Lush Reed Island Guide for Lost Ark

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An island so full of reeds you can barely see one inch ahead of you. It is said that there is a treasure chest hidden within.

//major map with region highlighted and island highlighted Lush Reed Island Region Location
//region map with island highlighted Lush Reed Island Region Map

Cooperative Quest

This Adventure Island's cooperative quest is a PvP free-for-all. Each kill grants 10 points and assists grant 5 points. The quest will continue until 1000 total points are reached and you will only receive a reward if you acquire 30 points and the 1000 total point limit was reached before time expires. Chests will occasionally spawn and opening one requires a long channel time and will alert everyone on the island that one is being opened. Chests have a chance to drop the Island Token but do not grant points.

PvP islands like this are not equalized at all so it can be extremely difficult to perform well here. We recommend avoiding this island on characters that are significantly below the average equipped item level of your server. If you find yourself outmatched on this island remember that assists grant points as well so try to tag enemies who are already dying. You can also resurrect at your corpse by expending Phoenix Plume Icon Phoenix Plumes; however, normal resurrects spawn you at the edge of the island and are a fine option as well. Note that standing inside the reeds will hide you from other players that are not also within the reeds.


Island Token

The Island Token can be granted randomly as a reward for the PvP quest or from opening chests on the island. Note that opening a chest requires a channel time and there will be an Island-wide alert when one is being opened.


Mokoko Seeds

This Island is home to 5 Mokoko Seeds, three are in the open and the other two are behind a gate which opens after playing the song Forest's Minuet Icon Forest's Minuet.

//mokoko map Lush Reed Island Mokoko Map