Predator Slayer Guide for Lost Ark

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The Slayer wields a greatsword to cleave through foes and land devastating attacks that are powerful enough to crack open the earth beneath your feet. Don't be fooled, Slayer's large weapon doesn't slow her down. This class relies on aggressive gameplay to upkeep resources and dish as much damage as possible. Slayer comes in two different playstyles, Predator and Punisher.


Predator: Skill Builds and Rotation


Preadator Slayer Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +Consistent DPS, unga bunga playstyle
  • +Cheaper to build as a Swiftness class
  • +Has high Crit Rate for increased dopamine levels
X Weaknesses
  • -Suffers from extended downtime
  • -Relies on Back Attacks to do considerable damage
  • -Doesn't feel quite as good in the early game

Chaos Dungeon Skill Build

Slayer has a very interesting Chaos Dungeon build, in the sense that it is only one button. Guillotine Icon Guillotine having Transformed Strike Icon Transformed Strike gives cooldown reduction upon kill & has increased damage on lower rank enemies. Given Chaos Dungeon can also reduces your cooldowns further, you essentially only spam this and your Awakening to clear rooms with ease!


Raid Skill Build

Predator Raid Build

Predator's Playstyle

Predator Icon Predator is a consistent Entropy DPS, focused on maintaining Burst Mode for as long as possible and building Fatigue stacks. The higher the amount of stacks, the shorter Exhaustion's duration is. With the buffs that Burst Mode gives us to Attack / Move Speed, MP regeneration & Critical Damage / Rate; Predator Icon Predator has a spammy, Swiftness-based playstyle with emphasis on uptime and Back Attacking.

Overall, Predator Icon Predator is an incredibly strong build that isn't very complex. Though, in practice you'll run into some of the challenges that the class has in real scenarios. Because of how the gameplay loop requires landing skills rather than just skill usages, downtime can lead to undesired periods within Exhaustion. Examples of moments where this can/will happen Vykas's typing test, Kakul's mayhem pattern or Brelshaza's meteor mechanics that require holding DPS. Even in juiced parties where mechanics are frequently pushed or skipped, there's risk of not being able to attack the boss while in Burst Mode. Mana consumption is pretty brutal on Predator Icon Predator, even with some mana tripods equipped. While leveling, you'll especially feel the struggles here without having a support. At endgame level, you'll still want to want a support, mana tripods & mana food items to really have a more comfortable time playing the class.

As a baseline you'll follow these priorities when DPSing:

Predator Burst

For those that may be building a new Slayer and might be in Legendary gear or have the class as an alt character, you'll have less Swiftness and likely no Entropy set which is where a lot of our Critical Rate & Damage stems from. Still, while following the above priorities, you'll be able to deal decent damage but won't experience the same levels of fluidity that comes with higher stats and better gear.



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