How to Set Up and Maintain a Guild in Lost Ark

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This page introduces players to the Guild system of Lost Ark while explaining the importance of certain Guild functions.


Joining a Guild

At level 10, when you reach the first city called Prideholme and complete a quest called "Savior," you can join a Guild. First, you need to open the Guild menu by pressing ALT + U or ESC > Game Menu > Community > Guild.

Reasons to join a Guild

  • Get access to a lot of valuable items described below in the Guild shop section.
  • To find better groups for harder content with people of the same item level and play patterns as you.
  • Social aspect.

In the Guild menu, you can see suggested Guilds for you. If you do not find any, then on the top corner there is a button to refresh the list. You can do it every 5 seconds. You can always search the Guild menu if you know the name of the Guild you wish to join.

Guilds can be sorted the following ways:

  • Join Instantly - You can join that Guild instantly.
  • Request to Join - Applies to join that Guild, then you need to wait to be accepted.
  • Require a Password - You need to know a password to join the Guild.
  • Registration Level - You need to have a certain gear item level to apply.
  • All - Displays everything above.

In total, you can request to join up to 10 Guilds. After that, you need to just wait to be accepted or declined.


Creating a Guild

The requirements to create a Guild are the same as joining a Guild. Besides that, you can not create a Guild if you are already in a Guild. If creating your own Guild, there is a 2000 silver creation fee. To create a Guild, you need to go to the Guild menu and the last tab called "Create Guild." Here you can add your Guild's name and also the Guild description, which others can see before joining your Guild.

If you do not want other people to find your Guild via the suggested sorting method, then uncheck “Add to Suggested Guild List.” You can always change it in the Guild menu tab manager. If you decide to unlist your Guild, people will not be able to find it unless they know the name and search for it.

Create Guild

Guild Positions

Guilds can have up to five positions, known as ranks in other MMOs.

  • New Guildmate New Guildmate
  • Every new member that joins a Guild, is going to be have the New Guildmate position. After three days, everyone automatically becomes Guildmates and then you can also give them a position higher than Guildmate. During those three days, you cannot do Guild Requests and support research. You can make a Guild donation to start filling up weekly contributions.

  • Guildmate
  • With this position, you can do weekly Guild tasks, donate, and support research.

  • officer Officer
  • Guildmaster can give officer positions to several players. They can invite people to the Guild or just accept Guild requests if someone applied.

  • Guild-debuty Guild Deputy
  • Guildmaster can only assign one person to the position called Guild Deputy. Guild Deputy can assign weekly Guild tasks, ban members, and invite new Guildmates. When a Guildmaster has not logged in for 10 days, then the Deputy can take his place as Guildmaster.

  • Guildmaster Guildmaster
  • The Guildmaster is the leader of the Guild. Only Guildmaster can set Bloodstone distribution settings, or change the Guild name and flag.


Choosing a Guild

The first thing you should look at is the Guild level. It should be at least level 6, because at this level they most likely have the Guild Shop level 3, or they are researching it. With that, you can buy almost three times more items and honing mats than level 1 Guild shop.

Also, if you are planning to play with your Guildies, then it is good to look at the Guild description. Maybe they are into PVP and you are into more PVE or something else.

When you have already joined a Guild, then you should look at the Bloodstone distribution settings set by Guildmaster. If it is set to more than 280 per week, then you already need to donate 6000 silver every day and also support research daily to reach that. But of course, after the third day, you can start to do Guild tasks, and then you can earn more contributions.

Of course, there are other ways to earn a contribution - donating gold or using cash shop items. The last thing to look at is the Bloodstone distribution rate. If the Guildmaster for example set it 100% to the Guild, then after a weekly reset, Guildmates do not receive any Bloodstones. The reason why a Guildmaster would set the Bloodstone distribution as 100% to the Guild is to help it advance more quickly, so do not worry about this as it should be for a limited time only.


Guild Research

A Guild is like a company - it needs to advance to make more profit. The higher your Guild level is, the more people can join. Doing research is very important as you can:

  • Get more items from the Guild shop
  • You can do more weekly tasks
  • Increase the limit of Bloodstone distribution for Guildmates
  • Research more things simultaneously
  • Upgrade weekly tasks to get more rewards

Support Research

Every day, Guildmates can also support one of the research. This removes 20 minutes from the total research time. For example, in a level 11 Guild, if all Guildmates support the research daily for a full week, then total time is gonna be reduced by 4.8 days. That is a lot because, for example, Lv.4 Weekly Trade Skills Task Bonus Research takes 13d 20h.


