MZLICH said:

      I'm not professional about details but I just know PCs these days have better specs than consoles

      Wasn't this always the case?

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          Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Necromancer won out, but not by much, and somewhat disappointingly the Assassin ranked last among the old-school Diablo 2 classes. The rest is a mix of D1 and D3 classes, as well as plenty of original concepts (with Magda and Queen Aranae also making an appearance because reasons - although a Ghom playable class sounds pretty great):

          We're hoping for some of the original concepts to show up and mix things up a bit, but it seems the old favorites are the massive front-runners, which makes sense.
        • By Starym
          While the new skill and talent tree was mostly received very positively, it seems players have been having some concerns over the readability and specific skill layout. Community managed PezRadar has responded to these concerns, commenting that the tree is very much work in progress and the main goal of the presentation was to make its intentions clear.
          Skill Tree (source)
          Just wanted to clarify a bit on a few comments regarding the tree. It is still very much a WIP item with the team. It obviously will get a lot of passes on the UI/UX front, so we hear the comments loud and clear regarding readability and making sure it isn’t confusing to the players. The goal was to make sure you all could understand the concept with the skill tree and where skills and passive nodes would lie with the system.
          As we progress through development, you will see more newer iterations on it.
          Thanks again for all the great feedback in here as well.
        • By Starym
          One of Diablo 3's best features was definitely the different resource pools for each class - and while some of them were just different colored globes you need to fill to use spenders, the concept of very different class mechanics is a great one. Luckily for us, the Diablo 4 developers have realized this and we will be getting unique class mechanics for each class in the fourth installment of the franchise, which is amazing news!
          We already knew that Barbarians were getting the Arsenal system, where they can use and switch between different weapon setups, but now we know that every class will get a similar and completely unique system as well. The bigger news, now that we've seen the Sorceress unique system, is that all of these systems are actually very, very impactful on how the class plays and how different it is from the others. So let's take a look at the two systems we know about so far.
          Barbarian Arsenal System
          While the system itself isn't very complex and doesn't take long to explain, it is massively impactful to gameplay. Barbarians will have 4 weapons available to them at all times and will be able to switch through them, and will also able to save weapon "sets" to switch through, for those dual-wield enthusiasts. The bigger feature here is that players will be able to bind specific skills to specific weapon sets, so you will be able to automatically bring out your big two-hander when using an expensive spender to get the most out of it.
          With 4 weapons available at all times the variety of builds and options here is immense, especially when you consider each of those 4 weapons can be a legendary and each has its own unique and powerful legendary affix. So while it is a simple system, it's massively impactful on the class and especially build options. One thing we're not quite sure of is whether we'll get to actually pick 4 two handers and switch between those, but it seems very likely that we will be able to, and that's just plain awesome. That's 8 hands!!
          Arsenal System (source)
          With the Arsenal system, Barbarians can swap between different types of weapons, such as from a heavy two-handed mace to a pair of sharp, agile hand axes, depending on the situation, skill, and your player needs.

          Barbarians will be able to haul around four total weapons and swap between them dynamically at any time. You’ll also be able to assign specific weapons to different skills, allowing advanced players even greater depths of customization.

          Sorceress Enchantment System
          The Enchantment system is more complex than its Barbarian counterpart, with more player interaction present. Basically each skill you unlock can be used in 2 ways with the Sorceress, either as a regular active skill that goes on your hotbar and you can cast at enemies, or you can make it an "enchant", which gives you some passive bonus related to the skill in question. With the examples provided for now, it's looking like they're mostly different ways you can proc the skill in question rather than actually casting it, with Ball Lightning appearing when a certain status effect triggers, and  Meteor randomly dropping on top of enemies.
          The big takeaway here is that, with the new skill tree system and its limited nature, choosing whether to make a skill active or an enchant will be a very big deal and, depending on how limited our skill tree selection will be, some Sorceresses might even have empty slots on their skill hotbars! For now it's looking like we'll have 6 active skill slots and only 3 enchant slots, but hopefully Blizzard widen that enchant number so players can actually just stack themselves up with passives and have only a couple of active skill if they so choose.
          Enchantment System (source)
          Many of you might remember the Barbarian’s unique Arsenal system—their ability to carry and smoothly swap between multiple deadly weapons—which greatly increased their power. We’ve also been exploring unique class mechanics for our other classes. The main goal for us here is to have very unique class-specific mechanics in Diablo IV. We have this goal because Diablo is the kind of game where many players try out different builds or classes, especially during seasonal play. We believe that unique class mechanics with very different strengths and playstyles compared to other classes will make exploring the different classes—and playing the game—much more fun.
          For the Sorceress, we’ve been trying out the Enchantment System. This is how it works:
          The Ball Lightning skill. Unlike other classes, each Sorceress skill has two possible effects.
          Sorceress skills can be placed into two locations: an active skill slot (that every other class also has access to), and an Enchantment slot. If you place a skill in the Enchantment slot, you can no longer use it as an active skill, but your character instead gains a secondary bonus power.
          Ball Lightning as an enchantment. You can gain the secondary effect of a skill by placing it in an Enchantment slot instead of an active skill slot.
          The power you gain from Enchantments is extremely significant, and you can currently make builds based around your Enchantments, your active skills, or a mix of both.
          Here is an example of this system using the Meteor skill. Meteor allows you to call a fiery chunk of rock from the sky. If you choose to slot it as an Enchantment, you won’t be able to control your Meteors, but they’ll fall onto enemies periodically. This skill is still under development and may be different in the final game.
          We’ve been testing this class mechanic for a while now, and the team feedback has been really positive. This new system now empowers you to make some interesting choices to strategize around which skills you would want to slot in as an Enchantment, as you won’t be able to put one skill in both places.
          Blizzard also mentioned that the Druid class mechanic is being worked on and we'll find out more about it soon as well. While we still don't know what the final 2 classes are (although there are solid rumors), they'll also get very unique class identities thanks to this new design decision! This is one of the best decisions the Diablo 4 team has made and it's really looking like it will improve the game immensely, especially in conjunction with the limited selection of skills in the skill tree.
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