Netherwing Reputation and Rewards Guide

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The Netherwing is a Shadowmoon Valley-based faction in TBC. Most of the reputation with them is obtained by doing quests, through repeatable turn-ins and dailies.

The Netherwing offers the highly sought after Netherdrake mount.



Netherwing is a faction of Netherdrakes and almost all of their content is based in the southeastern Shadowmoon Valley, more specifically on Netherwing Ledge. Earning reputation with the Netherwing will allow you access to some of the game's most unique mounts in the Netherwing Drakes.


Earning Reputation

You will be introduced to the Netherwing faction at Hated reputation. The quests required to gain reputation are mostly done solo, but a few quests along the way will require you to enlist some help. You are required to be level 70 and have a flying mount to even begin this grind, as well as needing 300 Riding skill to advance past Neutral.


Hated to Neutral

You can begin your quest to gain reputation with the Netherwing by speaking to Mordenai, who can be found wandering around the Netherwing Fields located in the southeastern most corner of Shadowmoon Valley. He will give you series of quests that, upon completion, will grant you Neutral reputation with the Netherwing.


Options After Achieving Neutral

After achieving Neutral reputation with the Netherwing, some options begin to open up as to how to further your reputation.

The main source of reputation gain will be quests and dailies that will continue to unlock as you improve your reputation with the Netherwing, but you may also search for Netherwing Egg Icon Netherwing Eggs to gain even more reputation.

These are lootable in Netherdust Bushes, Nethercite deposits, almost all mobs on the Netherwing Ledge, very rarely spawning on the ground on the Netherwing Ledge, and dropping from Netherspite inside the Karazhan raid.

The first Netherwing Egg Icon Netherwing Egg can be turned in to Yarzill the Merc (to complete the The Great Netherwing Egg Hunt quest) for 350 reputation, and this turns unlocks the repeatable Accepting All Eggs quest which rewards 250 reputation per egg.


Neutral to Friendly

After finishing the chain started by the Kindness quest, you should receive another quest from Mordenai. In Service of the Illidari will disguise you and ask you to deliver a quest item to Overlord Mor'ghor; doing so will unlock several more one-time quests, as well as some dailies that will need to be completed to further your reputation past Neutral. Remember that you will need 300 Riding skill to advance past this point.

Each of the following quests are able to be completed once, but are important to supplement the amount of reputation required to advance past Neutral.

Daily quests are also very important to improving your reputation; the quests as the sources of gaining reputation with the Netherwing are very scarce and the amount required is very large.


Friendly to Honored

Upon reaching Friendly reputation, Overlord Mor'ghor will award you with the Overseer's Badge Icon Overseer's Badge item to show your new status amongst the Dragonmaw. Several new one-time quests will unlock once you have reached Friendly.

You will also now have 3 additional daily quests, bringing your total amount of daily quests available to you now to 6 (7 if you have a profession that allows you to do one of the gathering quests). Each of these 3 new dailies grant 100 more reputation per completion than the quests you unlocked at Neutral.


Honored to Revered

Once you have become Honored with the Netherwing, Overlord Mor'ghor will give you the Captain's Badge Icon Captain's Badge item, which is usable anywhere in Outland (unlike the Overseer's Badge Icon Overseer's Badge, which is only usable in Shadowmoon Valley). It will also unlock two additional quest chains you can complete for substantial reputation, and it unlocks daily quest bringing us to a total of 7 (or 8 with the respective profession quest) dailies as we approach the end of the grind.


Revered to Exalted

Overlord Mor'ghor will now grant you the final upgraded version of the Commander's Badge Icon Commander's Badge and unlock both a new questline and a new daily.



Upon reaching Exalted with the Netherwing you will be tasked with completing two more quests, Bow to the Highlord and Lord Illidan Stormrage. When these are done, you will receive one of the Netherwing Drakes for free, with the ability to purchase the other remaining mounts from Drake Dealer Hurlunk, located on the Netherwing Ledge.


List of Mount Rewards

Each mount costs 200 gold.



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