Omnium Star #6 Guide for Lost Ark

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This page is provides details on how to obtain Omnium Star #6, a rare collectible offering powerful rewards.


Where to Collect Omnium Star #6

Omnium Star #6 comes from Anguished Isle, which can be found on the map below:

Anguished Isle

After completing the main quest for this island, you will be able to partake in the dungeon Garden of Despair by paying the cost of one Garden of Despair Key. The main quest will give you a key to start out with, and a daily quest on the island will provide one more, allowing you to attempt this dungeon once a day going forward.

Garden of Despair

The boss from this dungeon has a chance at dropping the Omnium Star, and it is not very high. Plan on coming back here for a while unless you are extremely lucky. Thankfully, the dungeon drops something called Crimson Skein, which can be used at an NPC vendor on the island to buy honing materials, Engraving books, and even a Legendary Overwhelm Icon Overwhelm.



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