Reflux Sorceress Guide for Lost Ark

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Reflux Sorceress is a fast and fluid Mage class build that trades off Arcane Rupture for increased damage and reduced cooldowns. Learn how to master this dynamic and swift playstyle build with our guide.


Reflux: Introduction

The Reflux Sorceress is more about a fast-paced and consistent gameplay experience. Upon reaching Level 50, and choosing the Reflux Icon Reflux engraving, you automatically disable the Sorceress Arcane Rupture Icon Arcane Rupture skill in exchange for increased overall damage and reduced cooldowns. This alteration to the playstyle results in a dynamic and swift approach, with enhanced mobility as your Sorceress can use the entire identity gauge for Blink Icon Blink without sacrificing damage.

While the Reflux Icon Reflux Sorceress may not possess the same level of damage as the Igniter Icon Igniter build, it serves as an excellent choice for both: beginners or players seeking a more comfortable gameplay experience. In this Reflux build, the focus is on critical hits and swiftness, maximizing critical output and minimizing downtime in the rotation. This allows for a fluid and uninterrupted playstyle, delivering consistent damage.

By choosing the Reflux Icon Reflux Sorceress and embracing this critical and swift build, you can enjoy a fast paced and efficient gameplay style with minimal downtime. Reflux is, in many ways, more comfortable to play compared to the Igniter Icon Igniter Sorceress.


Reflux Sorceress Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +High mobility
  • +Consistency
  • +Easy to play and master
  • +Fast playstyle
  • +Constant DPS
  • +Low cooldowns
X Weaknesses
  • -Squishy
  • -No Burst DPS window
  • -No party buffs or anything
  • -Can easily be pushed around in battle
  • -Has to be in melee range for some skills

Reflux Stat Priority

In the Reflux Icon Reflux build, the primary stats to prioritize are Crit and Swiftness. It is recommended to aim for around 1600 Crit, and 800 Swiftness, to ensure that you can benefit from a fast and uninterrupted rotation. Swiftness is important in reducing cooldowns, and when combined with high Crit, it enables the Reflux Sorceress to maintain consistently high DPS without any interruptions.


Chaos Dungeon / Cube Skill Build

Chaos Dungeons and Cube are known for their various environments and numerous enemies. To effectively tackle these challenges, we recommend using an AoE (Area of Effect) focused build. In the case of the Reflux Icon Reflux Sorceress, this build prioritizes low cooldowns and maximizing overall damage through the use of Quick Prep tripods and increased damage output. This setup enables the Reflux Sorceress to continuously unleash her powerful skills, rapidly dispatching enemies in the process. Additionally, the inclusion of the Blink Icon Blink identity provides excellent mobility, allowing Sorceress players to swiftly navigate the battlefield when required.

To optimize the build, players should prioritize certain Runes for Casting Speed Reduction, and Damage such as Galewind Icon Galewind, Rage Icon Rage, and Bleed Icon Bleed. We also recommend including one protection rune for defense against multiple enemies. While legendary or epic runes are ideal, rare runes can suffice temporarily.

In terms of skills, focus on acquiring Quick Prep tripods first, followed by damage tripods, and then the remaining ones. This ensures the Reflux Icon Reflux Sorceress is well prepared and capable of dealing efficient damage.


Raid Skill Build

For Raids, players should adapt their build to prioritize single target damage while maintaining mobility using Blink Icon Blink. Certain skills will differ from those used in Chaos Dungeons, and adjustments to tripods will be necessary to maximize damage against boss type enemies, which are the primary focus in raids.

The main objective is to consistently deal damage to bosses and minimize downtime in the rotation.

As previously stated, during raids, players should once again prioritize Casting Speed Reduction and Damage Runes, while also including a protection rune due to the Sorceress vulnerability. In terms of skills, focus on acquiring all the Quick Prep tripods first, followed by the Damage tripods, and then the remaining ones.

