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Ny'alotha Race Day 3: Method Catch Up, Il'gynoth Almost Down, Ra-Den Drama

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It's been quite the day in Ny'alotha, with some possible exploit drama over Ra-den, Method catching up to Complexity Limit on 9/12 and Limit pushing Il'gynoth very low. We've also had Asian guilds climb up and now have 8 guilds on 7/12 and Pieces on 8/12. We also touch on the topic of gold spent on the raid, as we found out about Limit's 140 million spent so far.

First off, we have a separate article covering the Ra-den Method and Limit potential exploit drama, so you can read up on that here and we'll be focusing on the rest of the day's events. Day 3 was mostly spent with Method catching up and Complexity Limit pushing hard on Il'gynoth and his 4 phases. Method was 2 bosses behind at the start of the day, with Ra-den and Drest'agath standing between them and Il'gynoth progress. After Limit's very fast Drest'agath kill from the day before, Method still decided to finish off Ra-den before moving on to the seemingly easier boss, and it took them around half the day to get the titanic watcher down, taking a total of 79 wipes, a similar count to Limit's 76.

It took Limit around 2 hours to down Drest'agath after Ra-den on day 2, with some pulls on day 1 as well, so Method was set to be on the same boss as the leaders in the afternoon of day 3. However, the boss posed a bigger problem to Method than expected, as they had only gotten him down to 44% in the same amount of tries that Limit had downed him in. We were now already in the relatively late evening, as Pieces also managed to get Ra-den down at 9:30 PM CET and Method had a very close 6% pull around 10 PM CET. It took them another 2 hours to actually get the boss down, but they did finally manage to pull up to Limit's 9/12 around midnight and decided to push a few more hours, now that they got to see Il'gynoth. In the end we can approximate it took Limit around 3 hours and only 15 wipes to down Drest'agath over their two days on him, while Method required 8 hours and 49 wipes.

*Just a note here that wipe counts and even hours spent on a boss aren't a definitive look at what exactly happened, as guilds can take more time between pulls, have food breaks at different times etc, so take the numbers above as very general guidelines on what actually happened.

Meanwhile, Limit did a little progressing on the tenth boss, but soon went to their first Heroic splits of the week and even did the Heroic Warfront for the 460 gear and Horrific Visions for the 465. After they returned they pushed Mr. 4 lives pretty hard, and managed to get him to 67% around the time Method arrived on the boss. Then came 4 AM and Limit's best try ever, with a massive 20.1% pull in Il'gynoth's final phase, which is actually closer to 4% of the overall fight. They haven't had any pulls that close to a kill for the next 3.5 hours, until they stopped, so the boss is indeed very difficult.

In other guild news, we had a lot of Asia server progress, with Alpha staying ahead of the pack and actually clearing 7/12 on their first day, on par with Limit, Pieces and Method's pace. Practice also got Vexiona down and they're now also on 7/12, with Midwinter and Strawberry Puppy Kisses joining that group very recently. Aversion took a different route towards 8 bosses cleared, as they skipped Ra-den and progressed on Drest'agath directly, but haven't managed to down him yet.


There's one more big thing to mention, just as a "fun" fact - Limit have spent 140 million gold on n BoEs aka Corrupted items alone, have a general budget of around 200 million with options to borrow another 150ish million if needed. This probably isn't the most the guild has ever spent, as they faction changed the entire guild (around 50 characters) back in Dazar'alor to get some high item level War Mode items, and then switched back.

Day 3 ended with 2 guilds at the 9/12 top, with Complexity Limit having a significant lead over Method and almost having Il'gynoth and 10/12 down, with Pieces further behind in 3rd place and 8/12, still progressing on Drest'agath. We then have the 8 guilds on 7/12, with a few from each region, with EU Aversion and Exorsus at the top of the group, followed by US Big Dumb Guild, EU Pieces, Asia Alpha and US Midwinter, Strawberry Puppy Kisses and Imperative. We then move on to the larger groupings, with 12 guilds on 6/12, 18 on 5/12, 51 on 4/12, a whopping 342 on 3/12, showcasing the huge leap in difficulty there, 247 on 2/12 and finally, only 74 guilds with only Wrathion down.

And so Il'gynoth has managed to hold on another day, making Ny'alotha better than Eternal Palace in terms of difficulty, with the guilds not having seen the penultimate boss yet. The former tree now winged boss himself is very single-player mistake sensitive, so wipes are pretty erratic and instant, with execution being crucial on the fight. Not that much is known about the next 2 bosses, especially N'Zoth, so despite the relatively solid difficulty curve so far, some relatively fast kills on the final 2 being possible.

As always, head on over to Method's site progress coverage for live updates, or just follow Complexity Limit or Method's 24/7 streaming events on their twitch channels.


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