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Reputations are your ranking with the various factions, groups, or races throughout the World. There are many different reputations in The Burning Crusade, but most players will only care about a handful of specific reputations tied to either raiding, dungeons, or PvP for the rewards that you can unlock access to once you have a high enough reputation level.


Reputations in The Burning Crusade

As you may have encountered many factions in your journey to level 60, there are now new factions to uncover in the Outlands. These factions are either specific groups or races that you can earn reputation with, essentially helping them out by completing quests, killing specific enemies, or doing some sort of activity related to helping their group. While there are several reputations to progress in the game, there are only a few that are offer significant enough benefits that you might want to consider leveling them.

There are eight possible ranks for reputations, but reputations will start you at "Neutral," which is actually the fourth level. The possible rankings are listed below.

  1. Exalted is the highest ranking. This is where the most prestigious rewards will generally come from within a reputation. Just reaching this is usually enough, but you can reach a full 999 points in this rank.
  2. Revered is the second highest. You will need to earn 21,000 reputation to go from Revered to Exalted.
  3. Honored is the third highest. Starting at this rank, you get a 10% discount from anything related to this reputation from vendors. You will need to earn 12,000 reputation to go from Honored to Revered.
  4. Friendly is the fourth highest. You will need to earn 6,000 reputation to go from Friendly to Honored.
  5. Neutral is the fifth highest, and also the starting point for most reputations when you first unlock them. This represents you knowing about a faction, but them having no opinion of you yet. You will need to earn 3,000 reputation to go from Neutral to Friendly.
  6. Unfriendly is the sixth highest, or third lowest ranking. Some reputations allow you to lose reputation with them, or in other words you can become disliked or Hated by them by either doing something they do not like or helping their enemies. This is also where you will stop being able to interact with most of the NPCs of the faction. You will need to earn 3,000 reputation to go from Unfriendly to Neutral.
  7. Hostile is the second lowest ranking. At this point, the faction will actively attack you if you come near them. You will need to earn 3,000 reputation to go from Hostile to Unfriendly.
  8. Hated is the lowest ranking. This would effectively be how the Horde would be to the Alliance and vice versa. While this is the lowest rank, you can get as low as 36,000 reputation into Hated, which would mean needing to gain it all back before moving up to Hostile.

While the vast majority of your reputations that you will engage with will be positive, either Neutral or higher, there are some that you could lower if you wanted. For any reputation that is red, meaning Unfriendly or lower, you can choose to be "At War" with them, meaning you can attack them, lowering your reputation with them even more.


Types of Reputations

There are several reputation types, but most are either specific races, towns, or groups within the game. While they generally all will function the same way, where you can gain reputation to rank up and get access to more rewards from their vendors, some reputations do have specific purposes. The major reputations that are worth knowing about are categorized and listed below.

  • Zone or Dungeon reputations — there are factions of NPCs that exist in most of the higher level zones, with some being tied to specific end-game dungeons. These reputations are quite important early on, with some even having lasting rewards.
  • Raid reputations — most of the raids in TBC have a faction that you are helping within the raid, and a reputation associated with it. These could probably be considered the most important reputations, as they have the most to offer and are most integral to your end-game experience if you do PvE content.
  • PvP reputations — the various battlegrounds have both Alliance and Horde factions associated with them, along with reputations that you can progress by competing in the respective battlegrounds.

Zone and Dungeon Reputations


Cenarion Expedition

The Cenarion Expedition is a small faction of explorers who were sent through the Dark Portal to explore Outland, and can be found primarily in Zangarmarsh, but in a smaller capacity also in Hellfire Peninsula, Terokkar Forest, and Blade's Edge Mountains.

The Cenarion Expedition offers several useful profession recipes, along with the Cenarion War Hippogryph Icon Cenarion War Hippogryph, which is the only hippogryph mount available in the game.


Honor Hold and Thrallmar

Honor Hold is the first questing hub members of The Alliance faction will encounter upon entering Outland, while Thrallmar is the equivalent questing hub for the Horde. Many profession trainers can be found here and they will act as the primary quest hubs in Hellfire Peninsula for the respective Alliance and Horde players.

Honor Hold and Thrallmar's reputation rewards include some of the most powerful pre-raid items in the game, an extremely powerful healing Helmet enchantment and unique patterns for Enchanting, Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking, Alchemy, and Blacksmithing.