For Reflux Icon Reflux Sorceresses in raids, the Blaze Icon Blaze skill will always be the primary source of synergy. We recommend using it whenever it is off cooldown, as it also applies a debuff and bleed to the enemy. Squall Icon Squall serves as the main Counter skill, but players must time it correctly due to its animation. Alternatively, Ice Shower Icon Ice Shower can be used as a replacement if players prefer to have push immunity while casting.

This raid build emphasizes a continuous flow of skills, minimizing downtime, using Blink Icon Blink for movement, and proper positioning in order to consistently cast and deal heavy damage to the boss.


Reflux Playstyle

The playstyle of a Reflux Icon Reflux Sorceress is smooth and fluid, focusing on low cooldowns, mobility, and consistent overall DPS (damage per second). While the DPS output may be lower compared to an Igniter Icon Igniter Sorceress, Reflux players have less risk of failing their rotation or missing out on burst windows, resulting in a more relaxed playstyle.

During raids, the main source of synergy for the Reflux build is the Blaze Icon Blaze skill, which also applies a debuff regardless of the content you are facing. Key damage dealing skills include Seraphic Hail Icon Seraphic Hail, Punishing Strike Icon Punishing Strike, Esoteric Reaction Icon Esoteric Reaction, and Rime Arrow Icon Rime Arrow, all of which should always hit the boss. Additionally, players can choose to include either Explosion Icon Explosion or Frost's Call Icon Frost's Call for more damage.

If you find yourself in close proximity to the boss, Reverse Gravity Icon Reverse Gravity is a high damage skill that can be used, followed by Blink Icon Blink to quickly reposition. Reflux Sorceresses can freely use Blink whenever needed, not having to save the identity bar for Arcane Rupture Icon Arcane Rupture, which allows for animation canceling and swift movement.

The Reflux Icon Reflux build does not follow a set rotation, but rather a priority system. With multiple Quick Prep and Cooldown Reduction Runes, certain cooldowns may overlap, providing multiple choices for the next skill to use. The priority is always the longest cooldown, highest damage, and proximity to the boss. This means using skills with longer cooldowns first, followed by those with significant damage, and ending with melee or ranged skills based on the required positioning.

It is important to note that some skills work in pairs. Esoteric Reaction Icon Esoteric Reaction and Rime Arrow Icon Rime Arrow are used consecutively, with the player canceling Rime Arrow's animation using Blink Icon Blink and then casting the two melee skills, Reverse Gravity Icon Reverse Gravity followed by Seraphic Hail Icon Seraphic Hail.

Blaze Icon Blaze should be used as a starter and whenever it becomes available, as it applies a debuff to the enemy. Punishing Strike Icon Punishing Strike, and either Explosion Icon Explosion or Frost's Call Icon Frost's Call (depending on player preference) can be used whenever they are available between the two skill pairs.

Regarding awakening skills, it is recommended to prioritize Enviska's Might Icon Enviska's Might due to its good damage and wide area of effect (AoE), making it easier to hit the target. Apocalypse Call Icon Apocalypse Call is considered secondary, because the falling meteors have a higher chance of missing the target due to their spread out nature.


Opener Rotation

As mentioned earlier, the Reflux Icon Reflux build does not follow a fixed rotation but operates based on priority. However, there are certain guidelines to follow within the rotation:

  1. Start with Blaze Icon Blaze to add synergy during raids and apply the debuff on enemies.
  2. Prioritize high cooldown abilities, such as Punishing Strike Icon Punishing Strike (or Explosion Icon Explosion with Lightning Vortex Icon Lightning Vortex variant for raid) to deal significant damage, or to pull enemies in during Chaos dungeons.
  3. Use major damage skills in pairs:
  4. If needed, reposition yourself using Blink Icon Blink.
  5. Whenever your Awakening skill is available and the position allows it (ensuring the target will not move out of the zone), use it for maximum impact.

