Medrick Monastery Mokoko Seeds Locations in Lost Ark

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This page provides the locations for all Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark's Medrick Monastery.


Medrick Monastery Mokoko Seed Locations

Medrick Monastery Mokoko Seeds
  • Mokoko Seed #1 is in a corner of the courtyard, just pajpegsome rock golems.
  • Mokoko Seed #2 is off to the left side of the courtyard in the corner.
  • The third Seed can be found at the bottom of the stairs in front of a lit flame.
  • Mokoko Seed #4 is in front of a window between two fires.
  • Mokoko Seed #5 can be found at the back of the catacombs inside of a desk.
  • You will need the Song of Resonance to access Mokoko Seeds #6 and #7. The giant statue will move once the song is played, revealing a secret entrance.
  • Mokoko Seed #8 and #9 are inside of the church, entrance marked on the map. The door does not look like it is accessible, but it is. Once inside, one Mokoko Seed is off to the left, and the other is behind the chair at the desk.
  • Mokoko Seed #10 is between a big tree and a statue of an angel.
  • Mokoko Seed #11 can be found to the right of a burning torch.
  • The twelfth Seed is hidden inside of some bushes.
  • Mokoko Seed #13 is located inside of a small bush against the edge of the ridge.

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