Order of the Emperor Arcanist Guide for Lost Ark

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The Arcanist joins combat equipped with a Magick Deck and a plethora of Tarot Cards, each with it's own unique effect. Split between the Order of the Emperor and Empress's Grace playstyles, both builds will utilize three different types of skills: Normal, Stacking, and Ruin.


Order of the Emperor Arcanist: Skill Builds and Rotations

If you're looking for further information on the Order of the Emperor Icon Order of the Emperor build for Arcanist, the following links will provide that for you.


Order of the Emperor Arcanist Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +Challenging and unique gameplay loop, given the RNG of her Card Deck
  • +Gives Critical Rate Synergy
  • +Has no positionals, being a Hit Master class
  • +Can deal constant DPS with burst potential through her Card Deck
  • +Very high APM class and constant Card Draw
X Weaknesses
  • -One of the most complex and difficult classes
  • -Low effective HP makes her pretty squishy
  • -Needs high level cooldown gems to play certain build variants
  • -Doesn't spike in damage until after Relic gearset

Chaos Dungeon Build

A standard build that uses the Order of the Emperor Icon Order of the Emperor. Using Empress's Grace Icon Empress's Grace is not recommended.


Raid Skill Build

Arcanist can run several builds, usually named after how many skills per type are taken. "116" indicate how many Stacking, Ruin and Normal skills are taken in a build. While there are differences, it's important to maintain the fundamentals when playing. With the variety that Arcanist has in its builds, be sure to try them out in Trixion before committing precious resources towards it!


Emperor 116

This build takes one Stacking & Ruin skills with six Normal skills.

Despite what the name indicates, this build uses "Fake Flip" on Call of Destiny Icon Call of Destiny to have two Stacking skills. The focus of this build being to stay in "Boundless Mana" for a very high APM class with strong burst windows. With the ability to still utilize "Magick Addiction" before downtime, you'll always be on your toes with this build. You'll still be doing majority of your DPS within Return Icon Return's window but with a focus on your Normal skills instead of worrying solely on stacks. You'll always be pressing skills with this build and it's a lot of fun! Only reason you shouldn't be pressing skills is if the boss is dead or untargetable, otherwise you're doing something wrong! Emperor comes with its own set of rules to follow to help guide you when playing:

  • Enter "Boundless Mana" as fast as possible, maintaining it by using skills off cooldown.
  • Ensure Emperor is used under buffs such as after Return Icon Return.
  • Outside of your burst, keep Evoke Icon Evoke on cooldown as it does a large percentage of our damage over time.
  • Call of Destiny Icon Call of Destiny & Stream of Edge Icon Stream of Edge serve as our only way of getting to four stacks for Celestial Rain Icon Celestial Rain.
Emperor 611 Rotation

With only having one Ruin skill, Celestial Rain Icon Celestial Rain must be used at four stacks at all times. Some of Emperor's skills linger and can be affected by buffs in real-time like Dark Resurrection Icon Dark Resurrection. Because of this you can fit more damage within your burst windows if you play into it properly. An example of this is using Return Icon Return after Dark Resurrection Icon Dark Resurrection to catch the backloaded damage on the skill. Casting Unlimited Shuffle Icon Unlimited Shuffle and Mysterious Stampede Icon Mysterious Stampede serve as fillers while Stream of Edge Icon Stream of Edge is building stacks towards Celestial Rain Icon Celestial Rain's detonation.

You'll want to prioritize Royal (Emperor Only) and Chancellor to cover within your buff window for maximum gains. With Chancellor having a longer duration you can catch about 1.5 damage cycles if using it after Return Icon Return. It's also fine to be used upon draw if you don't have the setup at the ready.

Star can yoink you out of "Boundless Mana" which is a DPS loss unless you are already near 80% MP, less than 25% MP or there will be downtime soon. If you are forced to use this, you'll have little issue getting back under "Boundless Mana" due to low cooldowns. You're also able to hold this card and only use the second slot to avoid drawing this card again. As for the Clown card, your best bet is to use this on Royal (Emperor Only) with other good options being Cull, Wheel of Fortune or Twisted Fate.

Last but not least, Wheel of Fortune should be used with Evoke Icon Evoke but Dark Resurrection Icon Dark Resurrection is an easier to use alternative.



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