Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu Scrapper Gearing Guide for Lost Ark

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Punching their way through enemies, Scrapper uses the Heavy Gauntlet weapon to pulverize their opponents. Scrapper utilizes a dual-energy system as their Identity, split between Stamina and Shock resources. Scrapper comes in two different playstyles, Taijutsu and Shock Training.


Taijutsu: Accessories, Card Sets, Engravings and Gearsets

There's generally two ways to play the Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu Icon Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu build, with either a 50/50 split between Crit and Swiftness, or full blown speed with all Swiftness. The choice should be made on comfort, as with both playstyles you need to keep in mind the entire class revolves around back attacking, so positional requirements are quite important. The full Swiftness build performs better in a vacuum, but begins to falter in real encounters when you can't maintain full uptime.


Card Sets

Card sets are shared across both engravings for Scrapper. In the early game you can use cards that help with survivability such as Field Boss II Icon Field Boss II, We'll Meet Again Icon We'll Meet Again and Forest of Giants Icon Forest of Giants. For optimal damage you'll want Light of Salvation Icon Light of Salvation at 18 or 30 Awakening, though is quite a late game goal. Lostwind Cliff Icon Lostwind Cliff provides additional Critical Rate and is a solid stand-in as you gradually work towards Light of Salvation Icon Light of Salvation.



Most of the Engravings listed here are mandatory. The fifth one you choose will be dependent upon which build you've chosen based upon substat allocation.

Engraving Priority Description
Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu Icon Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu High You need this for the build to function. Anything under level 3 will suffer immensely from lack of Stamina Meter.
Grudge Icon Grudge High A staple in damage builds. Every DPS class in this game takes it, Scrapper being no different. Since Scrapper has a naturally high defense rating, you won't suffer too much from this.
Master of Ambush Icon Master of Ambush High As with any Earth's Entropy user, this only amplifies our positional damage further. The only skill this doesn't work on is Instant Hit Icon Instant Hit, as it is a front positional.
Adrenaline Icon Adrenaline High It is extremely easy to upkeep Adrenaline stacks with Scrapper. Charging Blow Icon Charging Blow alone has a low enough cooldown to maintain stacks even without a target.
Raid Captain Icon Raid Captain Full Swiftness Only Raid Captain will cap as long as you have a support in your party running the Yearning gear set. That comes out to a bonus of 18% damage.
Keen Blunt Weapon Icon Keen Blunt Weapon 50/50 Crit Only You won't be able to take full advantage of Keen Blunt if you run a full Swiftness build, so only take this if you're capable of running a moderate amount of Crit.
Cursed Doll Icon Cursed Doll Optional Slightly cheaper than Keen Blunt Weapon Icon Keen Blunt Weapon or Raid Captain Icon Raid Captain. Can fit into either build just fine, so take this if you're okay with taking the healing penalty.


Starting in Legendary gear, you'll want the Preordained Diligence Icon Preordained Diligence set from Argos to give you additional Critical Rate. You can use the 2-piece gear from Valtan Normal but it's only recommended if you intend on parking your character at 1415. Once you obtain Relic gear, Entropy Icon Earth's Entropy is the only choice that should be considered seriously.


Accessories and Stat Distribution

Taijutsu will never run any Specialization, so your options between builds are comfort-levels of Swiftness combined with Crit for every accessory. Below are two options, but feel free to move stats around as you see fit. Test your build in Trixion to see if you like it!


Full Swiftness

  • Crit/Swiftness Necklace
  • 2x Swiftness Earrings
  • 2x Swiftness Rings
  • Crit/Swiftness Bracelet

50/50 Split Swiftness Crit

  • Crit/Swiftness Necklace
  • 1x Swiftness Earring / 1x Crit Earring
  • 1x Swiftness Ring / 1x Crit Ring
  • Crit/Swiftness Bracelet


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