Guild Shop

Guild shops are in every main town on the continent. You need Sylmael Bloodstones to buy items from there. At the end of a game week (Thursdays), every member that reached 100% contribution will get Sylmael Bloodstones according to the rate that the Guildmaster set.

In the Guild shop, you can buy XP potion and silver, Honing materials, and Entrance Tickets. The higher your Guild shop is, the more items you can buy every week. Also, do notice that even when your Guild shop level is 5, then you need to be in that tier to purchase that item.


As an example, if your Guild shop is level 5, you can purchase the following items every week:

XP Potion and Silver:

  • Medium Combat XP Potion: 12 - total cost 1920 Sylmael Bloodstones
    • One potion - Gain 50 000 combat XP
  • Large Combat XP Potion: 4 - total cost 1280 Sylmael Bloodstones
    • One potion - Gain 100 000 combat XP
  • Siege Silver Chest (S): 18 - total cost 1800 Sylmael Bloodstones
    • One chest contains 2 500 Silver
  • Siege Silver Chest (M): 6 - total cost 1080 Sylmael Bloodstone
    • One chest contains 4 500 Silver
  • Siege Silver Chest (L): 6 - total cost 1500 Sylmael Bloodstone
    • One chest contains 10 000 Silver

Honing Materials:

  • Harmony Shard Pouch (S): 6 - total cost 400 Sylmael Bloodstone
    • One pouch contains 500 Harmony shards
  • Destruction Stone Fragment: 240 - 1180 Sylmael Bloodstone
    • Those materials are tradable
  • Guardian Stone Fragment: 580 - total cost 780 Sylmael Bloodstone
    • Those materials are tradable
  • Harmony Leapstone (Bound): 18 - total cost 680 Sylmael Bloodstone
  • Life Shard Pouch (S): 6 - total cost 2480 Sylmael Bloodstone
    • One pouch contains 500 Life shards
  • Destruction Stone: 240 - total cost 1540 Sylmael Bloodstone
    • Those materials are tradable
  • Guardian Stone: 580 - total cost 1210 Sylmael Bloodstone
    • Those materials are tradable
  • Life Leapstone (Bound): 18 - total cost 860 Sylmael Bloodstone
  • Honor Shard Pouch (S): 6 - total cost 4290 Sylmael Bloodstone
    • One pouch contains 500 Honor shards
  • Destruction Stone Crystal: 240 - total cost 2720 Sylmael Bloodstone
    • Those materials are tradable
  • Guardian Stone Crystal: 580 - total cost 2130 Sylmael Bloodstone
    • Those materials are tradable
  • Honor Leapstone (Bound): 56 - total cost 3200 Sylmael Bloodstone
  • Great Honor Leapstone (Bound): 10 - total cost 900 Sylmael Bloodstone

Entrance Tickets and Supplementary:

  • North Vern Entrance Ticket Chest: 3 - total cost 1510 Sylmael Bloodstone
    • One chest contains 25 000 silver or Tier 1 Cube ticket - RNG
  • Yorn Entrance Ticket Chest: 3 - total cost 1890 Sylmael Bloodstone
    • One chest contains 30 000 silver, Tier 2 Hall of Silence or Cube ticket - RNG
  • Punika Entrance Ticket Chest: 3 - total cost 3170 Sylmael Bloodstone
    • One chest contains 38 000 silver, Tier 3 Hall of the Sun or Cube ticket - RNG
  • Star Breath (Bound): 9 - total cost 2890 Sylmael Bloodstone
  • Moon Breath (Bound): 9 - total cost 3950 Sylmael Bloodstone
  • Sun Supplementary Material Chest: 9 - total cost 1310 Sylmael Bloodstone
    • One chest contains 1 Solar Protection (Bound), 1 Solar Blessing (Bound) or 1 Solar Grace (Bound) - RNG
  • Powder of Sage (Bound): 3 - total cost 3370 Sylmael Bloodstone

As you can see, buying all the weekly items that a Guild merchant sells is almost impossible. So you will always need to make a choice as to which items you purchase that week.

Also, before buying Honing Materials, Entrance Tickets, or Supplements, always buy first higher shop level items because it is cheaper than shop level 1 items.


