Slime Island Guide for Lost Ark

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This PvP Island is infested with slimes; eliminate them to get rewards from the vendor in the safe zone.


Slime Island Guide

This PvP Island is infested with slimes. Eliminate them to get rewards from the vendor in the safe zone.

Slime Island Region Location

Island Token

The Island Token drops randomly off a special golden bell slime that spawns on the outside ring of the Island. This slime does not have a health bar and must be hit repeatedly in order to be killed. It is a good idea if you are hunting this Island Token to group up with others because they can help you locate the slime when it spawns and if they kill it you will still get drops. Note that there is also a Queen Slime that spawns on the Island, but does not drop the Island Token.


Mokoko Seeds

This Island is home to 3 Mokoko Seeds. The first two are found in an area hidden beneath a statue; use the Song of Resonance to reveal the hidden area. The third seed is located inside this house on the east part of the Island. Although the map icon for this seed is on the outside ring of the Island, the house's entrance is located to the west of the marker.

Slime Island Mokoko Map


There are two vendors on this Island, one which sells various items for prisms and another vendor who converts random drops from slimes on the Island to prisms. This can be an okay source of weekly Engraving books because you can purchase two Rare general Engraving books per week from killing enemies on the Island.



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