After the opening rotation, the focus shifts to regularly reapplying Blaze Icon Blaze whenever it is available to maintain the debuff. Use the significant cooldown skills like Punishing Strike Icon Punishing Strike, Explosion Icon Explosion, Lightning Vortex Icon Lightning Vortex, or Frost's Call Icon Frost's Call (based on personal choice), and continuously spam high damage skills in their respective pairs. Throughout this process, reposition yourself as needed using Blink Icon Blink to optimize damage output and maintain mobility.


Reflux Engravings

The recommended engravings for the Reflux build are as follows:

Class Engraving: Reflux Icon Reflux at Level 3 (essential for the build).

Damage Engravings:

  • Grudge Icon Grudge at Level 3 (provides a 20% damage boost but increases damage taken by 20%). While it makes the Sorceress more vulnerable, the increased mobility from Reflux Icon Reflux helps avoid getting hit, resulting in higher consistent damage output.
  • Cursed Doll Icon Cursed Doll at Level 3 (increases attack but reduces healing potency). Please note, that Cursed Doll should only be used by players who are good at dodging attacks and do not mind sacrificing some healing potential.

Additional Damage Engravings:

  • Keen Blunt Weapon Icon Keen Blunt Weapon at Level 3 (provides 50% additional Crit Damage if the player reaches 70% Crit rate). Useful for maximizing Critical Hits.

Optional Variant Engravings:

  • Hit Master Icon Hit Master (increases overall damage without any debuff). Suitable for players who do not want to compromise healing potency or have not reached a 70% Crit rate.
  • Adrenaline Icon Adrenaline (provides additional damage without drawbacks, but requires stacking it 6 times for maximum effectiveness). Can be challenging to fully utilize.
  • All-Out Attack Icon All-Out Attack (reduces casting skill of holding abilities while offering some additional damage). Not a priority engraving for this build.
  • Raid Captain Icon Raid Captain (slightly boosts damage based on the players move speed bonus). It is a safe choice but not a priority engraving for this specific build.

Reflux Gear, Gems, and Cards


Gear Set

On endgame, after reaching Relic Gear, players with Reflux Icon Reflux build will want to reach for the Nightmare Icon Nightmare Flower (6 pieces at best). This set allows players to have additional high cooldown reduction and mana regeneration which adds to the fast paced playstyle and never ending ability pushing of the Reflux Sorceress.

For Bracelet and Accessories players will want to choose prioritizing the Stats: Crit and Swiftness.


Gear Tripods

To optimize the build, players can choose to further enhance their tripods by increasing their levels. Each tripod can be leveled up to 5, granting increased buffs or abilities.

For this Reflux Icon Reflux build, we recommend prioritizing the following tripod upgrades:

  1. Crit and damage upgrades: Focus on increasing Critical Hit Rate and overall damage output.
  2. Cooldown reductions: Reduces the cooldown times of important skills for more frequent usage.
  3. Buff upgrades: This enhances the effectiveness of buffs provided by the tripods.


For optimization, it is recommended to equip attack gems for the following skills: Blaze Icon Blaze, Punishing Strike Icon Punishing Strike, Seraphic Hail Icon Seraphic Hail, Rime Arrow Icon Rime Arrow, Reverse Gravity Icon Reverse Gravity, and Esoteric Reaction Icon Esoteric Reaction. Aim to have these gems at level 7 to maximize their effectiveness.

In terms of cooldown reduction, prioritize equipping cooldown gems for Reverse Gravity Icon Reverse Gravity, Seraphic Hail Icon Seraphic Hail, Punishing Strike Icon Punishing Strike, Rime Arrow Icon Rime Arrow, and Esoteric Reaction Icon Esoteric Reaction. Lowering the cooldowns of these skills will allow for more frequent usage and increased combat efficiency.


Card Set

To achieve the highest damage potential and enhance consistent damage output, the recommended endgame set for this build is the Light of Salvation Icon Light of Salvation legendary card set.

Obtaining this set may require some time and effort. However, in the meantime, consider using alternative sets such as:

These sets can serve as temporary options while working towards acquiring the Light of Salvation Icon Light of Salvation set.



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