Gravity Training Destroyer Skill Guide for Lost Ark

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Equipped with a gigantic gravity hammer, Destroyer obliterates all in it's path. The king of stagger, Destroyer abuses encounters through personal shields and a taunt. This class comes with two different playstyles, Gravity Training and Rage Hammer.


Gravity Training: Skill Descriptions, Tripods, Gems and Runes

All of Destroyer's skills serve one main purpose; Generating resources. Split between Concentration (blue) and Gravity Release (purple) skills, we can also split these groupings up even further by what they provide, and alternative skills that may be used in their place.


Concentration Skills

These skills all generate a specific amount of Gravity Cores, which are used to boost the power of Gravity Release skills, and also increase the size of the shield generated by them. To better understand how these skills work, we can break them up into several groups; Mandatory, Mobility, and Counter skills.


Mandatory Concentration Skills

  • Heavy Crush Icon Heavy Crush: Your main spam skill. This only generates one Gravity Core, but due to it's low cooldown, it can be paired with any other Concentration skill to prepare for a Gravity Release skill. Nothing else in Destroyer's kit has such a low cooldown, so it can't really be replaced by anything for the same effect.
  • Endure Pain Icon Endure Pain: This skill puts you into what is essentially god mode. Push-immunity, damage reduction, and a taunt to set up for easy head attacks. To top it off, this skill can generate three orbs without even having a target. Try to pair this with Gravity Release skills that don't take the Tenacity tripod.

Mobility Concentration Skills

All of the following skills generate two Gravity Cores, but none of them can be animation cancelled. For a full build, you'll take one of these actions.


Counter Concentration Skills

Both of these skills come with their pros and cons, a decision should be made on an encounter basis, or for player comfort.

  • Power Strike Icon Power Strike: Can be nehanced to swing the hamer for longer and strike five times instead of three, which can be nice for counter safety in prog. Capable of applying Armor Destruction Icon Armor Destruction.
  • Dreadnaught Icon Dreadnaught: The strength of this skill lies in usage of the Tenacity Icon Tenacity tripod. If this is taken, you have to skip on Armor Destruction Icon Armor Destruction and must take it on another skill.

Note: You're free to take both of these, sacrificing one of your mobility skills. This combination allows you to take both Armor Destruction Icon Armor Destruction and Tenacity Icon Tenacity for the sacrifice of less movement, but gives you two counter skills, if the encounter demands it.


Gravity Release Skills

Much like the Concentration skills, some of the Gravity Release skills are mandatory, while others can be taken depending on player comfort, or simply to hit rotational goals with Specialization breakpoints. In 99% of instances, you will want to use these actions with three Gravity Cores to ensure maximum damage output, as the scaling is not linear. For each Core generated, these are the following gains:

  • One Gravity Core: 10% damage increase, 10% shield.
  • Two Gravity Core: 25% damage increase, 20% shield.
  • Three Gravity Core: 45% damage increase, 30% shield.

Mandatory Gravity Release Skills

Both of these skills have a head and back attack modifier, but there should still be an attempt at head attacking due to Master Brawler Icon Master Brawler.

  • Perfect Swing Icon Perfect Swing: Unlike the alternative class Engraving, we turn this skill into an instant cast with Hour of Slaughter Icon Hour of Slaughter to expedite our resource generation and ensure contact with the boss.
  • Seismic Hammer Icon Seismic Hammer: High DPS, can be animation cancelled after your hammer hits the ground. Has the option of usingTenacity Icon Tenacity while still learning to face tank through hits.

Resource Generating Gravity Release Skills

Out of these three skills, two should be chosen based on Specialization breakpoints (which you can find on the first page of the Gravity Training Icon Gravity Training guide), but also player comfort. It's fine to take a set up that's slightly higher in Gravity Meter generation, if it means the skills you enjoy using are selected, but avoid going lower because you will lose a moderate amount of damage by doing so.

  • Earth Wave Icon Earth Wave: This skill should always be taken for Gravity Meter generation. Very fast animation.
  • Full Swing Icon Full Swing: The best Gravity Meter generating skill in a Destroyer's kit. If taking Gravity Charge Icon Gravity Charge, you don't even need a target to generate gauge. Comes with the added bonus of having mobility attached to it.
  • Earth Eater Icon Earth Eater: High Stagger damage, as well as being able to run the Tenacity Icon Tenacity. Only needs one bar of charge to get maximum Gravity Meter and Stagger damage.


Below is a table consisted of recommended tripods for each skill. Prioritize resource generating tripods with the eventual goal of having 18 max level tripods.
Skill Name Tripod 1 Tripod 2 Tripod 3
Heavy Crush Quick Hit Icon Quick Hit (N/A) N/A N/A
Power Strike Agile Movement Icon Agile Movement (Low) Growing Hammer Icon Growing Hammer (Low) Endless Assault Icon Endless Assault (Low)
Jumping Smash Dark Flame Icon Dark Flame (Low) Armor Destruction Icon Armor Destruction (N/A) Smash Icon Smash (Low)
Endure Pain Guaranteed Core Icon Guaranteed Core (N/A) Taunt Icon Taunt (N/A) Healthy Mentality Icon Healthy Mentality (Low)
Earth Wave Gravity Charge Icon Gravity Charge (High) Quick Prep Icon Quick Prep (Medium) Reckless Blow Icon Reckless Blow (Medium)
Full Swing Quick Prep Icon Quick Prep (Medium) Gravity Charge Icon Gravity Charge (High) Beast's Eye Icon Beast's Eye (Medium)
Seismic Hammer Enhanced Strike Icon Enhanced Strike (Medium) Absolute Strength Icon Absolute Strength (Medium) Starving Strength Icon Starving Strength (Medium)
Perfect Swing Weak Point Detection Icon Weak Point Detection (Medium) Absolute Strength Icon Absolute Strength (Medium) Hour of Slaughter Icon Hour of Slaughter (Medium)


You may be wondering why there's no Wealth Icon Wealth included in the list. Destroyer can not use Wealth runes at all, they have zero effect over your resource generation.









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