Omnium Star #1 Guide for Lost Ark

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This page is provides details on how to obtain Omnium Star #1, a rare collectible offering powerful rewards.


Where to Collect Omnium Star #1

Possibly the easiest Omnium Star to gain, Omnium Star #1 is locked behind the quest "Whispering Star." This quest has a fairly lengthy prerequisite quest chain that must be done before you can accept it that can only be started upon finishing the Main Story questline for Punika.

Once that has been completed, accept the quest "Where Memories Begin" from the NPC Kala in Nia Village. Following the completion of this quest, grab "Erver's Friend," which is then followed up by "A Trace of Light," given to you by Nia.

Yom the Squirrel will then provide you with the "Whispering Star" quest and have you seek out Nineveh in Whispering Islet. This last quest is relatively short, and will end by Albion giving you Omnium Star #1. Albion also happens to be the vendor where you can claim the rewards for this collectible, so be sure to grab the Stat Increase Potion that coincides with your first Omnium Star.



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