Machinist Guide for Lost Ark

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High-tech and style combine to make Machinist a force to be reckoned with. Equipped with a SMG and their drone, this class is also capable of going full-robot mode with the Hypersync ability. Machinist conquers its enemies with Joint, Drone, or Sync skills.


Introduction to Machinist

Machinist is arguably one of the coolest looking classes in Lost Ark. With the Hypersync transformation, drone and SMG at your disposal, you'll feel pretty badass while playing. Along with an appealing aesthetic, Machinist also brings consistent damage and fast paced gameplay. While it may be a squishy class, it has high mobility that gives a very responsive feel overall. The two camps of Machinist are Legacy of Evolution Icon Evolutionary Legacy and Arthetinean Skill Icon Arthetinean Skill. The former being focused on transforming and using Sync skills for DPS and the latter being centered around your Joint & Drone skills.


Machinist's Playstyle

A shared aspect of Machinist is its consistent DPS, having high uptime and low cooldown on most of its skills. You'll have three type of skills in your arsenal, four if you play Legacy of Evolution Icon Evolutionary Legacy. Those being Normal, Joint, Drone & Sync skills.

  • Normal (Yellow) skills are those that your character performs. Some provide mobility or your party Synergy; these also recharge your Battery gauge.
  • Drone (Blue) skills are commands given that deploy your Drone from you. These use Battery gauge.
  • Joint (Purple) skills are actions where both you and Drone attack in unison. These also use Battery and recall your drone to you.
  • Sync (Red) skills are only available while transformed in Hypersync.

Evolutionary Legacy

Legacy of Evolution Icon Evolutionary Legacy requires you to build Core Energy that allows you to go into Hypersync mode for 20 seconds. The engraving itself grants a stacking damage buff to Sync skills and their cooldowns are reduced by 0.5 seconds on hit. When you exit the transform, 40% of the Core Energy is refunded, allowing for a faster time to re-enter Hypersync. The damage increase itself is linear across levels 1/2/3 but the cooldown reduction remains the same. Machinist's Core Energy is built through Drone & Joint skills, scaling with Specialization. Once in Hypersync, you'll gain Attack Speed, Move Speed & a large HP % shield! The transformation ends either after the timer runs out or your shields are depleted.


Arthetinean Skill

Arthetinean Skill Icon Arthetinean Skill dishes out constant damage through your three type of skills while managing your Battery. The effects from this engraving enhance your damage dealt by Drone & Joint skills, increases your max Battery and grants Move Speed whenever your Drone is attached to you. Although the class may be squishy, you have a plethora of Attack & Move Speed bonuses from skills, stats and Relic gearsets that make the class very snappy and mobile. There is also the Reload buff that is applied when using certain Normal skills or your auto attacks that grants stacking Attack & Move Speed. Playing Arthetinean Skill Icon Arthetinean Skill does have some variety in builds depending on how many skills of each type you're equipped with, similar to some other classes. While you still have access to Hypersync, it's generally not used outside of downtime or needed survivability.



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