Igniter Sorceress Guide for Lost Ark

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The Igniter Sorceress is a high-DPS build that offers a challenging playstyle focused on maximizing burst damage. Learn what to look out for, and how to dominate the battlefields with our dedicated Igniter build guide!


Igniter: Introduction

The Igniter Icon Igniter Sorceress offers a slightly more challenging playstyle for players seeking to maximize their DPS within a short burst period. While possessing less mobility compared to the Reflux Sorceress, the Igniter build compensates with significantly higher power. It is the preferred choice for those who prioritize dealing substantial DPS, although careful attention must be paid to avoid missing the burst window, as it would result in decreased DPS output.

The Igniter Icon Igniter build revolves around amplifying the identity gauge, specifically Arcane Rupture Icon Arcane Rupture. Players have to build up the identity gauge meter to reach 100% and then unleash the full power of Arcane Torrent at the right moment to optimize their damage potential.


Igniter Sorceress Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +High DPS
  • +Ranged
  • +Consistency
  • +Burst Damage
  • +Solid Damage
X Weaknesses
  • -Less mobility
  • -More difficult to master
  • -Positioning
  • -Long cast times

Igniter Stat Priority

In the Igniter Icon Igniter Build, players should prioritize Specialization as their primary stat, followed by either Crit or Swiftness. Specialization plays an important part in enhancing the power of Arcane Rupture Icon Arcane Rupture and its accompanying damage.

As for the secondary stat, choose between Crit, which ensures additional damage on each hit, or Swiftness, which adds a level of comfort to the rotation. This choice depends on personal preference and playstyle.


Chaos Dungeon / Cube Skill Build

Chaos Dungeons and Cube are primarily centered around AoE combat, which means players need to incorporate a few AoE skills into the Igniters arsenal. This allows the Sorceress to maximize damage output on multiple enemies present in these scenarios. Since the Igniter Icon Igniter specializes in burst damage, players must gather enemies closely and position themselves strategically before unleashing havoc upon them.

This build focuses on empowering Blaze Icon Blaze to increase its frequency of use for applying debuffs on enemies and spamming it while waiting for the identity gauge to reach 100%. Frost's Call Icon Frost's Call, in combination with the Wealth Icon Wealth rune, will serve as the primary means of building the identity gauge quickly. These two skills will be instantly cast to efficiently build up the gauge.

When it comes to Runes, the focus is on using Wealth Icon Wealth runes to expedite the identity gauge buildup and Galewind Icon Galewind runes to reduce casting speed. Prioritize acquiring legendary runes for Wealth, and if legendary runes are not available, use lower grade runes for the remaining slots.


Raid Skill Build

During raids, the main priority is to focus on single target damage and use powerful, long cast time spells such as Doomsday Icon Doomsday and Explosion Icon Explosion. The key remains on swiftly building and frequently replenishing the identity gauge meter, positioning oneself strategically, and executing Arcane Rupture Icon Arcane Rupture at 100% followed by the sequence of hard hitting skills. Ideally, this should be done during a vulnerable phase of the boss to maximize the impact.

Using an Igniter Icon Igniter Sorceress in raids offers the advantage of significantly higher DPS compared to Reflux Icon Reflux. However, it requires precise knowledge and memorization of boss patterns and attacks. Positioning must be adjusted accordingly, and the burst window should be timed to coincide with boss vulnerable moments in order to maximize damage output. In contrast, Reflux Sorceress focuses on continuous skill spamming.

Squall Icon Squall serves as the primary counter skill, while Blaze Icon Blaze acts as the main source of synergy during raids. It can comfortably be used between other skills if the synergy application was overlooked. Frost's Call Icon Frost's Call and Esoteric Reaction Icon Esoteric Reaction serve as the primary means to fill the identity gauge.

Explosion Icon Explosion, Doomsday Icon Doomsday, and Punishing Strike Icon Punishing Strike are the key hard hitting attacks. They require channeling time, and precise execution, making it even more important to use them during Arcane Rupture Icon Arcane Rupture only.