Guild Management

The goal of the Guild at the beginning is to get most of the research done. Also very important is that you get active people who contribute and do Guild tasks. As for research, it is important to get weekly tasks to the max and also research slots.

If you are a Guildmaster, then you need to set distribution settings. You can do that in the Guild menu tab called Manage by selecting Bloodstone Distribution.

For Bloodstone Distribution, it is better to not distribute all to Guildmates, because as your Guild levels up, your Guild needs a lot of those Bloodstones for research. 70% Guild / 30 % to Guildmates at the beginning is a good split.

In distribution settings, there is another section called Contribution. The Contribution goal is what your Guildmates need to get to receive Sylmael Bloodstones every week. If they do not contribute 100% of what the Guildmaster has set, then they do not receive any.

Every week, all contributions that Guildmates made are going to be divided by Guildmates who had a contribution rate of 100%. For example, if the Guild received 100 000 Bloodstones from Guild tasks and from donations, and Bloodstone distribution is set to 50% Guild/ 50% Guildmates, then the Guild is going to get 50 000, and rest of the 50 000 are going to be divided in between the Guildmates who achieved 100% contributions.

In the Guild management menu, the Guildmaster can also customize the flag.


Level Benefits

When your Guild gets enough XP, it automatically levels up. To reach level 2 or 3, it might take more time than reaching a higher level later on, simply because you have fewer people contributing. Also to be noted, new Guildmates cannot do Guild tasks for 3 days, which slows the experience gain for new Guilds.

As you level up your Guild you gain:

  1. Max Guildmates 30 + Research Guild Shop Lv.1.
  2. Max Guildmates 32 + Research Slot Lv.1 and Weekly Task Bonus Lv.1.
  3. Max Guildmates 34 + Research Guild Shop Lv.2 and Weekly Task Slot Lv.1.
  4. Max Guildmates 36 + Research Weekly Task Bonus Lv.2.
  5. Max Guildmates 38+ Research Weekly Task Slot Lv.2.
  6. Max Guildmates 40 + Research Guild Shop Lv.3.
  7. Max Guildmates 42 + Research Weekly Task Bonus Lv.3.
  8. Max Guildmates 44.
  9. Max Guildmates 46 + Research Weekly Task Bonus Lv.4.
  10. Max Guildmates 48.
  11. Max Guildmates 50.

If you reach Guild level 11, then every next level max Guildmates +3.

If you reach Guild level 21, then every next level max Guildmates +5.


Guild Donation

Every day after the daily reset, you can make a donation to the Guild. You can donate 6000 silver, 100 Gold, and an Honor Banner. After opening the Guild menu, in the Overview tab, there is a button in the bottom right corner for Guild donations.

Every donation that Guildmates do will return the following benefits:

  • Silver 6000:
    • For the Guild - 1 Guild XP, 50 Bloodstones.
    • Personal reward - 10 Contributions, 50 Sylmael Bloodstones.
  • Gold 100:
    • For the Guild - 1 Guild XP, 200 Bloodstones.
    • Personal reward - 30 Contributions, 200 Sylmael Bloodstones.
  • Honor Banner:
    • For the Guild - 2 Guild XP, 200 Bloodstones.
    • Personal reward - 50 Contributions, 200 Sylmael Bloodstones.

It is very important for Guild progression that your Guildmates donate. For example, if you have 50 active members donating silver every day, the Guild would get 17500 Bloodstones. Using the same example for gold, the Guild would get 70000 Bloodstones.


Weekly Tasks

Every week, a Guildmaster or Guild Deputy can choose weekly tasks for your Guildmates. You can choose Guild tasks from the Guild menu tab called weekly tasks. Sometimes it is good to ask Guildmates what task they would prefer to do. If you do not get that preferred task or tasks on the list, then you can spend 1500 Sylmael Bloodstones to refresh the list. The higher your Guild level is, the more Bloodstones are needed to refresh.

Guild tasks are divided into three groups:

  • Battle
  • Trade Skills
  • Sailing

Weekly tasks also have levels. The higher the level of the task, the more rewards the Guild will receive. This will also increase the personal reward.

For the Guild to get a higher level task reward, this task needs to be completed by the end of the weekly reset.

For a personal reward, you can choose from a Guild request, which is on the fourth tab on Una Tasks menu. From there, you can choose the highest level task right away. The higher the task level is, the harder it is to complete.



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