Omnium Star #3 Guide for Lost Ark

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This page is provides details on how to obtain Omnium Star #3, a rare collectible offering powerful rewards.


Where to Collect Omnium Star #3

Omnium Star #3 is given to you by Nia through her Rapport system. If you decide to do this the normal way, it may take a bit of time. Beyond Friendly Level 1, Nia will require you to have 330 Wisdom and 330 Kindness to progress any further, stats which are near unobtainable for a new player reaching this area on their first Tier 3 character.

Omnium Star Nia's Rapport Rewards

The suggested way to go about this is Rapport bombing Nia to bypass the Virtue requirement. This can be done with either Legendary (2,000 Rapport points) or Relic (10,000 Rapport points) Rapport items, but you will need to math out exactly how much of each item you will need to use on her in a single go. Nia requires 11,000 Rapport points at each Friendly Level. Warning: the Rapport system will not allow you to give gifts that exceed 500 Rapport points upon maxing out your relationship with the character.

What does this mean for us? It is simple; if you have decided to use Legendary Rapport items, you should never exceed 9,499 Rapport points in Friendly 1, and if you have decided to use Relic Rapport items, you should never exceed 3,499 Rapport points in Friendly 1. Doing so will put you past the point of no return in regards to the Virtue requirements, and you will be unable to Rapport bomb Nia for a quicker Omnium Star.



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