Argon Island Guide for Lost Ark

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Argon is an Island full of large ice rocks. It is a place many artists visit to create ice sculptures.

Argon Region Location

Island Quest

The Island quest here is extremely simple and just involves speaking to one NPC who generally explains how the Island works. This quest awards three boxes that allow you to pick a rare Class Engraving Recipe.


Island Token

Obtaining the Island Token revolves around carefully sculpting a statue from one of the blocks of ice that spawn on the Island. Every daily reset eleven blocks of ice spawn that can be attacked by the player. If the block is perfectly killed with no overkill damage then it will transform into a statue, otherwise it will break into pieces. This means that if the block has 100 health remaining and the player deals 101 damage it will break. Broken blocks will respawn after a minute or two but successfully sculpted blocks will turn into a statue for the rest of the day.

The main strategy is to attack the block with weaker abilities and auto attacks until the health bar is extremely low and then removing all of your gear and attacking until the red in the health bar is completely gone. At this point you can either use the Mokoko's Skillet, which is a reward from 2 Ignea Tokens, or the Ice Sculpting Drill because they deal only 1 damage.

You can receive the Ice Sculpting Drill randomly when destroying an ice block, but it is rather rare. Activating the drill causes a drill item to spawn on the ground that you can pickup, but it only lasts a limited time so you only want to activate it once a block is extremely low. We recommend waiting until you have the Mokoko's Skillet to attempt to gain this Island Token as it is more consistent.


Mokoko Seeds

This Island is home to 5 Mokoko Seeds with one out in the open and two behind a gate that opens after you play the Song of Minuet. The last two seeds are slightly off the map by walking through a gap in the rock wall pictured below.

//mokoko map Argon Mokoko Map


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