Alakkir Island Guide for Lost Ark

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Alakkir is a limited time island that appears several times a day. It is home to many chickens and has a Cooperative Quest to fight three extremely large chicken bosses.

Alakkir Region Location

Cooperative Quest

Alakkir's Cooperative Quest involves fighting three huge chicken bosses. At first, two chicken bosses will spawn, one white and one black, and once one of them dies a golden chicken boss will spawn. The golden chicken will take reduced damage while either the white or black chicken boss still lives, so try to have both of those bosses die around the same time. At 10 and 5 lines of health remaining the golden chicken will transform everyone into small chickens and you must survive until the transformation runs off. Once you kill the golden chicken you can trade in its feathers for a Rapport item at the Island's vendor.


Island Quest

This Island is home to a popular daily quest, Special Dish, that notably grants upgrade materials at a slightly higher value than other sources.


Island Token

There is a chance to receive a golden feather that starts a quest that grants the Island Token on the completion of the Cooperative Quest. Completing this quest is simple: you just have to take the feather to the vendor on the island.


Mokoko Seeds

This Island is home to one Mokoko Seed which can be reached by walking slightly off the map in the below location.

Alakkir Mokoko Map


Chickens on the Island will drop junk material to vendor and occasionally drop materials that you can trade with the vendor on the Island for upgrade materials. There are large eggs that can be cracked to reveal several chickens who drop significantly more materials than most other chickens. At first these eggs will be untargetable but after a nearby golden chicken is killed they will be able to be broken. Since you share drops with your party it is a good idea to get in a four person party before the Island becomes available to boost your overall drops. You can trade drops from the normal chickens for a small amount of Small Weapon Crystals or Small Armor Crystals to the vendor on the east side of the Island.



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