Legion Raid Guide for Kakul-Saydon Gate 2

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Kakul-Saydon Gate 2 is the second encounter players face as part of an four man Legion Raid. Kakul-Saydon comes in two difficulties, Rehearsal and Normal, which can be accessed upon achieving ilevel 1385 and 1475, respectively.


Legion Raid Guide for Kakul-Saydon Gate 2

The fight in Gate 2 takes place on a blackjack table from which you can fall off if hit by certain mechanics.


Kakul-Saydon Gate 2 Consumables

Bring Elemental HP Potions and, based on what you feel is missing, you can equip a Time Stop Potion Icon Time Stop Potion, Wind Robe, Dark Grenade Icon Dark Grenade, Adrophine Potion Icon Adrophine Potion or Stimulant.


Kakul-Saydon Party Setup

A support class such as Bard or Paladin is recommended in any setup. As for the other three players, anything goes. Mobile and ranged classes have a slightly better time getting high uptime on the boss.


Kakul Saydon Gear Requirements

DPS checks are not very strict, so completing the raid with an item level of 1475 is possible.

Four level 3 engravings, level 3 and 4 tripods and a mix of level 6 and 7 gems are sufficient in order for you to fine and feel good inside the raid.

As for card sets, the Lostwind Cliff Icon Lostwind Cliff set is a good choice assuming your class benefits from the crit rate. If not, anything else that brings value, such as HP, will do fine. Kakul does not take extra damage from Light sources, so the Light of Salvation Icon Light of Salvation set does not help here.


Kakul-Saydon Gate 2 Mechanics

The mechanics listed below will appear in the order they happen in the fight:


Mayhem Fog

At 110 HP bars, Mini Kakul disappears and four telegraphs spawn on the ground. One of them is red, the other three are blue.

Mayhem Fog

There are two telegraphs on the right side and two on the left. The goal here is to hide from the upcoming fog, by staying inside the telegraphs. The red telegraph can hold two players and must always be used, while each blue telegraph holds one player.

The easiest way to complete this mechanic is to have a preset split of two players left and two players right. This way, the red telegraph is always going to be used by the two, and on the other side, each player will stay inside their own blue telegraph.


Find Mini Kakul

At 95 HP bars, one player at random gets a target symbol above their head, and seven playing card appear on the table.

Mini Kakul

The cards are facing downwards but the goal is find the joker by luring the hammer hit from Kakul onto the correct card. It is a guessing game, and the best way to start is by the targeted player to step onto either card 2 or 6, because every hit of the hammer reveals three cards (the one it hits and one other left and one right of the main hit.)

You have three attempts to hit Kakul, and you have to use the hammer attack directly on the card he is under in order to complete the mechanic. Simply seeing him under the adjacent cards does not reveal him.

If you do not see him under any of the 1, 2 or 3 cards after hammering card 2, then try hammering card 6 instead, which allows you to briefly peek under cards 5 and 7. If you still have not seen him, then the third and last hammer hit should be placed on the middle card (4), as it is the last location he could be at.

At 25 HP bars the seven card mechanic to find Mini Kakul will repeat.



At 80 HP bars, all players will get teleported to a maze and the one who kills the item in the safe room of the maze will receive a birds-eye view of the entire place. This player then has to guide the other three on where to walk to kill three soldiers of the same card type.

The other three players receive a playing card symbol under their feet and have a zoomed in version of the labyrinth without mini-map. They also receive one skill that is used to kill the soldiers. Dash is available.


An easy way to complete this mechanic is to have the person with the bird’s-eye share their screen via Discord and you can easily view the entire map.

If you get hit by Seto, you will lose one stack for every hit, so you would need to find another soldier of your card type and kill it.

Hit By Seto

Once all three runners have killed three soldiers each, an exit portal for each of them is created at a random location on the map, but no sooner than 1:30 remaining on the timer.


Pizza Attack (Similar to Velganos)

At 55 HP bars, Mini Kakul goes to the middle of the room and start showing a pattern of spinning stars above his head. The start can spin clockwise or counter clockwise. The initial spin happens three consecutive times, and you need to memorize the directions of each spin because it indicates the direction of the safe pizza slice during the mechanic.

After the star spin, all players should be already gathered at the back of the boss, which is the first safe pizza slice, then start moving with the safe slice towards the direction indicated by the very first star spin.

A full cycle starts behind Mini Kakul, which is also where the pattern ends. After you run a full 360 degrees you either change direction or not based on what the spinning stars indicated.


Kakul-Saydon Gate 2 Side Mechanics


Wind Breath

Kakul summons a yellow telegraph which will blow away any player that stands in it and does not have push immunity. This can knock you off the platform.

Wind Breath

Growing Puddles

Several puddles appear in the room. The goal is to gather inside the white colored one. If you are not in a good position to reach the white one, you can just stand in between two red ones. Keep in mind that they grow in size but not enough to cover the whole room, so there is safe space even outside the white puddle.

Growing Puddles


Kakul shoots orange beams from above, signaling the time for you to look away from him. You only need to look away for a brief moment once the beams turn red.


Proximity Clown Balls

Kakul throws several jumping balls on the table, if a player gets too close they explode in a large AoE dealing damage and increasing clown gauge.

Clown Balls


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