Lopang Island Mokoko Seeds Locations and Island Soul Guide in Lost Ark

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On this page you will find all the information regarding Lopang Island in Lost Ark. This includes Mokoko Seeds, Island Soul, and quest information.


Lopang Island Guide

An island that houses a big shipping company. It's teeming with aspiring couriers.

  • Island Soul: Yes
  • Mokoko Seeds: 3
  • Recommended Item Level: 250
  • Admission Period: Always
Lopang Island Location Lost Ark

Lopang Island Soul

The Lopang Island Soul Icon Lopang Island Soul is awarded to the player through completion of the quest An Important Personage. Players must complete six of the same Una's Daily on Lopang for the quest to appear. Any of the following six quests will work, but it must be six days worth of completion for one of them:

As a side note, Lopang Island is used by players as a way to generate Silver Icon Silver income. If there's a character in your roster that doesn't need Leapstones, it may be wise to set up Bifrosts specifically for Lopang Una's. It may not be very apparent as a new player, but Silver Icon Silver can be spent exceedingly fast at higher item levels.


Lopang Island Mokoko Seeds

Lopang Island Mokoko Seeds
  • Mokoko Seed #1 is located within a wooden enclosure.
  • Mokoko Seeds #2 and #3 are both inside of the building, in front of a computer terminal.


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