Mining Trade Skill Guide for New World

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On this page, you will find our in-depth guide for the Mining Trade Skill in New World, where we cover everything from basics to advanced farming tips for rare materials.


Overview of Mining in New World

Mining utilizes the Pickaxe tool to gather stone, ore and gems from mining nodes around the world, which can be used to level almost every other profession in the game and greatly increase the power of your character, or be turned into a huge Gold profit. Mining is most closely linked to the refining skill Smelting in which you can use all the ore you mine to smelt into ingots for further crafting.

To begin your mining adventures, simply craft a Mining Pickaxe at any campfire or sanctuary after the initial game introduction; it uses similar materials to the Flint Sickle that you craft shortly after the introduction (Flint and Greenwood), and then you are ready to mine.


Attribute Bonuses

This Trade Skill scales solely with Strength, so we highly recommended that you focus on obtaining Strength on both gear and with your Attribute selection, up to 300 for the final perk, if you are aiming to get the most out of your mining. If you are not a Strength-based character at the time, you will still be able to get a lot out of Mining, but it will be a slower farm. Below is a list of the perks granted from Strength that benefit Mining.

  • 50 Strength: +10% Mining speed
  • 100 Strength: +20 Encumbrance
  • 150 Strength: -10% Decreased weight of mined items
  • 200 Strength: +10% Mining speed
  • 250 Strength: +10% Yield increased from mining
  • 300 Strength: 25% Chance to fully mine an ore node with a single swing

A note about the final 300-Strength perk is that it currently only applies on the first swing on the node, you can no longer jump to try and proc this perk again as of patch 1.1.


Luck and Rare Resources

Luck greatly increases your chance at getting rare materials from Mining. Stacking as much Luck as possible on all of your gear/tools/food buff is the key to finding those legendary rare materials and gems. The apparel for mining is the Miner Gloves,Goggles/Hat,Pants, Shirt and Shoes, but the perk can also roll on any gear.

Gems are primarily found in Silver, Gold, and Platinum Veins, however can also be found in Iron, Starmetal and Orichalcum, at a reduced chance. Some of the rarer resources used for end-game crafting, like Cinnabar Cinnabar, Tolvium Tolvium, and Void Ore Void Ore can only be found in Orichalcum Veins.


Mining Trophies

You are able to have a total of 3 houses currently in New World and in each of those houses you can place up to 5 trophies. Placing a mining trophy in your house increases your Mining Luck globally and you may place a mining trophy in each of your 3 houses, which will stack the Luck up even further. You are also able to permanently increase the power of these trophies by acquiring either Surveyor's Tools Surveyor's Tools or Adamantine Dust Adamantine Dust. Trophies can be made by the Furnishing profession.

  1. Minor Trophy = 500 Luck
  2. Basic Trophy = 1000 Luck
  3. Major Trophy = 1500 Luck

Best Perks for your Mining Pickaxe

The best perks for your Mining Pickaxe can change depending on what you need. For example, as you are levelling up your Mining skill, you may want the Prospector's Discipline Prospector's Discipline perk, which grants increased mining experience, however once you are at 200 Mining skill you will likely want to drop that for something else. At 200 Mining we recommend the following perks on your Mining pick:

  1. Mining Luck Mining Luck
  2. Mining Yield Mining Yield
  3. Gathering Alacrity Gathering Alacrity

Mining Gear

Armor Drop Source
Miner Goggles Miner Goggles Open World
Miner Shirt Miner Shirt Open World
Miner Gloves Miner Gloves Open World
Miner Pants Miner Pants Open World
Miner Shoes Miner Shoes Open World

Best Bag Perks for Mining

If you are an avid miner you may want to look for the Prospector's Burden Prospector's Burden perk, which reduces the weight of your ores, ingots, and pickaxes. Alternatively, the Quarryman's Burden Quarryman's Burden perk reduces the weight of stone, blocks, gems and pickaxes. The Extra Pockets Extra Pockets perk is also fantastic for all situations.


Increasing your Mining Yield

In addition to the Mining Yield perk at 250 Strength, you can also get more ore and rare materials by drinking the Powerful Proficiency Booster Powerful Proficiency Booster proficiency potion, made by the Arcana profession, which can increase your yield by up to 15%. You can also get additional yield on your crafted Mining Pick, which is great.


Best Way to Level Your Mining in New World

Leveling Mining in New World is fairly simple: the higher level required to mine the node, the more experience you will gain, generally. However, the difference in experience is not that great until the later levels (Starmetal and Orichalcum), and the speed at which you can gain experience is largely dictated by how fast you are capable of mining those nodes.

The 300 Strength perk that allows you to mine a node in a single swing makes those last Mining levels go extremely fast, as Mining Orichalcum in one swing will net you massive experience. Below is a list in order of from least to most experience gained from Mining nodes; keep in mind that the size of the node varies and determines experience gained.

  1. Boulder
  2. Iron Vein
  3. Seeping Stone (Oil)
  4. Silver Vein
  5. Lodestone
  6. Alchemy Nodes (Blightcrag/Earthcrag/Lifejewel/Scorchstone/Shockspire/Springstone)
  7. Gold Vein
  8. Mountain Elementals (Bears)
  9. Starmetal Vein
  10. Orichalcum Vein

Mining Routes in New World

There is a plethora of mining routes in New World, and your choice will largely depend on what you are looking to gather and how heavily populated your server is. Many of the objectively best routes may not be the best choices for you if multiple people are farming those areas, so we generally recommend finding somewhere you are comfortable running a consistent loop that you find not too contested.

This New World map is a useful resource that can be used to map out your own Mining routes and find the locations of all Mining nodes in the game and much more.



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