Barrage Enhancement Artillerist Skill Guide for Lost Ark

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Locked and loaded, Artillerist comes armed to the teeth with all types of explosive. Armed with a heavy launcher, Artillerist also comes with turrets, land mines, and is capable of calling down lasers from space to annihilate the enemy. Artillerist comes with two different playstyles, Firepower and Barrage.


Barrage Enhancement: Skill Descriptions, Tripods, Gems and Runes

Barrage Icon Barrage Enhancement Artillerist's entire purpose is generating Barrage Meter and using it to enter burst, so the Normal skills we select will all cater to that end goal.


Normal Skills

  • Flamethrower Icon Flamethrower: Your main source of Barrage Meter. Load Icon Load is the main priority on this skill. This has the same cooldown as Gravity Explosion Icon Gravity Explosion and should be kept aligned with it.
  • Gravity Explosion Icon Gravity Explosion: The second highest generator of gauge. If your group is lacking stagger damage, feel free to run Stun Effect Icon Stun Effect instead of Vital Point Barrage Icon Vital Point Barrage. This has the same cooldown as Flamethrower Icon Flamethrower and should be kept aligned with it.
  • Homing Barrage Icon Homing Barrage: One of your two delayed skill shots. Care should be taken to ensure this hits the enemy. There's approximately a three second delay before this explodes, use this to your advantage. Same cooldown as Air Raid Icon Air Raid, and should be paired together for a smooth rotation.
  • Air Raid Icon Air Raid: The other delayed skill shot in your arsenal. Same rules apply, take care to ensure this lands on the enemy. Has a three second delay before it deals damage. Same cooldown as Homing Barrage Icon Homing Barrage, and should be paired together for a smooth rotation.
  • Enhanced Shell Icon Enhanced Shell: Your main filler. Use this to start your rotation and apply Armor Destruction Icon Armor Destruction, as well as in between each pairing of your longer cooldown actions. If you decide to take Internal Ignition Icon Internal Ignition, this does provide extra stagger damage.
  • Summon Turret Icon Summon Turret: Barrage Icon Barrage Enhancement is more reliant on specific Tripods for Summon Turret Icon Summon Turret. It's recommended you run Big Pack Icon Big Pack simply because more turrets means more gauge generation. Laser Turret Icon Laser Turret is an option, depending on downtime and boss movement. This build also doesn't have the luxury of running Armor Destruction Icon Armor Destruction, since Level 5 on Sub Battery Icon Sub Battery grants each turret an extra two autos which means faster turn around into your burst window.

Counter Options

These are mostly preference, try them all out and see which one you're the most comfortable with.

  • Napalm Shot Icon Napalm Shot: Slightly more damage than the other two options, but at the cost of a longer cooldown and also a longer casting time, making quick counter reactions harder to do. The plus side to this is the Tripod Target Focus Icon Target Focus, placing a +20% stagger debuff on the target.
  • Swing Icon Swing: Probably the best option for the average player. It's been chosen for this build to provide some much needed mobility with Advancing Hit Icon Advancing Hit. Has a faster animation than Napalm Shot Icon Napalm Shot, and the ability to add Weak Point Enhancement Icon Weak Point Enhancement if needed.
  • Forward Barrage Icon Forward Barrage: Nearly spammable. Extremely short cooldown. Not a lot of upside to this skill other than that. If you decide to use this one, you should eventually ween yourself off it for the other two options.

Defensive Utility

While Energy Field Icon Energy Field on the surface looks like a normal shield to prevent chip damage, this skill serves a greater purpose: Push-immunity. Super armor your way through boss damage and ensure your big damage skills go off uninterrupted. This is just another reason to try and line up skill pairings, as noted above. By doing so, you can super armor two of your longer cooldown skills instead of just one. Energy Increase Icon Energy Increase is taken in this build since your time spent out of Barrage Mode is a lot shorter.


Barrage Skills

Each time you enter Barrage Mode the goal should be to get off two casts of Barrage: Howitzer Icon Barrage: Howitzer, one Barrage: Focus Fire Icon Barrage: Focus Fire, and one Barrage: Energy Cannon Icon Barrage: Energy Cannon. Each burst phase can also utilize a single usage of Bombardment: Impregnability Icon Bombardment: Impregnability, and it can be used at any point, even while in the middle of using other Barrage skills.

  • Barrage: Howitzer Icon Barrage: Howitzer: Typically how you'll start your burst windows. Applys Armor Destruction, so there's no risk of dropping your Synergy raid buff. Also a reliable source of weak point damage.
  • Barrage: Focus Fire Icon Barrage: Focus Fire: Each window will always have one use. If an enemy is staggered when entering your burst, start with this instead of Barrage: Howitzer Icon Barrage: Howitzer, as Barrage: Focus Fire Icon Barrage: Focus Fire deals 30% more damage against staggered enemies. Rearranging your Barrage skills like this will still allow the expected amount of usages before leaving burst.
  • Barrage: Energy Cannon Icon Barrage: Energy Cannon: This is where the damage comes from. As of the recent rework, this skill is now a holding skill, so it can be cancelled unlike before. Be wary when using this, you turn very slowly when casting this, so if the boss moves, it may just reduce you down to zero DPS.
  • Bombardment: Impregnability Icon Bombardment: Impregnability: 30% shield, goes without saying this is somewhat useful. On top of nullifying a decent chunk of damage, this counts towards Adrenaline Icon Adrenaline stacks.


Prioritize tripods that increase Barrage Meter gain above all else. Anything that directly increases resource generation (Load Icon Load) or extends a duration (Sub Battery Icon Sub Battery) falls under this.

Skill Name Tripod 1 Tripod 2 Tripod 3
Enhanced Shell Armor Destruction Icon Armor Destruction (N/A) Load Icon Load (High) Internal Ignition Icon Internal Ignition (Low)
Swing Quick Attack Icon Quick Attack (N/A) Advancing Hit Icon Advancing Hit (N/A) N/A
Summon Turret Sub Battery Icon Sub Battery (High) Enhanced Turret Icon Enhanced Turret (Medium) Big Pack Icon Big Pack (Medium)
Flamethrower Load Icon Load (High) Ranged Flame Icon Ranged Flame (N/A) Azure Flame Icon Azure Flame (Low)
Gravity Explosion Vital Point Barrage Icon Vital Point Barrage (Low) Sweeping Gravity Icon Sweeping Gravity (Medium) Planetary Gravity Icon Planetary Gravity (Low)
Air Raid Quickfire Icon Quickfire (Medium) Lightning Barrage Icon Lightning Barrage (Low) The Big One Icon The Big One (Low)
Homing Barrage Guiding Enhancement Icon Guiding Enhancement (N/A) Weak Point Detection Icon Weak Point Detection (Low) Power Bomb Icon Power Bomb (Low)
Energy Field Mind Concentration Icon Mind Concentration (N/A) Energy Increase Icon Energy Increase (Low) Solid Shield Icon Solid Shield (N/A)










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