Keepers of Time

The Keepers of Time are a faction of bronze dragons that can be found in The Caverns of Time. The Keepers of Time offer some of the game's most powerful pre-raid items, profession recipes for Enchanting, Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking, Alchemy, and an extremely powerful tank Helm enchantment.



The Kurenai is a group of broken Draenei that can be found in both Zangarmarsh and Nagrand. Gaining reputation with the Kurenai is exclusive to the Alliance and doing so will allow you access to the unique Talbuk mounts and some useful Leatherworking and Alchemy recipes.


The Mag'har

The Mag'har is a group of Orcs that can be found in both Hellfire Peninsula and Nagrand. Gaining reputation with the Mag'har is exclusive to the Horde and doing so will allow you access to the unique Talbuk mounts and some useful Leatherworking and Alchemy recipes.


Lower City

The Lower City is the faction of refugees that inhabit the Lower City section of Shattrath. Gaining standing with Lower City offers unique patterns for Enchanting, Leatherworking, Jewelcrafting, Alchemy, and Tailoring and allows access to very powerful pre-raid gear.



The Netherwing is a faction of Netherdrakes and almost all of their content is based in the southeastern Shadowmoon Valley, more specifically on Netherwing Ledge. Earning reputation with the Netherwing will allow you access to some of the game's most unique mounts in the Netherwing Drakes.



The Ogri'la are a group of neutral Ogres located in the Blade's Edge Mountains. Gaining reputation with the Ogri'la will allow you access to some very cheap and unique consumables and some solid pieces of gear. A flying mount is required to be able to access Ogri'la's main hub in Blade's Edge Mountains.


Sha'tari Skyguard

The Sha'tari Skyguard are a neutral faction based largely in Blade's Edge Mountains and Terokkar Forest. The Skyguard offers many unique rewards, but the most highly sought-after are the Nether Ray mounts. Having a flying mount is required for most Skyguard quests.


Shattered Sun Offensive

The Shattered Sun Offensive is made up of a united force of both Blood Elves and Draenei from the Aldor and Scryers to fight against the burning legion's assault on the Isle of Quel'Danas. Among its rewards include some valuable pre-raid catchup gear and many Jewelcrafting designs for epic gems.



The Sporeggar faction is a small group of Sporelings located almost exclusively in western Zangarmarsh and Underbog. Gaining reputation with the Sporeggar offers the chance to both craft and purchase some very unique and situationally-useful items.


The Aldor and the Scryers

The Aldor and the Scryers are rival factions located in Shattrath City, and you can only improve reputation with one of them at a time (reputation gained with one is lost with the other).

The Aldor is a faction made up almost exclusively of Draenei located in Shattrath City and Shadowmoon Valley. The Aldor reputation offers some of the game's best Shoulder enchantments, as well as extremely useful and unique profession patterns.

The Scryers are a faction of Blood Elves located in Shattrath City and Shadowmoon Valley. They offer many powerful items, Shoulder enchantments, and exclusive recipes as you further your reputation.


The Consortium

The Consortium is a group of Ethereals located all throughout Outland, but focused mostly in Netherstorm and Nagrand. The Consortium is unique in that once you have have achieved Friendly standing, you will receive a monthly "salary" at the start of each month, the rewards of which will increase with your standing. The Consortium also offers quite a few useful recipes for Enchanting, Leatherworking and the newly added Jewelcrafting profession.


The Sha'tar

The Sha'tar are the Draenei who inhabit Shattrath City and offer some of the game's most powerful pre-raid items, an extremely powerful spell caster Helmet enchant, useful patterns for Jewelcrafting, Enchanting, Alchemy, and the highly sought-after Leatherworking Pattern: Drums of Battle Icon Pattern: Drums of Battle.


Raid Reputations


The Scale of the Sands

The Scale of the Sands is a small group of members of the Keepers of Time; the reputation is focused entirely around the Hyjal Summit raid and offers many of the game's best Jewelcrafting recipes, as well as an extremely powerful ring for each role that gets better as your reputation increases.


The Violet Eye

The Violet Eye is a faction based entirely around the Karazhan raid instance; gaining reputation with The Violet Eye offers the player access to many unique rewards including a very powerful ring for each specialization, patterns for Blacksmithing, and a recipe for Alchemy.


Ashtongue Deathsworn

The Ashtongue Deathsworn is a faction that is largely based around the Black Temple raid introduced in Phase 3, though some quests in Shadowmoon Valley also grant reputation with them. Through this reputation, players can access trinkets unique to their class with powerful effects, along with profession patterns to create armor with large amounts of Shadow Resistance.



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