Doomsday Icon Doomsday can have its ending animation canceled by following it with Rime Arrow Icon Rime Arrow or Punishing Strike Icon Punishing Strike, or by using the space bar. Upgrading and maximizing these three core skills should be the priority, followed by the builders (Frost's Call Icon Frost's Call, Rime Arrow Icon Rime Arrow, and Esoteric Reaction). Blaze Icon Blaze and Squall Icon Squall serve specific purposes and can be prioritized accordingly.


Igniter Playstyle

The Igniter Icon Igniter playstyle revolves around reaching 100% identity gauge, then using Arcane Rupture Icon Arcane Rupture, and unleashing Arcane Torrent during the burst window. Every action taken by the Igniter should contribute to achieving the most effective, possible damage output during the burst window.

Maintaining Blaze Icon Blaze is important to keep the synergy and debuff active. With two charges, this should not be too challenging. When outside the burst window, focus on building the meter. Frost's Call Icon Frost's Call, Rime Arrow Icon Rime Arrow, and Esoteric Reaction Icon Esoteric Reaction are the skills used to fill the identity gauge. They provide decent damage while also contributing to meter progression.

The core damage dealing skills can be used to fill the meter or for sudden bursts of heavy damage. However, players should be careful when doing so, to ensure that the meter is not close to being full, and that the core skill will have time to recharge before the meter reaches 100%. Additionally, avoid using Doomsday Icon Doomsday outside the burst window, as it should be reserved as the opening ability for every Arcane Rupture Icon Arcane Rupture.

Squall Icon Squall can also be used to build the meter, but be mindful of boss patterns, as Squall serves as counter skill. If Squall is on cooldown when a counter is needed, it can disrupt the rotation. Hold on to Squall for counters when necessary.

If all skills are on cooldown, auto attacks can be used to help build the identity meter. Doomsday Icon Doomsday is the most important damage dealing skill, so always maximize its use within Arcane Rupture Icon Arcane Rupture. Explosion Icon Explosion and Punishing Strike Icon Punishing Strike should also be used during the Arcane Rupture window if possible.

To maximize the time within Arcane Rupture Icon Arcane Rupture, delay pressing the Arcane Rupture button and use Doomsday Icon Doomsday first. Press Arcane Rupture right before Doomsday impacts the boss, optimizing both damage and the duration of the Arcane Rupture burst window.

Learn the animation cancels for skills. Explosion Icon Explosion can be canceled into Punishing Strike Icon Punishing Strike, which can then be canceled by Rime Arrow Icon Rime Arrow immediately after. This combo remains the same whether under Arcane Rupture or not.

Avoid using Blink Icon Blink, because it depletes the identity gauge, and since the Igniter Icon Igniter Sorceress aims to reach 100% gauge, Blink should only be used in life-threatening situations that require a quick escape.

Regarding the Awakening Skill, prioritize using Enviska's Might Icon Enviska's Might as it deals good damage with a wide area of effect (AoE), making it easier to hit the target. Apocalypse Call Icon Apocalypse Call is more secondary, as the falling meteors have a higher chance of missing the target due to their spread out trajectory.


Opener Rotation

The Igniter Icon Igniter Sorceress follows a fixed rotation that is recommended to be followed without deviation:

  1. Start with Blaze Icon Blaze to apply synergy during raid and debuff the enemy.
  2. Use Doomsday Icon Doomsday.
  3. If the identity gauge is full, activate Arcane Rupture Icon Arcane Rupture before Doomsday Icon Doomsday hits the target.
  4. Follow up with Explosion Icon Explosion.
  5. Use Punishing Strike Icon Punishing Strike.
  6. Cast Rime Arrow Icon Rime Arrow.
  7. Activate Esoteric Reaction Icon Esoteric Reaction.
  8. Use Frost's Call Icon Frost's Call.
  9. If the Arcane gauge is not almost full, use Doomsday Icon Doomsday again.
    • However, if the gauge is nearing full, skip this step and save Doomsday for right before activating Arcane Rupture.
  10. Whenever Blaze Icon Blaze is available, use it immediately.

