Spear PvE Builds for New World

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General Information

Welcome to our PvE builds page for Spear. Here, we provide builds for use in PvE encounters.


Hatchet PvE Builds

In PvE the Hatchet is known for its simplicity and extremely high single-target damage. It is one of the easiest weapons to play, and can still do moderate amounts of AoE damage. Its single-target output is complemented well by its amazing survivability. Often times, the secondary a Hatchet is paired with is strictly used for clearing trash packs and AoE damage.


Spear Hatchet DPS

This is one of the best PvE builds currently. Either the Spear or Hatchet can be a primary damage weapon depending on the type of damage you need for your expedition. It really shines for its single-target DPS. It has a plethora of options to apply large amounts of Rend, DoT's, and then easily pump damage with its light attacks. For trash packs, it has AoE crowd-control and moderate damage output, but it can easily take one target down at a time.






Rapier Spear DPS

This is a high damage Thrust DPS build that will rely on damage over time effects and ability usage to deal its damage. While you will be light attacking often, it has a wide array of low cooldown abilities that will keep you active while in combat.







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