A slight variation to the rotation is to use Doomsday Icon Doomsday after activating Arcane Rupture Icon Arcane Rupture. This approach is useful if you are concerned about potentially missing the short opening window for activating Arcane Rupture right before Doomsday hits. By activating Arcane Rupture first, it is easier to ensure that Doomsday will land while under the effects of Arcane Rupture.


Igniter Engravings

The recommended engravings for an Igniter Icon Igniter build are as follows:

Class Engraving: Igniter Icon Igniter at Level 3 (essential for the build).

Damage Engravings:

  • All-Out Attack Icon All-Out Attack Level 3 (This engraving increases holding and casting speed, as well as the attack of holding and casting skills. It effectively reduces the cast times of skills like Explosion Icon Explosion or Doomsday Icon Doomsday, providing a significant damage bonus for Igniter Sorceress.)

Other Damage Engravings:

  • Hit Master Icon Hit Master at Level 3 (Increases overall damage)
  • Grudge Icon Grudge at Level 3 (Increases damage dealt but also increases damage taken)

Optional Variant Engravings on Level 3:

  • Adrenaline Icon Adrenaline (Provides additional damage without drawbacks, but requires stacking it 6 times to maximize its use).
  • Cursed Doll Icon Cursed Doll (Not a priority for this build, but offers flat guaranteed damage).
  • Precise Dagger Icon Precise Dagger (Beneficial if the player is looking for more Critical Damage).
  • Raid Captain Icon Raid Captain (A safe addon engraving that slightly boosts damage based on the players Move Speed bonus, but not a priority engraving for this build).

Igniter Gear, Gems, and Cards


Gear Set

For endgame, once players have obtained Relic Gear, those using the Igniter Icon Igniter build should aim for the following gear sets to maximize their character:

These gear sets will enhance the stats of Specialization, Swiftness, and Crit, which are important for the Igniter build.

When selecting Bracelets and Accessories, the following stats have priority (in order as listed below):

  1. Specialization
  2. Swiftness
  3. Crit

By prioritizing these stats, players can further optimize their Igniter build for maximum damage output and effectiveness.


Gear Tripods

To maximize the Igniter Icon Igniter build, players have the option to increase the level of their Tripods, which can provide additional buffs or enhance skills. Each tripod can be leveled up to 5.

For this Igniter Icon Igniter build, we recommend prioritizing the leveling of tripods in the following order:

  1. Core damage dealing skills: Focus on leveling the tripods associated with the main damage dealing skills of the build.
  2. Meter building skills: Tripods associated with skills that help build the identity meter, such as Frost's Call Icon Frost's Call and Esoteric Reaction Icon Esoteric Reaction. Increasing their levels can improve the speed at which the meter fills up, allowing for more frequent bursts of Arcane Rupture Icon Arcane Rupture.
  3. Cooldown reduction: Tripods that reduce the cooldowns of important skills.
  4. Other Tripods: After prioritizing the core dps skills, meter building skills, and cooldown reduction, players can level up the remaining tripods based on their individual preferences or specific needs. This can include tripods that provide additional utility or bonuses to secondary skills.


To maximize the Igniter build, prioritize getting Attack Gems for Doomsday Icon Doomsday, Explosion Icon Explosion, Punishing Strike Icon Punishing Strike, Rime Arrow Icon Rime Arrow, Esoteric Reaction Icon Esoteric Reaction, and Frost's Call Icon Frost's Call, ideally to level 7.


Card Set

The most optimal endgame damage set for the Igniter Icon Igniter build is the Light of Salvation Icon Light of Salvation legendary card set. However, if acquiring that set takes time, players can use the following sets in the meantime:

  • Deep Dive Icon Deep Dive: Provides damage reduction and additional damage.
  • Lostwind Cliff Icon Lostwind Cliff: Offers damage reduction and increased Critical Hit Chance.

These sets can serve as viable alternatives until the full Light of Salvation Icon Light of Salvation set becomes available.



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